Hp Compaq 8000 Elite Small Form Factor Pc Service Manual

Hp compaq 8000 elite small form factor pc service manual

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Page of 77 Go. Page 44 - Checking revocation status for a Trusted Table of Contents. Hewlett-packard personal computer user manual 62 pages. Maintenance and service guide: hp compaq and elite business pc pages. Technical reference guide: hp compaq elite series business desktop computers pages.

HP Compaq 8000 Elite Small Form Factor Business PC - Spare Parts

Hp protecttools user guide - windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 pages. Protecttools select models only - vista pages. Page 2 No part of this document may be photocopied, reproduced, or translated to another language without the prior written consent of Hewlett-Packard Company. Text set off in this manner indicates that failure to follow directions could result in bodily harm or loss of life. CAUTION: Text set off in this manner indicates that failure to follow directions could result in damage to equipment or loss of information.

Page 6 Logging in after Security Manager is configured Page 7 Managing Privacy Manager Certificates Page 8 Viewing the log files Page 9: Introduction To Security Introduction to security HP ProtectTools security software provides security features that help protect against unauthorized access to the computer, networks, and critical data.

HP Compaq 8000 Elite Small Form Factor PC

Enhanced security functionality is provided by several HP ProtectTools software modules. This can easily occur in open office environments or in unsecured areas.

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Page Additional Security Elements Additional security elements Assigning security roles In managing computer security, one important practice is to divide responsibilities and rights among various types of administrators and users. NOTE: In a small organization or for individual use, these roles may all be held by the same person. You can also register for Online Drive Encryption Key Recovery Service to store a backup copy of your encryption key, which will enable you to access your computer if you forget your password and do not have access to your local backup.

Page Session Tab Session tab To define policies governing the credentials required to authenticate a user when logging on to HP ProtectTools applications during a Windows session: In the left pane of the Administrative Console, expand Security and click on Authentication.

HP 8000 - Elite Convertible Minitower PC User Manual

On the Session tab, select a category of user. In the Policy section, specify the authentication credential s required for the selected category of user by clicking the check box or boxes next to the listed credentials. Click OK in the Select Users dialog box. Type the Windows password for the selected account, and then click Finish. You cannot modify or add a Windows user account using this dialog box.

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On the Applications tab, select the applications you want to enable or disable, then click the Apply button. NOTE: Enabling or disabling an application may not take effect until the computer is restarted.

Hp compaq 8000 elite small form factor pc service manual

Encrypting Drives Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools allows you to encrypt computer hard drives, making the hard drive unreadable and inaccessible to any unauthorized person who might try to access it even if the drive has This action logs the user in to Windows.

Page Managing Communication Privacy If a smart card was selected as the device type, make sure that smart card is inserted. Managing communication privacy Privacy Manager for HP ProtectTools enables you to use advanced security login authentication methods to verify the source, integrity, and security of communication when using e-mail, Microsoft If your computer is lost or stolen, Absolute's Recovery Team will partner with law enforcement towards recovery.

Hp compaq 8000 elite small form factor pc service manual

Page Backing Up Your Data Backing up your data When you back up your data, you are saving your logons and credential information to an encrypted file, protected by a password that you enter. Page 28 To change your picture, click the Choose Picture button and browse to select a picture.

Click the Save button to save your changes. Password Manager allows you to set up the logon screens of websites and programs for quick and secure access. First, Password Manager learns about your logons and the specific data that you type in the input boxes of each logon screen.

Page Adding Logons The following options are shown on the context menu. Page Editing Logons Editing logons To edit a logon: Open the logon screen for a website or program. Click the arrow on the Password Manager icon, and select Edit logon to display a dialog where you can edit your logon information.

Logon fields on the screen, and their corresponding fields on the dialog, are identified with a bold orange border. Page Managing Your Logons Drag the logon into the list of categories.

Categories will become highlighted as you move your mouse over them. Release the mouse button when the desired category is highlighted. Your logons are not moved to the category, but only copied to the selected category. That means that you can add the same logon to more than one category. Encrypting everything on your computer hard drive makes it unreadable and inaccessible to any unauthorized person who might try to access it even if the drive has been removed from the computer or sent to a data recovery service.

