Fame Kx 88 Hc Manual Meat

Fame kx 88 hc manual meat

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Yamaha KX88 Manuals

Page of 94 Go. Page 33 - Caller ID service from your phone compan Page 34 - Setting the dial lock Page 35 Page 36 - Talking to the other party after fax tra Page 58 - Recording your own greeting messages Page 59 Page 60 - Erasing your own recorded greeting messa Page 61 - Leaving a message for others or yourself Page 62 - Listening to recorded messages Page 63 Page 64 - Operating from a remote location Page 65 - Other remote operations Page 66 Page 67 - Transferring recorded messages to anothe Table of Contents.

This pictured model is KX-FT To get started, please read the.

Fame kx 88 hc manual meat

Quick Start section. Personal facsimile facsimile with digital answering system 20 pages.

Panasonic personal fax operating instructions 70 pages. Panasonic personal facsimile operating instructions 60 pages. Facsimile with digital answering system pages. Facsimile with telephone answering system 96 pages. Panasonic facsimile with telephone answering system pages. To get started, please read the Quick Start section Please read these Operating Instructions before using the unit and save for future reference. Page 2 Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic fax machine.

Page 3: Safety Instructions Important safety instructions Safety instructions When using this unit, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury.

Read and understand all instructions.

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Follow all warnings and instructions marked on this unit. Page 4: Other Information Safety instructions L Never touch uninsulated telephone wires or terminals unless the telephone line has been disconnected at the network interface.

Kawasaki KX65 - Manuals

L Use caution when installing or modifying telephone lines. To connect the extension telephone, remove the stopper. Power cord Telephone line cord LFor further details, see page Page 6: Installing The Recording Paper Quick Start Installing the recording paper Open the cover by pressing the cover open button and install the recording paper roll.

Correct Incorrect Cover open button Insert the leading edge of the paper into the opening above the thermal head and pull it out of the unit. Document feeder tray Adjust the document guides, and insert the document up to 10 pages.

LYou can select how you want the unit to receive calls according to your needs page 44, Speak clearly about 20 cm away from the microphone, up to 16 seconds. LFor further details, see page Quick Start Listening to recorded messages L Save the original carton and packing materials for future shipping and transportation of the unit.

Fame kx 88 hc manual meat

How to program your unit. How to store names in the directory and how to dial them. L To store a setting during programming.

Panasonic KX-FT74HK Operating Instructions Manual

L To search for a stored name page 31, L To select the features or feature settings during programming page L To navigate to the next operation. Page Connections Connections Setup Connect the handset cord, the telephone line cord and the power cord.

Power cord Telephone line cord Install the paper stacker. Caution: L When you operate this product, the power outlet should be near the product and easily accessible. L The device which has the shortest ring setting will answer the call first.

Fame kx 88 hc manual meat

L If the computer provides a port for a telephone line, connect the fax machine to this port on the computer. Open the cover by pressing the cover open button and install the recording paper roll.

Fame kx 88 hc manual meat

Correct Incorrect Cover open button L If the paper is secured with glue or tape, cut approximately 15 cm from the beginning of the roll. This information will be printed on each page transmitted from your unit.

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Page 24 Setup To select characters with the dial keypad Pressing the dial keys will select a character as shown below. Insert button To insert one character or one space. L If any documents are in the document entrance, you cannot adjust the ringer volume. Confirm that there are no documents in the entrance.

Page Storing Names And Telephone Numbers Into The Directory Storing names and telephone numbers into the Telephone directory For rapid access to frequently dialled numbers, the unit provides the navigator directory 50 entries. Page Making A Phone Call Using The Directory Making a phone call using the directory Before using this feature, program the desired names and telephone numbers into the directory page This conversation can be played back later, either directly or remotely page 62, To use this feature, you must subscribe to a Caller ID service.

L Please note your PIN code.

Fame KX 88 HC

If you forget your PIN code, consult your nearest Panasonic service centre. Page 35 Making an emergency call 1. Adjust the width of the document guides to the size of the document. Page 38 Sending Faxes To transmit more than 10 pages at a time Insert the first 10 pages of the document.

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Add the other pages up to 10 at a time before the last page feeds into the unit. Page Sending A Fax Using The Directory Sending Faxes Sending a fax using the directory Before using this feature, program the desired names and telephone numbers into the directory page Page Broadcast Transmission kx-ft78 Only Broadcast transmission KX-FT78 only This feature is useful for sending the same document to selected parties whose fax numbers are stored in the directory up to 10 entries.

Before programming, make sure that the desired stations have been stored in the directory page Page 42 Sending Faxes Sending to the same parties When you make a broadcast transmission, the record of the selected parties will be saved.

This feature is helpful if you often send the document to the same parties. Page Transmit Polling letting Another Machine Retrieve A Fax On Your Unit Transmit polling letting another machine retrieve a fax on your unit This feature allows another person to call your unit to retrieve a document loaded on your unit.

This saves you the call charges. We recommend the following setup: Example: Only a fax machine is connected. Line 1 — Phone calls Line 2 — Faxes When the fax machine does not detect a fax calling tone, it will ring 3 times. The extension telephone will not ring, but the fax machine will ring 3 times.

Kawasaki KX80 Manuals

L The calling party will hear a different ring back tone. Page Extension Telephone Extension telephone If you use the fax machine with an extension telephone, you can receive fax documents using the extension telephone.

Important: L Use a touch tone telephone as the extension telephone and enter the fax activation code firmly. Therefore you pay for the call. Page Black List Function Black list function You can reject receiving facsimiles by registering the black list numbers.

Up to 10 phone numbers can be stored as follows. L In TEL mode, the fax machine will recognize incoming faxes on the first ring pattern and answer automatically.

Operating Instructions

For phone calls, the fax machine will ring as a normal call. If a fax tone is detected, the unit will automatically receive the fax. If a phone call The recording time will be limited to 16 seconds. We recommend you record a message less than 12 seconds in length to make it easier to receive faxes. This memo can be played back later, either directly or remotely page 62, To erase all the messages Check that you have listened to all of the recorded messages.

Important: L Program the remote operation ID beforehand feature 11 on page L A long beep and 3 short beeps will sound.

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The unit will then play back the next message. L The unit will skip the rest of the greeting message.

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Turning the message transfer on or off You must program a transfer telephone number beforehand feature 60 on page Page Transferring Recorded Messages To Another Telephone Transferring recorded messages to another Option KX-FT78 only telephone This feature allows your unit to call a designated telephone number each time an incoming voice message is recorded.

You can retrieve the transferred message during the same call using the remote operation.

Fame kx 88 hc manual meat

L The unit will play the message. To erase your own transfer greeting message 1. Page Programming Programming Programmable Features The unit provides various programming features. See page 25 for details.

Fame kx 88 hc manual meat