Fujitsu T Series Lifebook Manuals

Fujitsu t series lifebook manuals

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Fujitsu LifeBook Series S-4540 Laptop: Frequently-viewed manuals

No part. Operations are subject to the following two. Summary of Contents for Fujitsu LifeBook T Series Page 1 C o py r i g h t Other product names are trademarks or Copyright registered trademarks of their respective Fujitsu Limited has made every effort to ensure companies. Page 2: Important Safety Instructions 9. Read these instructions carefully.

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Save these If an extension cord is used with this product, instructions for future reference. Page 3 There is a danger of to dispose of batteries by putting them in the explosion if the battery is replaced with rubbish bin or trash cans. The associated equipment shall accepted that the item complies with minimum be set to operate within the following limits for conditions for connection to its network. Click start select Control panel select "Phone and Modem Options". If you are located in Australia 2.

Double click New Location.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers LIFEBOOK T Series Easy Manual

Page 9: Troubleshooting Identifying the Problem Page 10 Preface The warning icon highlights information that Your LifeBook T Series Tablet PC is a completely can be hazardous to either you, your selfcontained unit with an active-matrix TFT , computer, or your files. Please read all touchscreen color LCD display. Page 19 Rotation Hinge The rotation hinge allows you to transform your Tablet PC from a notebook configuration into a tablet configuration.

The Power indicator symbol will also remain on if you have either adapter connected and are shut down from Batteries subjected to shocks, vibration or Windows. Page Display Panel Display Panel 1.

Fujitsu t series lifebook manuals

Lift the display until it is perpendicular to the keyboard. When the display is perpendicular to the display panel that is backlit for easier viewing in keyboard, rotate it clockwise when viewed bright environments. Display rotated completely Figure Fully open display Figure System in tablet configuration Adjusting Display Panel Brightness Once you have turned on your Tablet PC, you may want to adjust the brightness level of the screen to a more comfortable viewing level.

There are two ways to adjust the brightness, keyboard Figure Page 28 Using the Fujitsu Menu to Adjust Brightness To adjust brightness using the Fujitsu menu, click on the Fujitsu Menu icon in the system tray in the lower right corner of the screen or double- click the Function button.

Fujitsu t series lifebook manuals

From the menu that appears, select Brightness Control. You can use the pen to click, double-click, drag items and icons, or to draw like a pen or pencil in applications that support this behavior, such as drawing or painting programs.

Fujitsu LifeBook Series S-4540 Manuals & User Guides

See the right- Buttons hand column of Table Page Power Sources Power Sources 2. Once you have connected your AC Page Power Management Power Management Besides the options available for conserving battery power, there are also some things that Your LifeBook T Series Tablet PC has many you can do to prevent your Tablet PC battery from options and features for conserving battery running down as quickly.

If your system is on and you need to restart it, be sure that you use the following procedure. By keeping a spare battery turned off by the hardware or software.

Fujitsu t series lifebook manuals

Page 46 U s e r - I n s t a l l a b l e Fe a t u r e s Warm-swapping Batteries To war m-swap batteries in your battery compartment follow these easy steps: Figure 4- You have only a few minutes to perform a warm-swapping before the internal bridge battery runs out of power.

Page Memory Upgrade Module 5. Remove the memory upgrade module from the Memory Upgrade Module static guarded sleeve. Align the memory upgrade module with the with a minimum of MB of high speed Double component side up.

Pull the clips sideways away from each side of the memory upgrade module at the same time.


While holding the clips out, remove the module share system memory with video memory, using from the slot by lifting it up and pulling towards Dynamic Video Memory Technology DVMT. When you click this menu item, the Fujitsu Tablet Controls window appears.

fujitsu lifebook t730

If you Page 51 4. Slide your device out until it is clear of the bay. This will require light force. If left empty, dust or foreign matter may accumulate inside the tablet.

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Page 52 Troubleshooting Page Identifying The Problem 8. However, you Before you place the call, you should have the Page 61 Set the operating source by pressing the [ESC] The boot sequence powers up, and key while the Fujitsu logo is on screen or use settings of the setup utility displays power-on the [F2] key and enter the setup utility and Page 62 Tr o u b l e s h o o t i n g Problem Possible Cause Possible Solution Video Problems Move the display and the brightness control The built-in The angle of the display until you have adequate visibility.

The display does paper clip, is stuck not close. If the spots are very tiny This is normal; Page 66 Page 4. Page Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:.

Fujitsu t series lifebook manuals

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