Gilat Skyedge Ii Access Manual

Gilat skyedge ii access manual

SkyEdge II VSAT Configuration and Installation_0309

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Gilat skyedge ii access manual

Table of Contents. The disclosure by Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.

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Page 4 Chapter 5: Modem Configuration Page 5 Overview Can I add a wireless router or an Ethernet switch behind the modem? Page 7: Chapter 1: Introduction By following a few simple steps, you will assemble a satellite dish and point it to a satellite orbiting 36, km above earth. Once the dish has been pointed successfully, the modem will log on to the system. Before working with any equipment, know the hazards involved and how to prevent accidents.

This symbol means "Be careful! Page Chapter 2: Safety Warnings Safety Chapter 2: Safety Warnings Please read all operating instructions and safety precautions in this manual prior to any installation works. Install the modem, dish, and wiring according to national and local regulations issued by authorities. Mount the dish on a properly anchored pole or bracket, capable of bearing the dish weight and wind load.

Gilat skyedge ii access manual

Page Cautions Cautions Different types of power cords may be used for connections to the electrical outlet. Use only a main line cord that complies with safety requirements of the country of use. Do not use power cord if damaged. Connect the power cord to a properly grounded three-prong alternating current outlet only.

Gilat SkyEdge IIc User Manual

Packing List What's Not in the Box Set aside the modem box for later use. Figure 5: Modem Box 5. Put the rest of the components back into the kit box to make it easy to transport to the dish installation location.

Do not start the installation unless you have the invoice with all the data see below. Installing Pole Installing Dish Selecting Dish Location Determine the suitable location for your satellite dish. Selecting a suitable outdoor location with a clear view towards the satellite is very important: obstructions e. Installing Pole When installing the pole for the dish, follow these guidelines: The pole diameter must be between 45 and 70 mm. July, Proprietary and Confidential Apply the skew plate to the back bracket with the arrow marking facing forward.

Reposition the clamps on the bolts. To ensure a sturdy mount, make sure that the clamp has been shifted in the direction of its open end as far as possible.

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Page Setting Nominal Elevation Installing Dish Installing Equipment Figure Tightening the Nuts Tips: It is important to partially tighten the nuts to prevent the assembly from sliding down the pole under its own weight, but leave some leeway to allow the rotation of the assembly around the pole with just a moderate effort during the pointing procedure.

Rotate the elevation screw to set the nominal elevation value as indicated in the invoice. The bars of the elevation scale have a 2-degree resolution; smaller markings in between provide a 1-degree grid. Mounting Reflector To mount the reflector: 1.


Put a flat washer and a spring washer on the bolt. Thread a nut threads onto the bolt.

Gilat Introduces X-Architecture for SkyEdge II-c

Figure Dish above U-Slot 6. Bring the reflector in contact with the back bracket and slide it down so that the bolt would enter the U-slot of the back bracket to establish the initial positioning.

Gilat skyedge ii access manual

Insert the remaining four bolts to attach the reflector to the back bracket. Figure Reflector with Screws Inserted 8. On each bolt, place a flat washer, then a spring washer, then a nut.

Apply the bracket onto the transceiver as shown in the Figure below. Figure Assembling Transceiver on Bracket 2.

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Insert the four bolts with spring washers to secure the transceiver on the transceiver arm. Tighten the four bolts with the Allen key supplied.

The indoor end of the cable has no connectors attached.

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Screw the male F-connectors of the RF cables onto the corresponding female RF-connectors of the transceiver Rx to Rx, and Tx to Tx leaving a loop of cable excess length as shown in the Figure below. Connect the other end of the equipotential bonding cable to the pole clamp using the screw provided.

Gilat skyedge ii access manual

Ground the pole supporting the dish assembly according to local regulations. Grounding can be done by attaching a down-conductor to the grounding screw of the back bracket as shown in the image above with a 6. Using a compass, determine the direction to point the dish according to the azimuth value provided in the invoice.

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Rotate the dish assembly around the pole so as to point its front surface in the direction determined. Page 41 Installing Dish Figure Elevation Offset Arrow If the pole is not ideally vertical, you will notice the offset on the offset scale see the Figure below. Keep in mind that the bars of the elevation scale have a 2-degree resolution; smaller markings in between provide a 1-degree grid.

Page 43 Installing Dish Shortening the cables must be performed carefully: they are supplied with Tx and Rx stickers; cutting off the excess length of both cables together will make it impossible to determine which cable is which.

Gilat SkyEdge II IP

You need to cut one cable first, and mark it Rx or Tx, depending on which cable you are cutting off with a permanent marker or a sticker to ensure that after cutting off the other cable, you will be able to determine which cable is which.

Repeat this procedure assembling the other cable and F-connector. Installing and Connecting Modem For safety reasons, it is advisable to install the dish during the day.

Initial pointing must be performed under clear sky condition to guarantee accurate pointing: pointing in rainy, cloudy, or windy weather can interfere with the stability of indicators.

Gilat skyedge ii access manual

Figure RF Connections 2. Connect the power adapter provided in the kit to the modem. Connect the power adapter to a wall outlet. You may use them at your own discretion.

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Configuring Computer Before configuring the modem, you need to verify that your computer is configured properly: 1. In the left panel of the Network and Sharing Center page, click Change adapter settings. Available LAN adapters are displayed.

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Right-click the desired LAN adapter and select Properties. LAN Adapter properties box is displayed.

Gilat skyedge ii access manual

Disabling Proxy Server Connection To disable a proxy server connection option: 1. Click OK to save the configuration. The dialog box is no longer displayed. Click OK to confirm. Click Apply. Without these parameters, you cannot successfully complete the modem configuration procedure. Enter the location and the RF cluster codes, and click Next. The Dish Pointing page is displayed. Continue to the next section - Dish Pointing Preparation on page Dish Pointing Preparation To prepare the modem for dish pointing: 1.

The modem is ready to respond to the signal power fluctuations that will occur while you are pointing the dish. If nominal azimuth happens to be set accurately, the above screen may look slightly differently - showing that the signal is locked. This level will gradually increase as the pointing progresses.

The peak continuous tone is coupled to the maximum reception level. Page 58 Installing and Connecting Modem Modem Configuration Abort tone will be heard if the kit installed is not compatible with the RF cluster code entered.

Stop the installation and contact the Help Desk. Typically the initial nominal elevation setting should be sufficient for locking - but not the azimuth setting. Page 59 Installing and Connecting Modem Figure Tightening the Nuts Tightening the nuts, the way it is described above is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Tightening the nuts in a different way may cause a change in the assembly position to the extent that the actual elevation and azimuth values will considerably differ from the nominal values.

Page Fine Pointing Installing and Connecting Modem Modem Configuration Once you tighten the nuts, the settings may change; consequently, the audio tones might change.

This is the expected normal mode of operation. Fine Pointing The process is completed by fine-tuning the dish position using the built-in tuning tool until the strongest signal is obtained. Page 61 Installing and Connecting Modem If the continuous tone position is not achieved, stop at the highest-pitch staggering tone which indicates the strongest signal available 4. Reverse the direction until a continuous tone position is achieved.