Ford Focus Repair Manual 2012

Ford focus repair manual 2012

Ford focus repair manual 2012

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Ford focus repair manual 2012

Also See for Focus Owner's manual - pages User manual - pages Emergency response manual - 24 pages. Page of Go.

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Page - Under Bonnet Overview - 1. Page - Under Bonnet Overview - 2. Page Page - Under Bonnet Overview - 1. Page - Engine Oil Dipstick - 1. Show quick links.

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Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Ford Focus Owner's Manual pages. Ford Focus User Manual pages.

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Page 2 No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, stored in a retrieval system or translated into any language in any form by any means without our written permission. Errors and omissions excepted. Page 4 Table of Contents Removing a Headlamp Page 7 Table of Contents Tyre Care We See Owner's Manual recommend that you take some time to get to know your vehicle by reading this manual.

The more that you know about it, the greater the safety and pleasure you Anti-lock braking system will get from driving it.

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For additional information, refer to the terms Your vehicle has been built to the highest and conditions of the Ford Warranty. See Keyless Entry page See Automatic Main Beam Control page See Driver Alert page See Lane Departure Warning page See Lane Keeping Aid page See Traffic Sign Recognition page Tyre pressures. See Technical Specifications page See Changing a Road Wheel page Vehicle interior overview E See Transmission page See Locking and Unlocking page See Power Windows page See Electric exterior mirrors page See Fastening the seat belts page See Rear Seats page See Manual Seats page See Power Seats page See Parking Brake page See Opening and Closing the Bonnet page See Air Vents page Direction indicators.

See Direction Indicators page Main beam.

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See Lighting Control page Left-hand drive vehicles with voice control - Information display control. See Information Displays page Left-hand drive vehicles without voice control - Information display control.

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Page 16 At a Glance Left-hand drive vehicles without voice control - Audio control. See Audio Control page Right-hand drive vehicles with voice control - Information display control. Right-hand drive vehicles without voice control - Audio control.

See Changing a Bulb page See Fuel filler flap page See First Aid Kit page See Warning Triangle page See Temporary Mobility Kit page Spare wheel.

Ford Focus 2012 2013 Workshop Repair Service Pdf Manual

Wheel brace. If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, have the child restraints checked by properly trained technicians. Note: Mandatory use of child restraints E varies from country to country. Only child restraints certified to ECE-R See Seats recommended child seats. Please consult your Dealer for the latest details relating to Ford recommended child seats.

Ford focus repair manual 2012

Do not install a booster seat or a booster cushion with a seat belt that is slack or twisted. We recommend the use of a top tether or support leg.

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E 3. Tighten the tether strap in line with the child seat manufacturer's instructions. Page 26 Child Safety E This could adversely affect deployment of the airbags. Extreme Hazard! Do not use a rearward facing child restraint on a seat protected by an airbag in front of it!

Ford focus repair manual 2012

Use the correct buckle for each seat belt. Do not use a seat belt that is slack or twisted. Do not wear thick clothing. The seat belt must fit tightly around your body to achieve its optimum effect.

Ford Focus Workshop Repair And Service Manual 2012

To raise or lower, press the locking button on the adjuster and move as necessary. Do not use only the lap strap within a few seconds of each other, or the shoulder strap. Page Occupant Protection Occupant protection Note: The key switch is located in the glove compartment with an airbag deactivation lamp in the overhead console. If the airbag warning lamp illuminates or flashes when you are driving, this indicates a malfunction.

See Warning Lamps and Indicators page The radio frequency used by your remote control can also be used by Reprogramming the unlocking other short distance radio Page 33 Keys and Remote Controls Remote control without a folding Insert a screwdriver in the position key blade shown and gently push the clip.

Press the clip down to release the battery cover. E Press and hold the pushbuttons on the E edges to release the cover.

Ford focus repair manual 2012

Page 34 Keys and Remote Controls 4. Carefully insert the screwdriver in the position shown to open the remote control. Carefully prise out the battery with the screwdriver. Check your vehicle is locked before Double locking with the remote control leaving it unattended.

Press the button twice within three seconds.

Ford Focus Owners Manual

Page 36 Locks Locking and unlocking Locking the doors individually with confirmation the key Note: If your vehicle has double locking, the Note: If the central locking function fails to direction indicators will flash once after you operate, the doors can be individually locked have activated central locking, followed by using the key in the position shown.

If the locking function is not activated, the vehicle will The keyless entry system may not remain unlocked.

2012 – 2013 Ford Focus Full Workshop Repair Service Manual

Page 38 Locks Two short flashes of the direction Open any door. One long flash of the direction indicators Luggage compartment lid confirms that all the doors and the luggage E 2. Remove the key blade and insert it into To open all the windows, press and hold the lock.

2012 Ford Focus - Owner's Manual (406 pages)

Page 40 Locks To close all the windows, press and hold the remote control lock button for at least three seconds. Press the lock or unlock button to stop the closing function. The anti-trap function is also active during global closing.