Ga 8n Sli Manual Arts

Ga 8n sli manual arts

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Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI Pro Manual

Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Intel pentium 4 lga processor motherboard 88 pages. Intel pentium 4 lga processor motherboard 72 pages. Gigabyte technology ga-8igeg intel pentium 4 lga processor motherboard user's manual 72 pages. Gigabyte technology intel pentium 4 lga processor motherboard user's manual 72 pages.

Gigabyte technology intel pentium 4 lga processor motherboard user's manual 80 pages. Gigabyte technology intel pentium 4 lga processor motherboard user's manual 88 pages. Page 5 Gigabyte's prior written permission. Specifications and features are subject to change without prior notice.

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Product Manual Classification In order to assist in the use of this product, Gigabyte has categorized the user manual in the following: For quick installation, please refer to the "Hardware Installation Guide" included with the product. Page 7 Chapter 3 Drivers Installation Page 10 - 10 Page Chapter 1 Hardware Installation 2. Damage as a result of violating the conditions recommended in the user manual. Damage due to improper installation.

Damage due to use of uncertified components. Damage due to use exceeding the permitted parameters.

Product determined to be an unofficial Gigabyte product. Please take note of the one indented corner of the CPU. Please note the direction of arrow sign on the male push pin doesn't face inwards before installation.

The memory capacity used can differ with each slot. If you want to operate the Dual Channel Technology, please note the following explanations due to the limitation of Intel chipset specifications. Read the related expansion card's instruction document before install the expansion card into the computer. Remove your computer's chassis cover, screws and slot bracket from the computer. Page 21 III.

Ga 8n sli manual arts

Make sure the two mini female slots on the bridge connector se- curely fit onto the SLI gold edge connetors of both cards. Rear Speaker Out Connect the rear surround speakers to this connector. Before connecting the power connector, please make sure that all components and devices are properly installed.

Align the power connector with its proper location on the motherboard and connect tightly. Page 26 If you installed wrong direction, the chip fan will not work. Sometimes will damage the chip fan.

GA-8N-SLI (rev. 1.1)

Page 27 Master and the other as Slave for information on settings, please refer to the instructions located on the IDE device.

It will blink when the system enters suspend mode.

Ga 8n sli manual arts

Pin No. In order to utilize the front audio header, your chassis must have front audio connector. Also please make sure the pin assigments on the cable are the same as the pin assigments on the MB header. Check the pin assignment carefully while you connect the SPDIF cable, incorrect connection between the cable and connector will make the device unable to work or even damage it. To clear CMOS, temporarily short pin. Default doesn't include the jumper to prevent from improper use of this header.

Connect this connector depending on your system requirements.

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Check the pin assignments before you connect the external device cable. Definition Power Q-Flash allows the user to quickly and easily update or backup BIOS without entering the operating system. Page 37 Load Fail-Safe Defaults Fail-Safe Defaults indicates the value of the system parameters which the system would be in safe configuration. Load Optimized Defaults Optimized Defaults indicates the value of the system parameters which the system would be in best performance configuration.

Set Supervisor Password Change, set, or disable password. Page Standard Cmos Features Hard drive information should be labeled on the outside drive casing.

Table of Contents

Enter the appropriate option based on this information. None No floppy drive installed. Note This item will show up when you install a processor that supports this function.

Disabled BIOS will not search for the type of floppy disk drive by track number. Note that there will not be any warning message if the drive installed is K. Page Integrated Peripherals Disabled Disable this function. Disabled Disable this function.

Default value Disabled Disable this function. Page 44 Autodetect onboard AC'97 audio function. If Power-On by Alarm is Enabled. Page Pc Health Status Disable this function.

Ga 8n sli manual arts

Users can adjust the fan speed with Easy Tune based on their requirements. Page Mb Intelligent Tweaker m. CPU loading.

GA-8N-SLI Royal (rev. 1.0)

Warning: Stability is highly dependent on system components. Expert Enter FSB and memory speed manually. Type "N" will return to Setup Utility. Page Chapter 3 Drivers Installation Pack. After install Windows Service Pack, it will show a question mark "?

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Please remove the question mark and restart the system System will auto-detect the right USB2. Page Software Application Software Application This page displays all the tools that Gigabyte developed and some free software, you can choose anyone you want and press "install" to install them.

Software Information This page lists the contents of software and drivers in this CD-title. Page Hardware Information Hardware Information This page lists all device you have for this motherboard.

Contact Us Please see the last page for details. Please contact your motherboard manufacturer. Update ESCD failure, checksum error or reset? As described in the "Before you begin" section above, you must prepare a floppy disk having the BIOS file for your motherboard and insert it to your computer. Page 70 3. Then it will begin to update BIOS.

The progress of updating BIOS will be displayed.

Ga 8n sli manual arts

Please do not take out the floppy disk when it begins flashing BIOS. Normally the system redetects all devices after BIOS has been upgraded. The progress of updating BIOS will be shown at the same time. Q-Flash Utility V1.

Page 74 Windows. Fig 1. Page 75 III. Please note that any interruption during updating will cause system unbooted V.

Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI Royal User Manual

Page Serial Ata Bios Setting Utility Introduction After replacing the failed drive, you can rebuild the data from the remaining data and parity. Only one drive can be safely crash without any data loss.

Ga 8n sli manual arts

More information on steps 4 and 5 is provided. Page 78 Using the "Define a New Array" Window If necessary, press the tab key to move from field to field until the appropriate field is highlighted. The Clear disk data prompt appears.

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Page 80 Press Enter to view and verify details. The Array Detail screen appears. The Auto Setup selection from the Main Menu can intuitively help create your disk array.