Honda City Sat Specifications Manual For National Hospital Inpatient

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Toyota Daily News – 2019-08-14

Show posts by this member only Post 1. Junior Member 43 posts Joined: Jul Guys, please help me to choose. Card PM. Report Top.

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Honda city sat specifications manual for national hospital inpatient

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I'm only I drive alone. My initial choice is Neo CPS cos its a performance car with good looks.

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But then a Toyota salesman came and chat. He said Toyota is more reliable and I dont have to worry about the maintenance and reliability. So I am puzzled. Show posts by this member only Post 8.

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Junior Member 20 posts Joined: Oct Show posts by this member only Post 9. Show posts by this member only Post Senior Member 2, posts Joined: Jan Yes, Vios J has no airbag, manual adjustment of side mirror, basic cd player no mp3 , no audio controls on steering, rear seats cannot be folded, drum brakes.

Neo CPS - dual airbags, electric remote control of side mirrors, mp3 player, audio controls on steering, rear seats fold in , disk brakes, 16" alloy sport rims, continental tyres, leather seats, door knobs, gear knob and steering.

Please guys.

Honda City V Automatic -Full Detailed Specifications- Hindi -#Car_School

Give me a debate. Senior Member 1, posts Joined: Jun I dont mod cars. I'm planning to use for a long time. Maybe no intention to sell as the value of cars depreciates all the time. Junior Member 52 posts Joined: May I would recommend a 99 toyota seg for a start.

Honda BR-V Review

When you start paying for your car you would care less shit on how good your car looks and how good it is cos you'll be paying till the end.. Realistic get a good 2nd hand car with monthly repayment of , you'll save more in the long run and get a better car when you've save up more. Just my 2 cents! Senior Member posts Joined: Nov If I am driving alone, the Neo is for me anytime.

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Guess I'm brainwashed by the Toyota salesman for a moment. Newbie 0 posts Joined: May Neo CPS really rocks!!! Senior Member 2, posts Joined: Nov The Neo CPS costs 57, The Swift comes with dual airbags and is considered "full-spec".

The Vios J is considered a barebones strip down lite version of Vios. The Swift will give you the speed and handling you want from a Satria Neo, and also the non-Proton stigma. But it's automatic transmission though. But the price too big gap Jul 28 , AM. Those who are facing long delays with getting the car are likely ordering the car from a Proton authorized dealers.

Honda BR-V Review

I booked my car back in February during launch from a Proton Edar branch and got my car in a month. When it comes to handling, even the Suzuki Swift needs to step away. Neo is no doubt one of the finest handling car in its class. Power is pretty decent for a modern 1. Compared to the kosong Campro, the CPS gives you better low-end power, and respond.

Servicing and parts

Senior Member 2, posts Joined: Jan From: kuching. Senior Member posts Joined: May Junior Member 72 posts Joined: Jul Junior Member posts Joined: Dec I was actually lookin at the neo as well A question to nehwkll though.. Senior Member 4, posts Joined: Jan From: soviet sarawak, borneo. First time I hear Swift not powerful. But anyway, some Brits like Swift more than Neo.

Farking ugly Of all the cheap budget, low quality, P cars, why do you look for 2 doors? But compared to boneless J spec dugong, go for neo. Trust me, in the long run, it's better.

Toyota Daily News – 2019-12-18

Read before early this year, Swift vs Dugong vs Honda City Can't remember which mag but city wins 'em all. Too bad it's not price wise. Do you think a barebone Benz without anything is safer than a Full Spec Camry???? This post has been edited by michael : Jul 28 , AM. Junior Member 11 posts Joined: Jul I am planning 8 to 9 years. You'll end up paying more for a longer repayment period though.

I thought that since cars have no value, one should pay as soon as possible so that long term you actually save more money. How much is the loan amount?

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Added on July 28, , am I'm thinking of RM45, Interest is 3. SO that would be RM per month 9 years. The reason I am stretching is because investment returns from unit trusts or some other investments would be higher than 3.

So, in the long run, the returns you make would outweigh the interest paid for the car. So you loaned RM45, For 3.

Total interest paid is RM15, If you can sustain your investments so that it exceeds this amount, then good for you.

Junior Member posts Joined: Jan Yeah, also not forgetting a better cash flow over 9 years. If loan for years, then cash flow would be tighter also.

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It all depends on personal circumstances.