Fn Mag Gpmg Manual High School

Fn mag gpmg manual high school

The MAG is available in three primary versions: the standard, infantry Model machine gun, the Model coaxial machine gun for armoured fighting vehicles and the Model aircraft variant. The MAG Model is an automatic, air-cooled, gas-operated machine gun, firing belt-fed 7. The MAG uses ignited powder gases vented through a port in the barrel to propel a gas piston rod connected to the locking assembly it uses a long-stroke piston system.

The Unstoppable M240 Bravo (FN MAG)

The barrel breech is locked with a vertically tilting, downward locking lever mechanism that is connected to the bolt carrier through an articulated joint. The locking shoulder and camming surfaces that guide the locking lever are located at the base of the receiver.

The MAG uses a series of proven design concepts from other successful firearms, for example the locking mechanism is modeled on that of the Browning M BAR automatic rifle , and the feed and trigger mechanisms are from the WWII -era MG 42 universal machine gun. The MAG fires from an open bolt.

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Both the spring-powered extractor and ejector are contained in the bolt. After firing, spent cartridge casings are removed through an ejection port located at the base of the receiver a spring-loaded dust cover of the MG42 type covers the ejection port. The machine gun has a striker firing mechanism the bolt carrier acts as the striker as it contains a channel that houses the firing pin, which protrudes out from the surface of the bolt upon firing , an automatic-only trigger assembly and a manual cross-bolt push-button safety , which is located above the pistol grip.

With the safety placed in the safe setting, the sear mechanism is disabled. The safety can only be engaged with the weapon cocked.

Fn mag gpmg manual high school

The weapon feeds from the left side from open-link, metal ammunition belts : either the American disintegrating M13 belt NATO standard or the segmented German DM1 belt, whose round sections can be linked through a cartridge. In order to adapt the weapon to feed from one belt type to the other, several components of the feed mechanism need to be reconfigured since the position of the feed tray's cartridge stop and pawl angles in the top cover are different.

The MAG features a pawl-type feeding mechanism that continues to move the feed link during both the rearward and forward cycles of the reciprocating bolt carrier, producing a smooth belt flow.

The feeding mechanism's three pawls are actuated by a roller connected to the bolt carrier. The feed channel rail, feed link, both feed slides and the feed tray are chrome plated. The top cover body is an anodized aluminum casting.

Fn mag gpmg manual high school

In the infantry assault role, the weapon can be fitted with a sheet metal container that houses a round belt and is attached to the left side of the receiver. The quick-change barrel has a slotted flash suppressor. Also attached to the barrel is the front sight base, carry handle and gas block equipped with an exhaust-type gas regulator valve with three settings. The machine gun is fitted with a folding bipod attached to the end of the gas cylinder that can be adjusted for height.

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For carrying or use as a forearm, the aluminum legs can be folded back and secured in slots under the receiver by hooks and a spring-loaded catch. When firing from the hip, the bipod legs remain extended and the left leg is gripped for support.

Fn mag gpmg manual high school

The bipod can be removed from the gas cylinder by tapping-out a roll pin in the gas cylinder head until it is flush and the bipod can be rotated enough to clear the gas cylinder's retaining lugs.

The rear sight is hinged to a base with protective ears that is integral with the receiver's upper forging.

General-purpose machine gun

The MAG's receiver is constructed from sheet metal stampings reinforced by steel plates and rivets. The front is reinforced to accept the barrel nut and gas cylinder which are permanently mounted. Guide rails that support the bolt assembly and piston extension during their reciprocating movement are riveted to the side plates.

The bolt's guide rails are shaped downward to drive the locking lever into engagement with the locking shoulder, which is also riveted to the side plates. The rear of the receiver has been reinforced and slotted to accept the butt-stock. When used in the anti aircraft role, the machine gun can increase the cyclic rate of fire from up to 1, rpm by regulating a user adjustable gas valve.

