Ford Focus Se 2013 Manual

Ford focus se 2013 manual

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Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Ford Focus Electric Owner's Manual pages. Page 5 Table of Contents Seats Sitting in the correct position Page 8: Table Of Contents Accessories Page 9 Errors and omissions excepted. We recommend that you take some time to get to know your vehicle by reading this manual. The more that you know about it, the greater the safety and pleasure you will get from driving it. These are some of the symbols you may see on your vehicle.

Symbol Description Symbol Description Symbol Page 12 In order to properly diagnose and service your vehicle, Ford Motor Company, Ford of Canada, and service and repair facilities may Page 13 EDR.

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Page 14 If you do not want Ford or its vendors to receive this information, do not activate the service. Ford Motor Company and the vendors it uses to provide you with this information do not store your vehicle travel information. Page 15 See www.

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If you have financed or leased your vehicle through Ford Credit, thank you for your business. Page 16 Genuine Ford and Motorcraft replacement parts are the only replacement parts that benefit from a Ford Warranty. Damage caused to your vehicle as a result of the failure of non-Ford parts may not be covered by the Ford Warranty.

For additional information, see the terms and conditions of the Ford Warranty. Ford strongly recommends that you use extreme caution when using any device or feature that may take your focus off the road. Your primary responsibility is the safe operation of your vehicle. Ford recommends checking with a NHTSA Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and consulting your pediatrician to make sure your child seat is appropriate for your child, and is compatible with and properly installed in your vehicle.

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Page 19 Child Safety Recommendations for Safety Restraints for Children Recommended Child size, height, weight, or age restraint type Small Children who have outgrown or no Use a belt-positioning children longer properly fit in a child safety booster seat.

NEVER place a rear-facing child seat in front of an active airbag. These objects may become projectiles in a crash or sudden stop, which may increase the risk of serious injury. Page 24 Child Safety Children and booster seats vary in size and shape.

Choose a booster that keeps the lap belt low and snug across the hips, never up across the stomach, and lets you adjust the shoulder belt to cross the chest and rest snugly near the center of the shoulder.

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If you must use a forward-facing child seat in the front seat, move the seat all the way back. Page 26 Child Safety Perform the following steps when installing the child seat with combination lap and shoulder belts: Note: Although the child seat illustrated is a forward-facing child seat, the steps are the same for installing a rear-facing child seat. Position the child safety seat in a seat with a combination lap and shoulder belt.

Page 27 Child Safety 4. Insert the belt tongue into the proper buckle the buckle closest to the direction the tongue is coming from for that seating position until you hear a snap and feel the latch engage.

Make sure the tongue is latched securely by pulling on it. Page 28 There should be no more than 1 inch 2. Page 29 Child Safety The LATCH system is composed of three vehicle anchor points: two lower anchors located where your vehicle seat back and seat cushion meet called the seat bight and one top tether anchor located behind that seating position.

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LATCH compatible child safety seats have two rigid or webbing mounted attachments that connect to the two lower anchors at the LATCH equipped seating positions in your vehicle.

Page 31 Child Safety The rear seats of your vehicle are equipped with built-in tether strap anchors located behind the seats as described below. Four door: The tether anchors in your vehicle are located under a cover marked with the tether anchor symbol shown with title.

Five door: The tether anchors in your vehicle are located on the back panel of the rear seat. Page 32 If the safety seat is not anchored properly, the risk of a child being injured in a collision greatly increases. If your child restraint system is equipped with a tether strap, and the child restraint manufacturer recommends its use, Ford also recommends its use.

Five door 1. Page Child Safety Locks If the safety seat is not anchored properly, the risk of a child being injured in a collision greatly increases. Failure to follow this could seriously increase the risk of injury or death. Insert the belt tongue into the proper buckle the buckle closest to the direction the tongue is coming from until you hear a snap and feel it latch. Page 37 Safety Belts Pregnant women should always wear their safety belts.

The lap belt portion of a combination lap and shoulder belt should be positioned low across the hips below the belly and worn as tight as comfort will allow.

