Flash Monotron 124 Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Flash monotron 124 manual lymphatic drainage

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Lymphedema management: Manual Lymph Drainage for lower extremities

Author Topic: Manual lymphatic drainage? Read times. So, I've got a very good friend that has a problem on one of her legs.

Simple lymphatic drainage

Apparently, the problem is connected with her lymphatic system, and fluid retention, if I understood correctly. Her doctor suggested manual lymphatic drainage through massage.

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She has done it once and felt - of course - better any massage, if not brutal or clumsy, will make one feel better but she can't afford to pay for weekly sessions. On the other hand, a friend of her suggested some kind of machine? Then my friend ask me to go online and check said machines out, prices and stuff.

Flash monotron 124 manual lymphatic drainage

Then i remembered: let me check quackwatch, of course! Barrett: Manual lymph drainage [MLD] is a legitimate massage treatment for lymphedema, a condition in which arm or leg swelling occurs because fluid accumulates in the lymphatic system.

It is performed to reduce swelling, not to "remove toxins.

Flash monotron 124 manual lymphatic drainage

Now, if I'm buying an argument from authority, that authority has to be Dr. So, cool, MLD is a legitimate modality.

Flash monotron 124 manual lymphatic drainage

What about those machines then? All the info I read about this reeks of woo, with all the wellness and balance and toxins references, and all the flowery designs - makes me wanna puke!

That said, is there any validity to these massage machines for lymphatic drainage?

Flash monotron 124 manual lymphatic drainage

Thank you all in advance. Stay thirsty for knowledge my friends. Tatyana Frequent Poster Posts: Thanks T. These things are in pretty common use now.

To your point, aside from infection, this is probably the most common post-op complication.

When you shouldn't have MLD or SLD

My wife had a post op pulmonary embolism and the treatment is rat poison. Given the choice, I'll take the cuffs.

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Warfarin - even the name sounds evil. The constant titration of the dose was a pain too. SMF 2.

Flash monotron 124 manual lymphatic drainage