Husqvarna Rider 850 12 Manual Pipe

Husqvarna rider 850 12 manual pipe

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If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Also See for Rider 13 Operator's manual - 56 pages Operator's manual - 50 pages Operator's manual - 47 pages. Most useful pages: More Tools Bleeding hydrostatic transmission oil system Adjustment of transmission neutral position Battery Removing the cutting unit To leave the service position Replacing hydrostatic transmission wire.

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Husqvarna rider 850 12 manual pipe

Page 47 - Transmission maintenance Page 48 - Removal of belt Page 49 - Checking and adjusting cutting unit grou Page 50 Page 51 - Checking and adjusting cutting unit grou Workshop manual. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Husqvarna 13 Operator's Manual 52 pages. Husqvarna Rider 11 Operator's Manual 50 pages. Page 2 Svenska — Page 3: Table Of Contents Changing engine oil Page 4: Safety Regulations Safety regulations Special instructions General instructions The fuel used in the ride-on mower has the The workshop handbook is written for personnel who following hazardous characteristics: are assumed to have general ride-on mower repara- tion and service know-how.

Page 5: Special Tools Special tools The following special tools are used when working on the ride-on mower. Special tools for the engine and transmission are specified in resp. Workshop Manuals. Page 8: Control Points Technical data Control points Mowing deck parallelism with cutting height in pos. Top up battery with acid and recharge for four hours. Fit the steering wheel, tow plate, and where appropriate other parts. Adjust cutting unit: Adjust lift springs effective weight of cutting unit should be 12—15 kg 26, lb , or set to maximum lift if brush is to be fitted.

Page 10 2. Change engine oil. Check the oil level in the transmission. Rider 13, Replace the fuel filter in the pipe. Page Delivery Measures Delivery measures Packaging and unpacking To our dealer On delivery from the factory the Rider is normally Well-performed delivery service is the first step to a packed in special packaging.

Husqvarna rider 850 12 manual pipe

This consists of a functioning aftermarket. Measures for contact with acid External: Rinse thoroughly with water.

Husqvarna Rider 13 Workshop Manual

Internal: Drink large quantities of water or milk. Contact a doctor as soon as possible. Eyes: Rinse thoroughly with water. Contact a doctor as soon asap. The battery gives off explosive gas. Work on the steering wheel and tighten the socket head cap screw so that it bottoms in the slot. Page Wheels Delivery measures Checking the oil level in the transmission Not Rider 11 Remove the transmission cover.

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Loosen both screws one on each side and lift off the transmission cover. Page Test Running Check driving forwards 1 and backwards 2. Check that the starter does not function when any of the hydrostatic transmission pedals are activated Rider 13, 16 or when the gear stick is not in neutral Rider Check that the engine stops when getting up from Page Design And Function Moreover, they all have front-mounted mowing decks for controlled cutting Rider 11 and Rider 13 have a mowing deck with Rider 16 is available with different mowing decks.

They can also be ordered with a Bio Page Serial Number Design and function Serial number The serial number can be found on the printed plate attached to the front, left-hand side under the seat. Page Engine Rider 16 H ordered from an authorized service workshop. Rider 11 and Rider 13 are fitted with a single It is important that only original spare parts are cylinder side-valve engine of If other parts are with splash lubrication. Page Steering Design and function Steering Thanks to the articulated steering, the turning All the ride-on mowers in the Rider series have radius is extremely small, the uncut circle when the articulated steering.

The steering force from the steering wheel is fully turned is just cm steering wheel is transferred to the rear section via 8"" depending on which model is chosen. Page 23 Design and function Mowing deck with rear ejection, mm 34". BioClip mm 41" Mowing deck with rear ejection, mm 38".

Page 24 Design and function The mowing deck is raised and lowered using the When lowering the unit, the two connecting rods, mechanical lifting lever, which actuates a shaft that via the three-point link, will alter the belt adjuster so rotates.

The text applies to all versions. Page 26 Reparation instructions Remove the fuel line hose clamp from the fuel pump and pull the fuel line downwards.

Husqvarna Rider 850 12 (1989-02) Ride Mower Parts

Tie the hose higher than the fuel tank level. Insert tool no. Unscrew and remove the socket head cap screw which holds the pulley and the engine axle together. Position the pulley with tool no. Page 28 Reparation instructions Push the throttle control to full choke position.

Pull back the throttle control to the full throttle position and check that the choke is no longer actuated.

Husqvarna rider 850 12 manual pipe

Press the fuel line securely on the fuel pump and fit the hose clamp. Petrol is highly flammable and environmentally hazardous. Exercise caution to avoid fire and spillage. Place an appropriate container to catch the petrol.

The tank holds approx. Empty the petrol tank by removing the hose Tightly screw the cable from the start motor to the from the connector under the tank. Page Changing Engine Oil Reparation instructions Changing the oil Checking and adjusting steering wires The engine oil should be replaced after the first five hours of running time, see service chart.

Husqvarna RIDER 850/12

Thereafter it should be replaced every 50 hours of running time 25 hours in harsh operating conditions. Engine oil can be very hot if it is drained off directly after the Release the steering wires' rear attachment 1.

Remove the frame plate.

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Remove the steering wheel and steering 3. Detach the steering wires' rear attachment 1.

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Remove the screw 2 and detach the wire wheel 5. Remove the bearing's circlip 3 and knock out the bearing 4. Page Checking And Adjusting Brake Wire Reparation instructions Checking and adjusting brake wire Rider 13 and Rider 16 Check that the brake is correctly adjusted by Rider 11 positioning the ride-on mower on a gentle slope and applying the brake.

If the ride-on mower does not stand still, the brake needs to be adjusted. Page Checking And Adjusting Gear Control Reparation instructions Checking and adjusting gear control Checking and adjusting freewheel Rider 11 clutch Rider 11 The freewheel clutch is correctly adjusted when the tensioning wheel's outward movement is stopped Check the gear control adjustment by setting the by the belt and not by the wire.

Remove the inner circlip 1 from the lower bearing see diagram. Then detach the outer circlip 2 and steering rim.

Page Removal Of Swing Axle 7 and pull the rear frame out backwards.

Husqvarna Rider 850 HST Operator's Manual

It is important that the outer edge of the outermost bushing is flush with 2 Rider 13 and 16 the outer edge of the hole.

Lubricate the bushings with a lithium-based grease. Page Replacing Hydrostat. Axle Seals Reparation instructions Replacing hydrostatic transmission axle sealing collars Sealing collar replacement - input axle Remove the cooling fan, it is held by a circlip.

Rem- ove the pulley from the input axle by pulling it upwards and then removing the circlip under the pulley. Page 43 Reparation instructions 4. Remove the transmission cover.

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Lift off the linkage and pull out the wire. Follow the hydrostatic transmission wire backwards Lift out the transmission wire with the linkage towards the transmission and cut off the cable ties attached.

Husqvarna rider 850 12 manual pipe

Page 44 Reparation instructions Refitting hydrostatic transmission wire Press the wire casing in the front holder in the middle bracket. Screw the front ball joint onto the new transmission wire and tighten the lock nut. Press the linkage in its holder and fit the lock spring. Page 45 Reparation instructions Draw the transmission wire along with the other cabling.

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Fix the hydrostatic transmission wire with a cable ties. Put the wire in position and screw tight the casing with the rear clamp. Page Bleeding Hydrostatic Transmission Oil System Reparation instructions Bleeding the hydrostatic transmission Adjustment of transmission neutral oil system position 1.