Grundig Satellit 750 Instruction Manual

Grundig satellit 750 instruction manual

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Do not use detergents or chemical solvents as this might damage the finish. Please act according to your local rules and do not dispose of your old products with your normal household waste.

Thank you for purchasing the Satellit Its features and capabilities are shown below:. To minimize the possibility of battery acid leakage, only use high quality alkaline, lithium or rechargeable nickel-metal-hydride batteries. Never intermix old with new, or different brands or types of batteries. In Europe and other areas, they are spaced by 9 KHz. In other parts of the world, it may begin at 76 MHz or 87 MHz. Follow these steps to set this for your area:.

Turn the Satellit on.

Grundig SATELLIT 750 Owner's Manual

The swivel AM antenna is located at the top of the radio; swivel it for best AM reception. To learn about shortwave we recommend the two publications below, published yearly and available from major booksellers.

Additionally, the Internet is a great resource for learning about shortwave. Phone: Shortwave enables listening to broadcasts over vast distances including other countries and continents.

Grundig satellit 750 instruction manual

The following information will help you get the best results. The Internet and your local library are great.

Grundig satellit 750 instruction manual

You will need to use one of these methods to tune in signals. This control knob is used to fine tune a sideband signal.

Grundig satellit 750 instruction manual

The ANT. ATT button, located on the upper right front of the radio, is used to attenuate a signal. Tune into a station, then press the ANT. ATT button and notice that the signal strength indicator, located on the left side of the display, changes at three levels.

The maximum level is the highest gain and the lowest level is minimum gain. Use the lowest level if the signal is extremely strong and local.

Use the intermediate level for average signals and use the highest level for weak signals. Experiment with this control to see how it works best with the signals you listen to and use it to your liking. On the right front of the radio is the RF Gain control knob. You can leave it fully counterclockwise in the AUTO position, where it will function automatically, or you can turn it clockwise and use it manually to control the RF radio frequency gain.

Using it manually.

Grundig 750 Radio User Manual

This switch does not work in FM. Using the squelch control eliminates background noise. This control is used mainly in the aircraft band. It does not work in the FM band. This control is on the lower right front of the radio. To engage it, turn it on by turning the knob clockwise. Turn it off by clicking the knob fully counterclockwise. Use this method when the desired frequency of a radio station is known. Use the numeric keypad to enter the frequency.

Turn on the Satellit and select the band of your choice. Quick, short, sequential presses of the buttons enables tuning up or down frequency.

Grundig satellit 750 instruction manual

A longer press engages Auto Tuning. In Auto Tuning the radio scans from one station to the next, stays on the new station for 5 seconds and then moves on.

To stop Auto Tuning, press either of the buttons. The tuning knob can also be used to tune stations. Do a quick, short press to unlock it. This may help reduce interference on some frequencies. Using WIDE usually results in better audio fidelity, while using narrow limits the audio fidelity somewhat.

Press the FM ST. As long as you are not using headphones or earphones, it can be left in mono mode. Use these knobs to control the Bass and Treble to your liking. Turning clockwise increases bass or treble. Turning counterclockwise decreases bass or treble. There are two separate sets of memories, allowing for great flexibility of memory storage.

Note the chart, below. To manually store a frequency into a memory, first choose the page, then the memory location and then store the frequency. See the instructions below. The radio scans from one memory to another, staying on each memory for about 5 seconds.

To stop the scan give the up or down tuning button a quick, short press. When the radio is turned off the clock shows in mid-display. When the radio is turned on the clock shows in the upper right corner of the display.

Press the TIME button for about a second or until you see the hour flashing.

Grundig satellit 2000 user manual

Note that after setting the hour or minutes you can simply let the flashing number time-out, without pressing the TIME button.

Press the AL. Notice that the alarm minutes are flashing. Notice the sleep timer flashing in the box at the top of the display.

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Note that after setting the hour or minutes you can simply let the flashing number time-out, without pressing the AL. Press on [AL. Now, the alarm will be on by the buzzer.

Grundig satellit 750 instruction manual

For the alarm to turn on the radio, it must be activated. Use quick, short presses of the AL. When the speaker is there, it wakes you to the radio playing; when the bell is there, it wakes you to an electronic beeper; when nothing is there, the alarm is deactivated. Notice that the number of minutes to play appears in the display. While they appear there, press the SLEEP button over and over and it sequences through 1 to minutes.

Leave it on the minutes that you want it to play.

The earphone socket is on the lower left front of the radio and is labeled EAR. Plug in earphones and headphones using a 3.

Turn the volume down before plugging them in. Use a cord with a 3. This socket uses an industry standard line level input. These sockets use an industry standard line level output and can be routed to any industry standard line level input. There is also a black and red socket, labeled Ohms, designed to work with a high impedance Shortwave antenna, Ohms, such as a long wire antenna.

Plug a long piece of wire, 10 to 35 meters or 30 to feet, into the red socket and position it above ground, running in as much a straight line as possible, not touching any other metal objects.

If you do this indoors, position the wire as close to windows as possible.

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Plug a 10 to 20 meter or 30 to 60 foot wire into the black socket and let it run on the floor or ground. Or attach the black socket to a cold water pipe with as short a piece of wire as possible.

Universal Radio discusses the Grundig Satellite 750 Portable Radio

On the rotateable AM antenna, at the top of the radio, is a socket for 50 or 75 Ohm plug-in AM antennas. NOTE: always unplug all antennas that are mounted outside when a lightning storm is predicted. Press it only when the radio seems to stop functioning properly. To enter different system codes turn off the radio and perform a quick, short press of the ENTER button.

To ensure full warranty coverage or product updates, registration of your product should be completed as soon as possible after purchase or receipt.

You may use one of the following options to register your product:. Mail in enclosed warranty card. Mail your warranty card or information to following address; include your name, full mailing address, phone number, email address, model purchased, date purchased, retail vendor name:.

Retain the warranty information from your warranty card with your proof of purchase or the Limited Warranty information can also be viewed at www. If further service is required, the technical staff will instruct how to proceed based on whether the radio is still under warranty or needs nonwarranty service.

DO NOT ship your radio back without obtaining the return authorization. The manufacturer is not responsible for any radio or tv interference caused by unauthorized modifications to this equipment. La touche ANT.

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