The shoulder belt should be positioned to cross the middle of the shoulder and the center of the chest. The belt will still retract to remove any slack in the shoulder belt.

Ford focus se 2013 manual

The automatic locking mode is not available on the driver safety belt. When to Use the Automatic Locking Mode This mode should be used any time a child safety seat, except a booster, is installed in passenger front or rear seating positions.

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Failure to adjust the safety belt properly could reduce the effectiveness of the safety belt and increase the risk of injury in a crash. Adjust the height of the shoulder belt so the belt rests across the middle of your shoulder. The system uses information from the front passenger sensing system to determine if a front seat passenger is present and therefore potentially in need of a warning. Page 41 Safety Belts If However, if the crash was minor and an authorized dealer finds that the belts do not show damage and continue to operate properly, they do not need to be replaced.

The system is able to analyze different occupant conditions and crash severity before activating the appropriate safety devices to help better protect a range of occupants in a variety of frontal crash situations.

WARNING: All occupants of your vehicle, including the driver, should always properly wear their safety belts, even when an airbag supplemental restraint system is provided.

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After airbag deployment, it is normal to notice a smoke-like, powdery residue or smell the burnt propellant. This may consist of cornstarch, talcum powder to lubricate the bag or sodium compounds for example, baking soda that result from the combustion process that inflates the airbag.

Page 46 Supplementary Restraints System The driver and front passenger airbags will deploy during significant frontal and near-frontal crashes. Never place a rear-facing child seat in front of an active airbag. Page Side Curtain Airbags Supplementary Restraints System The side airbags are located on the outboard side of the seat backs of the front seats.

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In certain lateral crashes, the airbag on the side affected by the crash will be inflated. The airbag was designed to inflate between the door panel and occupant to further enhance the protection provided occupants in side impact crashes.

Page 53 Supplementary Restraints System WARNING: Do not attempt to service, repair, or modify the side curtain airbags, its fuses, the A, B, or C pillar trim, or the headliner on a vehicle containing side curtain airbags as you could be seriously injured or killed.

Contact your authorized dealer as soon as possible. See Crash sensors and Airbag Indicator later in this chapter. Children 12 years old and under should always be properly restrained in the back seats.

2013 Ford Focus

Page 58 Keys and Remote Control Intelligent Access Key If Equipped Type 1 Type 2 Your vehicle may be equipped with two intelligent access keys which operate the power locks and the remote start system.

The key must be in the vehicle to activate the push button start system. Mechanical Key Blade The key also contains a removable mechanical key blade that can be used to unlock the driver door. Page 59 Keys and Remote Control Type 2 To release the key blade, slide the release on the back of the transmitter, then pull the blade out.

Ford focus se 2013 manual

Page 60 Keys and Remote Control 3. Insert the new battery.

Ford focus se 2013 manual

Refer to the instructions inside the transmitter for the correct orientation of the battery. Press the battery down to make sure it is fully in the housing.

Snap the battery cover back onto the transmitter. Page 61 Keys and Remote Control 5. Carefully pry out the battery with a flat object. Assemble the two halves of the transmitter back together.

Ford focus se 2013 manual

Install the key blade. Intelligent Access Key Type 2 1. Press the button again or switch the ignition on to deactivate.

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Note: The panic alarm will only operate when the ignition is off. Your vehicle will not remote start and the horn will not sound if you do not follow this sequence.

The label on your transmitter details the starting procedure. The parking lamps will turn off.

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You may have to be closer to the vehicle than when starting due to ground reflection and the added noise of the running vehicle. You can disable or enable the remote start system through the information display.

All but one of the keys programmed to the vehicle can be activated with these restricted modes. Drivers receive visual warnings and an audible tone when they exceed the preselected vehicle speed. The audio system displays a message when drivers attempt to exceed the volume limits.

Ford focus se 2013 manual

If you choose to install a remote start system, please see your Ford authorized dealer for a Ford-approved remote start system.