Echo Pb 620st Manual Muscle

Echo pb 620st manual muscle

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Echo pb 620st manual muscle

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Echo PB-620ST Manuals

Operator's Manual. Read rules for safe operation and all instructions carefully. ECHO provides this. Operator's Manual, which must be read and understood for proper and safe operation. Show quick links.

Echo PB-620 Operator's Manual

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Echo Power blower Operator's Manual 24 pages. ECHO provides this Operator's Manual, which must be read and understood for proper and safe operation. This ECHO product was designed and manufactured to provide long life and on-the-job dependability. Read and understand this manual. Proper clothing and safety gear must be worn when operating a blower.

Echo pb 620st manual muscle

Hand Protection Wear no-slip, heavy-duty work gloves to improve your grip on the blower handle. Gloves also reduce the transmission of machine vibration to your hands. Serious injury may result from the use of a non-approved attachment combination.

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Read and comply with all safety instructions listed in this manual and safety manual. Page 7: Description Locate the safety decals on your unit.

Make sure the decals are legible and that you understand and follow the instruc- tions on them.

Echo PB-620ST Operator's Manual

If a decal cannot be read, a new one can be ordered from your ECHO dealer. Always release trigger and allow engine to return to idle before shutting off with Throttle Position Stop Switch Button. Use Throttle Trigger to vary blower speed settings for intermittent operation.

Page Operation Always stop engine, disconnect spark plug, and make sure all moving parts have come to a complete stop before removing obstructions, clearing debris, or servicing unit.

Blower housing may contain shredder blades and other sharp edges that can cause serious injuries if touched, even if engine is off and blades are not moving. Use of alternative fuels may cause performance problems, loss of power, overheating, fuel vapor lock, and unintended machine operation, including, but not limited to, improper clutch engagement. Leaks can occur. Return unused fuel to an approved fuel storage container. Storage - Fuel storage laws vary by locality.

Contact your local government for the laws affecting your area. As a precaution, store fuel in an approved, airtight container.

Have your ECHO dealer repair stop switch before using blower again. Page Operating Blower Always wear safety glasses, hearing protection, a face filter mask, and take all safety precautions, or serious personal injury may result.

Do not point the blower pipe in the direction of people or pets. Read the Safety Section carefully.


Tools required: 25 - 50 mm 1 - 2 in. Cleaning brush. Close choke Cold Start Position entering the carburetor throat when the air filter is removed. Brush accumulated dirt from air cleaner area.

Remove air filter cover. Cleaning Grill Remove accumulated debris from intake grill between backpack frame and blower housing.

Echo pb 620st manual muscle

Page Exhaust System Cleaning Cylinder Fins Disconnect spark plug lead A , and pull lead out of upper cover clamp and lower cover clamp. Remove 5 screws and remove engine cover B. Clean cylinder fins C to allow cooling air to pass freely.

Echo pb 620st manual muscle

Page 19 Exhaust Port Cleaning Level 2. Place piston at top dead center. To maintain proper engine operation and emission compliance above 1, feet MSL the carburetor may need to be adjusted by an authorized ECHO service dealer. Place a clean cloth over the spark plug hole.

Pull the recoil starter handle times to distribute the oil inside the engine. Width mm Height mm Weight dry 9. Engine Type Air cooled, two-stroke, single cylinder gasoline engine Displacement Bore Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

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