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Brown-Peterson and J. Gulf and Caribbean Research 19 2 ; For more information, please contact Joshua. Large pelagic fishes migrate throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea and are widely harvested in commercial and recreational fisheries within the region. If overexploitation of the stocks of these transboundary spe- cies and the resulting negative impacts on fishers and user groups dependent upon them are to be avoided, sustainable utilization of large pelagics must be based on collaboration among countries in the context of regional management that is compatible with and functional within the existing management regimes.

Fisheries management organiza- tions are making some progress in addressing critical large pelagic fishery issues through various management initia- tives, planning efforts, fishery management plans, and, in some instances, actual implementation of regulations Mahon and McConney , NMFS Regulation of large pelagic fishes that move across national bound- aries is difficult and requires improved understanding of their biology and ecology in support of regional fisheries development and management.

However, the development of management strategies to ensure the region-wide sus- tainability of large pelagic fish, fisheries, and user groups in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea represents a com- plex process and requires input from fisheries scientists, resource managers and fishers. The purpose of this symposium was to share current research on the biology and management of large pelagic fishes in the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico region and to develop a list of recommendations for future research and management of large pelagic fishes related to critical issues of regional concern.

Luckhurst and E.

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Prince [for N. Thomsponf , 3 invited theme speak- ers E. Prince, J. McDowell, and P.


McConney , and contributed oral and poster presentations. This Special Issue is organized around these 3 themes and comprised 45 total oral and poster presentations. Papers presented under the Fisheries Ecology theme addressed a number of fundamental and applied topics ranging from basic reproduction Arocha, this issue , abundance and distribution Cortes et al.. Fulling et al.

Papers presented under the Movements and Population Structure theme addressed both short-term Loefer et al. Papers pre- sented under the Management: Strategies, Problems and Solutions theme were diverse and ranged from local island fishing culture Grant et al. Also included are the abstracts from papers presented in the symposium but not submitted for publication in this issue. Finally, the abstracts from other presentations given at the symposium are aranged by theme and presented at the end of this issue.

Additionally, the abstracts from the peer-reviewed papers, as well as, full papers or abstracts of the other symposium presentations are also found in the 59th Proceedings of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute.

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Finally, in order to incorporate as many stakeholders as possible, we established a 5 member panel H. Oxenford, 1 Peterson B. Luckhurst, A. Kinch, E.

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Prince, and L. Reynal and a moderator M. Haughton from throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico regions. These individuals encapsu- lated a broad-based expertise and collectively had vast experience in large pelagic fisheries.

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Each panel speaker briefly addressed one or more of the following points at the beginning of the discussion; 1 Transboundary issues; 2 Conservation; and 3 Equity in fisheries i. Specifically, B. Glazer and A. Acosta of the GCFI were vital in terms of logistics before, during and after the meeting. Additionally, the remainder of the symposium committee, B. Luckhurst, P. Sheridan, H. Oxenford, and P. Literature Cited Arocha, F.

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Swordfish reproduction in the Atlantic ocean: an overview. Franks, M.

Peterson, and RE. Gulf and Caribbean Research 19 2 : Castro, E. Ballesteros, and M. Large pelagics in the southern section of the Seaflower Marine Protected Area, San Andres archipelago, Columbia: a fishery in expansion.

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Gulf and Caribbean Researchl9 2 : 13 Cortes, E. Brown, and L.

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Relative abundance and average size trends of pelagic sharks in the northwest Atlantic ocean, including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Gulf and Caribbean Research 19 2 Fulling, G.

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Fertl, K. Knight, and W. Distribution of molidae in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Graham, R. Whale sharks of the western Caribbean: an overview of current research and conservation efforts and future needs for effective management of the species. Grant, S. Berkes, and J. Understanding the local livelihood system in resource management: the pelagie longline fishery in Gouyave, Grenada. A history of change and reorganization: the pelagic surface longline fishing industry in Gouyave, Granada.

Hoffmayer, E. Franks, WB. Driggers HI, K. Oswald, and J. M, Quattro. Observations of a feeding aggregation of whale sharks, Rhincodon typus, in the north central Gulf of Mexico. Kraus, R. Gulf and Caribbean Research 19 2 , Loefer, J. Sedberry, and J. Luckhurst, B. Large pelagic fishes in the wider Caribbean and northwest Atlantic Ocean: Movement patterns deter- mined from conventional and electronic tagging.

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Mahon, R and P. McConney, eds. No Rome, FOA, p. McDowell, J. Carlsson, and J. McConney, R, H. Oxenford, and M. Management in the Gulf and Caribbean: Mosaic or melting pot? Gulf and Caribbean Research 19 2.

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Morgan, A. At-vessel fishing mor- tality for six species of sharks caught in the northwest Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

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Final consolidated Atlantic highly migratory species fishery management plan. Prince, E.

Furuno echo sounder fe700 manual high school

Consequences of ocean scale hypoxia constrained habitat for Atlantic tropical pelag- ic fishes. Singh-Renton, S.

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Thompson, N. Strategic investments in large pelagic research. Brown-Peterson, and Janies S. Irfs; fnc. Swordfish Xiphius gladius have also been shown to move substantial distances, although primarily in a north-south direc- tion. There is, however, a paucity of data for wahoo Acanthocybium solandri. In the past several years, electronic archival i.