Fusing Unit Bizhub 223 Manual

Fusing unit bizhub 223 manual

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Genuine Konica Minolta bizhub 223 Fuser Unit - 110 / 120 Volt

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Fusing unit bizhub 223 manual

Konica Minolta bizhub User Manual pages. Konica minolta bizhub laser mfp advanced function operations i-option pages. Authentication unit hid proximity card type 38 pages. Page 4 Home Scan to Home Page 5 5.

Konica Minolta bizhub c3350 User Manual

Page 6 5. Page 7 Not Printed Page 8 8. Page 9 Administrator Mode Settings Page 10 Copy Guard Page 12 Index Page Introduction Introduction This User's Guide describes the functions, operating instructions, precautions for correct operation, and sim- ple troubleshooting guidelines of this machine.

In order to obtain maximum performance from this product and use it effectively, please read this User's Guide as necessary.

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Page User's Guide Welcome User's guide CD manuals Overview [User's Guide Advanced Function Operations] This manual describes details on functions that be- come available by registering the optional license kit and by connecting to an application. The following describes each symbol related to correct and safe usage of this machine. View the reference as required. Key symbols Key names on the touch panel or computer screen, or a name of user's guide are indicated by these brackets.

Fusing unit bizhub 223 manual

Bold text This presents a key name, part name, product name or option name on the control panel. This machine can connect to the following telephone lines. Subscribed telephone lines including facsimile communication networks PBX Private Branch exchange, 2-wire Check the following for the telephone line to be used.

Page User Authentication Information 2. For details on the account or user name available for using the devices, contact your administra- tor. Page Account Track Information Account Track Enter the account name and password, and then press either [Login] or the Access key on the control panel.

Reference The names can contain up to 30 characters. You can edit the names after the documents have been saved. Page Overview Overview Overview 2.

Fusing unit bizhub 223 manual

The scanning functions can be used to temporarily store the scan data on the internal memory of the machine and transmit the data over the network. Enter the FTP server address and login password from the touch panel of this machine. Data uploaded to the FTP server can be downloaded from a computer on the network. The file name can be entered from the touch panel of this machine when the data is saved. Page Polling Overview Polling By sending a polling command, original data can be received from the sender's fax machine Polling RX , and also, original data to be sent with sender's command can be registered beforehand Polling TX.

Provide fax transmission in color, gray scale and black and white. A destination device that sup- ports Internet Fax receives the E-mail and prints the attachment. To send scanned data, specify any of the IP address, host name or E-mail address of the recipient. This machine can also receive documents via IP Address Fax and print them in black and white. The following describes the buttons and switches of the control panel.

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Press to clear all settings except programmed Reset settings entered using the control panel and touch panel. Interrupt Press this key to enter Interrupt mode. While the machine is in Interrupt mode, the indicator on the Interrupt key lights up in green and the message [Now in Interrupt mode. The machine Copy is in Copy mode in default. While the machine is in Copy mode, the indicator on the Copy key lights up in green.

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For details, re- fer to the [User's Guide Copy Operations]. Page Touch Panel Touch panel Touch panel 3. Use this area to configure various functions. Indicates that very little paper remains in the paper tray. Indicates that the enhanced security mode is enabled.


Indicates that an external memory device is connected to the machine. Indicates that a nonstandard external memory has been connected to this machine, therefore, USB connection is not enabled. In addition, the [Direct Input] tab and the Communication Settings screen allow you to configure settings related to fax transmission.

Page Job List Touch panel Job List A command to perform an operation such as saving data to a User Box, or printing or sending saved docu- ments is called a job. Press [Job List] to display the job currently being performed. There are the following four types of jobs.

Item Description [Print] Lists print jobs for copying, computer printout, re- ceived faxes, or reports. Item Description List items [No. The job that is transferred or relayed to another device upon reception of fax data, also appears in the Job History of [Send].


Item Description List items To delete a job, press [Delete]. Page Check Job - Check Job Settings Touch panel Reference When user authentication settings are applied, the names of documents that have not been saved by logged in users cannot be viewed. The names of confidential documents are not displayed.

Press either Back] or [Forward ] to check. Page To Begin Operation To begin operation Registering the basic information This section explains the necessary settings and registrations before using the fax and scan functions of this machine. To begin operation The following registrations are required in order to use this machine. Connection of network cable Connect a UTP cable category 5 or later recommended connected to the network to the Ethernet connector on the machine.

It can be registered in either of the fol- lowing ways.

Fusing unit bizhub 223 manual

Using the touch panel of the machine Using PageScope Web Connection from a computer on the network 4. Page Optional Settings Optional settings Optional settings The following settings can be configured as necessary.

Konica Minolta Service Manual

This is convenient for fre- quently scanning documents and sending data under the same conditions. Use the touch panel of the ma- chine to configure the settings. The following explains the presetting required for the computer. Devices connected to the network appear. Right-click the scanner icon representing this machine, and select [Install].

Page Sending Sending Page Operation Flow Operation flow Sending This section describes the procedure for sending fax and scanned data, and available functions. Operation flow 5. Specify the destination Address Book p.

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Page G3 Fax Operation flow 5. Page 67 Operation flow Select a program, and press [OK]. Configure Scan Settings p.

Konica Minolta Bizhub C350 Service Manual

Load the original To check the advanced preview, press Proof Copy. Page Broadcasting Operation flow Press Start. Press [Password], enter the password, and then press [OK].

On the screen that reappears, press [Begin Authentication] to start sending. Page 69 Operation flow Configure Scan Settings p. Page Using The Advanced Preview Using the advanced preview Using the advanced preview Loading the original in the fax or scan mode and entering the address allows you to preview the finishing im- age on the control panel by pressing Proof Copy.

In the Preview screen, the orientation of the scanned orig- inal can be checked or the settings can be changed. Page 71 Using the advanced preview Item Description [Rotate Image] When [Scan] is selected in [Preview] : Rotates the currently displayed page 90 de- grees anti-clockwise to show the image.

The changes apply to the subsequent pages of the originals to be scanned. Item Description [Basic] - [Document] Select whether the original is 1-sided or 2-sided. For details on the general flow for sending fax and scanned data, refer to page