Part number and RoHS information

Page Advanced Tasks Advanced tasks Managing Drive Encryption administrator task The Drive Encryption window allows Windows administrators to view and change the status of Drive Encryption active or inactive and to view the encryption status of all of the hard drives on the computer.

Page 37 Read the information on the next page that is displayed, and then click Next. The encryption key is saved on the storage device you selected.

Hp compaq 8000 elite small form factor pc service manual

Click OK when the confirmation dialog box opens. Unlike most data encryption and authentication software that only requires you to authenticate periodically, Privacy Manager requires authentication each time you sign an e-mail message or a Microsoft Office document using a cryptographic key.

If you choose to begin the Trusted Contact invitation process, follow the on-screen instructions. Click the Privacy Manager Certificate you want to delete, and then click Advanced. Click Delete. When the confirmation dialog box opens, click Yes. Click Close, and then click Apply. The Trusted Contact recipient responds to the e-mail. You receive the e-mail response from the Trusted Contact recipient, and click Accept.

You can send Trusted Contact e-mail invitations to individual recipients or you can send the invitation to all the contacts in your Microsoft Outlook address book.

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Click a Trusted Contact. Click the Advanced button. The Advanced Trusted Contact Management dialog box opens. Click Check Revocation. Click Close.

Page 45 When the confirmation dialog box opens, click Yes, and continue working. When you have completed your editing, sign the document again. Page 46 Adding a suggested signer's signature line When suggested signers open the document, they will see their name in brackets, indicating that their signature is required.

To sign the document: Double-click the appropriate signature line. Authenticate using your chosen security logon method. The signature line will be shown according to the settings specified by the owner of the document.

Page Using Privacy Manager In Microsoft Outlook You may attach an encrypted Microsoft Office document to an e-mail message without signing or encrypting the e-mail itself. To do this, create and send an e-mail with a signed or encrypted document just as you normally would a regular e-mail with an attachment.

However, for optimum security, it is recommended that you encrypt the e-mail when attaching a signed or encrypted Microsoft Office document. Page 49 Live Messenger requires both parties to establish secure e-mail first and use the same e-mail accounts in Live Messenger.

Click Activities, and then click Safety and Security. Page 51 shown for all e-mail accounts that you have set up.

HP Compaq 8000 Elite Small Form Factor PC Manuals

You can use the Display history for menu to select only specific accounts to view. Page 52 Search sessions for specific text You can only search for text in revealed decrypted sessions that are displayed in the viewer window. These are the sessions where the Contact Screen Name is shown in plain text.

Hp compaq 8000 elite small form factor pc service manual

In the Chat History Viewer, click the Search button. Enter the search text, configure any desired search parameters, and then click OK. Page Advanced Tasks Enter the folder location, or click Browse to search for a folder.

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Click OK. Page File Sanitizer For Hp Protecttools File Sanitizer for HP ProtectTools File Sanitizer is a tool that allows you to securely erase critical files and folders personal information or files, historical or Web-related data, or other data components on your computer and periodically bleach your hard drive. In the Security Manager left pane, click File Sanitizer. Page Customizing A Simple Delete Profile Under Shred the following, select the check box next to each asset that you want to confirm before shredding.

Under Do not shred the following, click Add to select the specific assets that you want to exclude from shredding. To initiate shredding using a key sequence: Hold down the Ctrl, Alt, or Shift key or whichever combination you specified while pressing your chosen character. Embedded Security for HP ProtectTools protects against unauthorized access to user data or credentials.

Failure to initialize the embedded security chip could result in an unauthorized user, a computer worm, or a virus taking ownership of the computer and gaining control over the owner tasks, such as handling the emergency recovery archive, and configuring user access settings.

System unit

Page Advanced Tasks Advanced tasks Backing up and restoring The Embedded Security backup feature creates an archive that contains certification information to be restored in case of emergency. In the left pane, click Embedded Security, and then click Backup. Page 66 For details on migration, refer to the Embedded Security software Help. In the right pane, select the check box of a device to deny access.