How To Backup And Restore Wordpress Manually

How to backup and restore wordpress manually

In the following blog post, we discuss the process of manually backing up a WordPress website. This process entails backing up the MySQL database as well as the site files. As mentioned above, manually backing up a website will require you to log into the server and export the two core components site files and database from two different locations.

How To Make a WordPress Database Backup Manually

The site files will be located within the File Manager console of your server, while your database can be accessed through phpMyAdmin. If in the event your server is set up using a different platform, look for the same or similarly worded areas — File Manager and phpMyAdmin — in your user dashboard.

The database stores a number of indexes, users, tables and more, each which contain various systems and processes relating to the functioning of the website. Once selected, the phpMyAdmin console will open in a new browser tab. Once the download has completed you should see a file with the suffix.

For whatever reason, should the database not automatically download , it may display directly within in your phpMyAdmin console. Once pasted, save the file as db. The next step is to export the site files. In some cases, users may need to export the site files by using FTP.

How to backup and restore wordpress manually

Note, you may have to move around between folders. A pop up will appear.

How to backup and restore wordpress manually

Once the download is complete, remember to delete the. A bit of a confusing interface at first contact, using the FTP client will become second nature with practice. Simply visit either of the respective websites, download the latest version of the software and install it on your device. Next, a window will pop up. In the FTP client, head to the left-hand panel and sort through the Local site your computer until you find the backup folder.

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Restoring WordPress from a Backup

Great post. I have had clients try doing it manually and they end up screwing up the entire website. Thankfully, the web hosts are often able to help out in minimizing what could have been serious disasters. Thanks for this. I keep this page in my favorites. Do you think you write more…. It would be great! Thanks a lot for this detailed blog post!

I also use Plugins for automated backups which is working fine.

How to backup and restore wordpress manually

But just to be on the save side it is good to know how to do it manually since there can also go something wrong with the backups made by the plugins! Happily I never had to use my backups. Hi, Which pulgin you have used? I have to move my hosting server so I need to backup my wordpress.

How to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Website With Backup Guard

Great post you have here Lisa-Robyn Keown. You really clarified me with the hitches I always encounter with cpanel backup. And now, how to manually restore the backup in other server? Do you have another Step-by-Step Guide to to this? Hello, we do not have a tutorial on this but will add it as a suggestion on our editorial calendar.

How to backup and restore wordpress manually

Thanks for sharing the article, it helped me a lot. Hey, I really found this post quite interesting, very helpful. Following your approach I had managed to move 2 website to another hosting.

How to backup and restore wordpress manually

Fantastic article! I followed the steps one at a time and was able to do it without a hitch via direct, not FTP. Thank you SO very much for the clear instructions with screenshots!

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Thanks for the detailed post, Lisa. The importance of website backups can never be mentioned enough. Thanks for the useful information. I was struggling with the same issue with my WordPress site.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Restore WordPress from Backup

Thanks a lot!! Anyways can you suggest me some better option to get cheap Linux hosting other than redserverhost. I have never come across any article as detailed as this on this topic. Very easy to follow, thanks alot.

How to Manually Backup & Restore WordPress Database Files & Folders Without Plugins

Hi, Since you have done this recently, did you experience — a compress process that never ends, but when you close the file manager and reopen, the zip file is there, compressed and ready to download? Or did I maybe do something wrong…?

How to Backup WordPress Database 📥 Manually & With Plugins?

I am reminded that a backup is only as good as its restore. Hey, successfully done! Can you share how can I use this backup to restore my site incase something happens? Your email address will not be published. Receive notifications about our new blog posts. Both of these methods are explained below. At this point, locate the. What is FTP? We want to hear from you! Thanks for reading!

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Step 1: Create a MySQL Database & User for Your WordPress Restore

Thanks, Gyan. Thank you, Reply. Digvijay Dubey on June 20, at am. Is there any process to do it automatically done in a weak?

How to backup and restore wordpress manually

Judy on August 9, at pm. Step-by-step was exactly what I needed. Thank you for saving me from googling things.

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Pablo on August 15, at am. Really good explanation! I was using a plug in, but I can do it manually now.

Step 2: Restore the WordPress Database

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