Hp 2920 Switch Series Manual

Hp 2920 switch series manual

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HP 2920 Series Multicast And Routing Manual

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Also See for Quick setup manual - 4 pages Multicast and routing manual - 83 pages. Page of Go.

Hp 2920 switch series manual

Page 60 - Minimal Configuration Through the Consol HP Switches. Installation and Getting Started Guide. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 71 Basic Troubleshooting Tips Page 4 The information contained herein is subject to change without performance, or use of this material.

The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying This document contains proprietary information, which is such products and services. Page 6 Rack or Cabinet Mounting Page 7 Downloading New Switch Software Page 8 A Specifications Switch Specifications A-1 Physical. These switches are store-and-forward devices offering low latency for high-speed networking. Fault The normal state; indicates there are no fault conditions on the switch.

Off indicates half duplex. Page Reset And Clear Buttons You can also disable these buttons by using the front-panel-security command.

You can also visit the HP Networking products website www. These LEDs are only viewable in the rear of the switch on the module itself. Table Software updates are routinely available from HP. Page Installation Procedures N o t e If an HP switch is powered on for the first time without a stacking module installed, the stacking feature will be disabled and that status will be saved in the switch's running configuration.

Page 31 Optional Install the stacking cables page If you have installed the HP Stacking Module, you can now install up to two stacking cables and connect them to other switches in the desired stacking topology.

Hp 2920 switch series manual

Optional Install or remove SFP transceivers page Figure Air flow direction of the HP switches Verify the Switch Boots Correctly N o t e If an HP switch is powered on for the first time without a stacking module installed, the stacking feature will be disabled and that status will be saved in the switch's running configuration.

If a module is installed with the switch powered on, self-test of the module will not occur, the Mdl LED on the front of the switch and the Module Status LED on the module will blink orange. Page 39 If stacking cables are connected to the module and to a Stacking stacking port on the Module on another powered on HP switch, the LED goes ON module to indicate the stacking port is enabled, connected, and detects a signal from the attached switch.

Page 41 Installing the Switch Installation Procedures N o t e The mounting brackets have multiple mounting holes and can be rotated allowing for a wide variety of mounting options.

These include mounting the switch so its front face is flush with the face of the rack as shown in the illustration, or mounting it in a more balanced position.

Installing the switch Horizontal Surface Mounting Place the switch on a table or other horizontal surface. The switch comes with rubber feet in the accessory kit that can be used to help keep the switch from sliding on the surface.

HP 2920 Installation And Getting Started Manual

Page Optional Install Stacking Cables not the tab to make sure that it is fully latched. Installing a stacking cable stacking cable b.

Hp 2920 switch series manual

Connect the other end of the cable to a Stacking Module in another HP switch. See page for connectivity.

Page Optional Install Transceivers 7. Page Removing A Transceiver S t a c k i n g N o t e If you are stacking your HP switches, then the first switch you should power on is the switch that you want to be the stack Commander.

Aruba 2930f Switch - Initial switch setup

The second switch that you power on should be the one that you want to be the stack Standby. Connecting fiber optic cable 1. Remove the dust covers from the cable connectors and the port.

Aligning the notches on the cable connectors with the slots of the port, press the cable connector into the port until it snaps into place. The drivers can be found on the HP Web site at www. On that web site, follow these steps: Type your product model for example, , or product number in the Auto Search text box.

Select one of the switches from the drop down list. Table describes the mapping of the RJ to DB-9 pins. RJ to DB-9 pinouts Table Page Stacking Information And Topologies N o t e If an HP switch is powered on for the first time without a stacking module installed, stacking will be disabled and that will be saved in the switch's running configuration.

Page Chain Topologies Installing the Switch Stacking Information and Topologies Chain Topologies Up to 4 switches may be stacked in an open-ended chain with single cables between each pair of switches. N o t e Chain topologies are not recommended because a single failure switch, stacking module, or cable will cause switch-to-switch communication failures between switches that are located on opposite sides of the failure.

Ring topologies afford some protection from a single failure because communications between the switches continues, in a direction away from the failure. That is, with its high performance, it can be used for interconnecting network segments — simply connect the other network switches that form those segments to the HP Switch.

Recommended Minimal Configuration In the factory default configuration, the switch has no IP Internet Protocol address and subnet mask, and no passwords.

HP 2920-24G Quick Setup Manual

Page 61 Press Enter, then S for Save. The following fields are displayed in the Setup screen. For more information on these fields, see the Management and Configuration Guide, which is on the HP Networking web site at www. Parameter Default System Name blank Optional; No additional software installation is required to make this interface available; Page 65 An extensive help system is also available for the web browser interface.

To access the help system though, the subnet on which the switch is installed must have access to the internet, or HP IMC needs to be installed on a network management station that is on the subnet. The switch must be powered off before installing or replacing any of these modules. Replace the failed component as soon as possible.

The switch must be powered off before replacing the module.

Hp 2920 switch series manual

Page Basic Troubleshooting Tips If you no longer experience the problems, the new topology is probably at fault. Sample topologies are shown at the end of chapter 2 in this book, and some topology configuration guidelines can www.

The HP switches also support Trunking, which allows multiple network cables to be used for a single network connection without causing a data path loop. For more information on Spanning Tree and Trunking, see the Management and Configuration Guide for your switch at www. Check in the tables for the LED pattern you see on your switch and stacking module. Page Diagnostic Tips A switch Try power cycling the switch. If the fault indication reoccurs, the switch may have failed.

All assistance. Page 77 2. If the fault indication reoccurs, the 10G Expansion Module may have to be replaced. Module has experienced a If necessary to resolve the problem, contact your HP authorized LAN dealer, or use the fault. Page 79 If necessary to resolve the problem, contact your HP authorized stacking cable LAN dealer, or use the electronic support services from HP to — the stacking module or switch at the get assistance. Page 80 Advance Traffic Management Guide for your switch for more also be blinking orange simultaneously.

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If necessary to resolve the problem, contact your HP authorized LAN dealer, or use the electronic support services from HP to get assistance. Testing End-to-End Network Communications Both the switch and the cabling can be tested by running an end-to-end communications test -- a test that sends known data from one network device to another through the switch. Page Restoring The Factory Default Configuration For both the save and restore processes, you can use the console copy command.


For more information on this command, see www. Page Downloading New Switch Software Additionally, your HP authorized network reseller can provide you with assistance, both with services that they offer and with services offered by HP.

These values represent the maximum current that these power supplies could draw. Table A Page B Cabling And Technology Information Cabling and Technology Information This appendix includes switch connector information and network cable information for cables that should be used with the HP switches.

N o t e Incorrectly wired cabling is a common cause of problems for LAN communications. HP recommends that you work with a qualified LAN cable installer for assistance with your cabling requirements.

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Therefore, HP recommends using Category 6A patch cables, or using cable management options to tie down dress the Category 6 patch cables so they cannot move. Technology Distance Specifications Table B Technology Distance Specifications For distances less than 20km, a 10dB attenuator must be used.

Page Installing The Patch Cord Installing the Patch Cord As shown in the illustration below, connect the patch cord to the HP transceiver with the section of single mode fiber plugged in to the Tx transmit port. Then, connect the other end of the patch cord to your network cabling patch panel, or directly to the network multimode fiber. Page out-of-band connection … , location on switch … RJ and USB port interaction … showing error conditions … switch setup screen … FDx LED … telnet access … features terminal configuration … console … Page mounting the switch in a rack or cabinet … precautions … stacking module … , on a horizontal surface … LEDs Act … behavior during switch boot … blinking definition … , network cables checking during troubleshooting …

Hp 2920 switch series manual