The vehicle-mounted variant of the MAG lacks a stock, bipod, carry handle, pistol grip, ejection port dust cover and a mount for optical sights.

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It does, however, have a new closed-type gas regulator. Depending on the weapon's employment, the machine gun can also be fitted with an extended charging handle linkage, standard trigger group with a pistol grip , or a specialized trigger assembly with an electrically fired trigger. The pintle-mounted aircraft model is fed from either the right- or left-hand side exclusively with the M13 belt.

Thus configured, weapons typically lack standard iron sights and are equipped with electrically powered triggers. The L7 general-purpose machine gun is used by the British Army.

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The L7 was adopted by the British forces as a replacement for the long-serving Vickers machine gun in the medium role and the Bren in the light assault role , following trials in There have been two main variants, the L7A1 and L7A2, developed for infantry use, with the L7A2 having superseded the earlier variant.

Several other variants have been developed, notably the L8 produced in the L8A1 and L8A2 versions , modified for mounting inside armoured vehicles the L37 variant was developed for mounting on armoured vehicles.

Fn mag gpmg manual high school

Although intended to replace the Bren entirely, that light machine gun re-chambered for 7. The LSW was intended to replace both the L7 and the L4 in the light machine gun role, but dissatisfaction with the L86's sustained fire capabilities and reliability resulted in combat units continuing to utilize the L7 whenever possible although neither it, nor its 7.

This uses the same NATO-standard 5. Other variants continue to be used in mounted roles on many British military vehicles, naval vessels and aircraft. These models all use the M13 ammunition belt. Compared to the MAG Model , it features, among other minor changes, a position gas regulator valve, a polymer butt-stock and a bracket, used to mount optical day- and night-vision sights, mounted to the left side of the receiver.

The L8A2 coaxial tank machine gun replaced the L8A1 has a different gas valve switch closed, single-position when compared to the analogous Model , a different flash hider and a modified cocking handle.

The weapon also has a trigger group that accepts electrical input and a lever in the feed tray that enables the belt to be removed without lifting the feed tray cover. Another tank machine gun is the L37A2 succeeded the L37A1 designed to be mounted on tank turrets, in the commander's position, on wheeled armoured vehicles and on armored personnel carriers.

Fn mag gpmg manual high school

The machine gun can be used in the ground role for self-defense, by dismounted vehicle crew members, the egress kit consists of an L7A2 barrel, bipod and buttstock.

The L20A1 aircraft machine gun was based on the L8A2, from which it differs by having an electrical trigger and a slotted flash suppressor. The L20A1 can be converted to right-hand feed by changing several components in the feed mechanism. The L43A1 , also developed from the L8A2, is a coaxially mounted tank machine gun used to sight-in the vehicle's main gun by firing ballistically-matched tracer ammunition at the target to confirm the trajectory visually.

Fn Mag 58 Manual

The weapon's barrel, fitted with a flash hider, has a reinforced and heavier structure that increases the weapon's accuracy especially during sustained fire. An unlicensed version is made for export by Norinco and made by Changfeng Machinery Co. The XY, 7. This version was meant to compete in the machine guns trials held by the German and French military between ; the trials concluded with the French military continuing to use the original FN MAG while the German military chose the HK The Swedish abbreviation for kulspruta machine gun, lit.

Strv is the abbreviation of Stridsvagn battle tank. Kulspruta 58 : Ksp 58, adapted in using the 6. Kulspruta 58 B : In the early s, the weapon was modified with a new gas regulator and at the same time the barrels were replaced to the new standard 7.

Kulspruta 58 Strv : stripped variant mainly used for fixed mounting in tanks. Phased out along with Stridsvagn Kulspruta 58 D : Reserved designation for the renovated and modified Ksp 58B. Some of the modifications: [22]. Initially, the firearms were produced in Belgium.

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Ordnance in McCarran, Nevada. MKEK has announced that production will be made under license.

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Fn mag gpmg manual high school

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