Graseby 3300 Manual High School

Graseby 3300 manual high school

Charter Schools USA will maintain control of Howe and Manual High Schools for three more years — a move that means the schools will be spared from imminent closure. The chronically failing schools were part of Indianapolis Public Schools until they were taken over by the state in In the years since, they have made middling progress.

The board voted to extend the contract with CSUSA to , two years later than it was expected to end. The contract at another takeover school, Emma Donnan Middle School, was already extended until as part of a plan that created an innovation elementary school on the campus in partnership with IPS. Board members Gordon Hendry and Steve Yager voted against the contract extension.

But the data is not entirely sunny. Last year, students showed improvement on early assessment data the manager shared with the board.

Where the Light Is! Manual High School 2018

That includes establishing an Indiana team to manage the schools and a nonprofit to oversee them. The decision to extend the contract for CSUSA means the schools are likely to remain open for at least three years. There were no IPS representatives at the meeting of the state board Wednesday, and some board members argued they should delay the vote until hearing directly from the administration.

Graseby 3300 manual high school

But ultimately, they did not wait for IPS input. The IPS proposal to close Howe and Manual is part of a broad plan to reconfigure high schools across the district , which the IPS board is expected to vote on in September. Because some of the schools involved are in state intervention, the district will need support from the state board.

Graseby 3300 manual high school

The school closing plan is designed to reduce costs in the cash-strapped district, where high schools are less than half full. But he argued the decision on the future of the schools should not be made yet.

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Graseby 3300 manual high school

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Graseby 3300 manual high school

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Graseby 3300 manual high school

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