Investigations Manual Weather Studies Key

Investigations manual weather studies key

Clouds and fog, seen above over mountainous terrain, result when air becomes saturated with water vapor.

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Humidity, the water vapor content of the atmosphere, is the topic of Week 6. After a brief discussion of the global water cycle, the various.

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Methods for measuring and tracking humidity. You will learn how cooling of air by expansion can result in saturation, and how this process.

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Stability, a crucial factor in determining the vertical motion which causes expansional cooling, is thoroughly.

Processes which produce lifting are described.

Investigations Manual

Laboratory Assignments focus on the interaction between pressure, temperature,. Reading Assignment. Answer questions Note that the assignment refers to a plastic soda bottle, liquid crystal thermometer, tape, and matches; they are not required in order to complete the lab, however. If you are feeling adventurous and want to actually make clouds as shown, you are of course welcome to do so. It's actually better if you can. As always, do not do the Applications questions Go to the AMS website portal and click on the Archives link, found near the top left of the main page.

Click "Fall " on the next page, then on the following page select Chapter 6.

Investigation Manual 5a And 5b Answers Key pdf

Do items Submit the short answers electronically using the Investigation 6A and Current Weather Studies 6 answer forms. Save them and then edit to indicate the correct answers, preferably by deleting the incorrect responses.

Investigations manual weather studies key

Note that the Investigation 6A form contains the Applications questions , which you don't need to do. Upload completed forms to the Lab 6 link in Canvas. Current Weather Studies questions No figures required. Investigation 6B - Rising and Sinking Air.

Investigations manual weather studies key

Answer questions , referring to the Stuve Diagram Figure 1. Although you might draw on this diagram to help answer the questions, it is not necessary to submit it, since you would mainly be highlighting existing lines.

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Do not do the Applications questions There are no figures to submit for this assignment. Submit the short answers electronically as before, using the Investigation 6B Answer Form. At saturation, the relative humidity is percent.

Investigations manual weather studies key

Deadline for Investigation 6A is P. Wednesday, October Deadline for Investigation 6B is the same as for Investigation 6A.