Jetdirect Card For Hp 4100 Manual

Jetdirect card for hp 4100 manual

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Jetdirect card for hp 4100 manual

Table of Contents. User's Guide. Specifications and regulatory statements.

Jetdirect card for hp 4100 manual

That is, they. A label on the end of the product's box lists printers that are tested and supported. The two print servers are similar in operation and performance.

The x offers all the features of the.

About this guide

Practical considerations for imaging and printing security 13 pages. Hp jetdirect ex print servers product update: power supply modules 1 page.

Where do I find the printer driver? When do I stop? Page 5 Section 1: Networks Click the button to continue. The most common type of local area network may also be referred to as an Ethernet LAN or an Ethernet. Local area networks can be either wired as shown here or A typical LAN uses twisted-pair wiring similar to telephone wiring to connect each computer to a central hub.

The hub transmits network communications between computers. This wiring connects the computers or other network devices to a central hub. The use of telephone-type wiring makes it easy for the persons who administer your telephone wiring to administer the network It looks similar to the ohm thin coaxial cable used in television installations, but the television cable will not work in a network.

HP JetDirect 170X Installation And Configuration Manual

The RJ plug of the network cable plugs into an RJ jack on the card or in the computer. This makes wireless LANs very flexible, and setup and reconfiguration are very easy. Page 16 Click on these links for more details on wireless LAN topologies: Detail: infrastructure mode Detail: ad hoc mode Detail: standalone peripheral connections Detail: computer connections It's topology is sometimes called a "star topology", and it may also be called "enterprise mode" because it is the preferred topology for large networks.

On a network of Apple Macintosh computers, it may be called an "Airport network". It is sometimes called "peer-to-peer mode". On a network of Apple Macintosh computers, it may be called "computer-to-computer mode". Topology: In ad hoc mode the wireless devices on a network communicate directly with each other, and access points are not Though the distinctions may often be somewhat blurry, some wireless technologies -- such as the Bluetooth technology that is becoming popular in mobile phones and handheld computers -- are more about connecting a computing device to a peripheral, rather than connecting computers and other devices in a network.

Wireless connections are most common in portable computers.

HP Jetdirect 300x Print Server series Manuals

Increasingly, notebook computers come with built-in wireless networking. For notebook computers that don't have built-in networking, you can plug a wireless networking For example, a mixed LAN can provide the flexible connections of wireless with the high overall throughput of a wired LAN.

Such an arrangement makes it particularly easy for mobile workers to connect their A LAN can be small enough to serve a home office or a small business, or it can be large enough to serve a school, a hospital, or a substantial business or public office.

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This allows you to communicate with a specific computer or other device, such as a printer. That way, your e- mail doesn't go to everybody, and your print job doesn't get printed simultaneously on all printers on the network.

In a wired environment an intruder needs to gain physical access to your network wiring to break into your network; in a wireless environment, he just needs to be in range of the radio waves that carry the network traffic. Page 25 uses the same shared key a shared password value for network access.

Server-based authentication: A server on the network authenticates each client that requests a connection to the network. Page 26 using Message Digest algorithm 5 -- a one-way authentication protocol that authenticates the client using a password protected by the MD5 algorithm. Wireless print server security: As you set up your wireless print server, the wireless setup wizard will make it easy to match the print server's security settings to those of your network. The wizard's help pages provide considerable detail on the process.

Using network printers lets you meet your computer users' printing needs more efficiently. By sharing printers among several users, you reduce the number of printers you need. This approach saves money -- there's less equipment to buy saves space -- users don't need to make space for a printer A print server provides your printer with connection to the network. You could get the same connection using a computer -- your network server -- but it would cost more and be more complex.

Which one you choose depends on your printer. The slot provides the data and power connections for the print server, and the network cable plugs into Page 32 both internal and external models.

Their connections are similar to the those of wired print servers, except that there is no network cable connection. An antenna in the print server makes the radio-frequency connection to the wireless network. The first is the peer- to-peer topology, in which a computer sends print jobs directly to the printer.

In peer-to-peer printing, each computer manages the print jobs that it generates.

HP Jetdirect 300x Print Server series

Page 34 infrastructure and ad hoc peer- to-peer wireless topologies. In this topology, a computer sends its print jobs to a network server, and the server sends the print jobs to the printer.

This driver is system software that converts a document in your computer to a form that makes sense for the printer.

Jetdirect card for hp 4100 manual

When you print from an application on your computer, it is the printer driver that converts the layout on your screen to the There are two steps to this: setting up the printer hardware and connecting the print server. Set up the printer hardware -- Remove any shipping materials.

Config IP address on HP network printer

Page 40 Note: For a wireless print server the connection sequence is the same, except that there is no network cable to connect. If you use an internal print server: Note that many printers come with the print server module already installed in the printer. Page 41 cable ; we have omitted power cords from the illustration to keep the drawings simple.

If you are using the network printer installer that resides on the printer's CD, the operation may be slightly different from what we describe here.

Page 44 In many cases this is the same driver that is used for a direct non-networked printer connection, and you can probably find the driver on the CD that came with the printer. In fact, some printers come with the network installer program on the printer CD.

Page 45 printer software for peer-to-peer printing from several computers, you will need to run the installer from each computer. If your printer is in the list below, use the printer CD for installation. Page 47 End of Network Basics tutorial Page 48 Tips on Getting Started Background Installing a network printer is quite straightforward: First, you set up your hardware.

This involves setting up your printer, and then setting up a print server to connect the printer to your network. Then, you run the network printing software to install the printer on your computer.

Jetdirect card for hp 4100 manual

If you have purchased your printer and print server separately, you probably have two sets of documentation and two installation CDs -- which do you use?

The section below on Which CD do I use?

HP LaserJet 4100

Yes: Use the printer CD. It knows where to find the printer driver. When prompted, select the network connection option. Page 50 The best source of a driver for your printer is the Web, because that gives you the latest driver.

HP LaserJet Pro series

The drawback of getting your driver from the Web is that some drivers are quite large, and may take several minutes to download at modem speeds. We think it's worth spending the time. Install hardware Summary: To connect the printer to the network using the x or x print server, you will: connect the print server to the network with a network cable, connect the print server to the printer with the included USB cable, Page 52 Steps to install the print server hardware 1.

Page 53 3. Plug the DC power cord from the power module—shipped with the print server—into the power connector on the rear end of the print server.

Plug the power module into a power outlet. Do not use the power module shipped with your print server with any other products! Verify the connection with the printer by printing a configuration test page: Briefly press and release the test button on the rear end of the print server. Page 55 6. You can use the clip attached to the bottom of the print server to mount it to the printer or to a table or wall.

HP LaserJet - Printers that can use HP Jetdirect print servers

Use either the supplied sticky tape or the mounting screw holes. Or you can pull off the clip. Next, install software. This is OK before the print server finishes starting up. After startup completes, this could indicate a faulty print server. Page 58 Power cycle the printer and reconnect the USB cable to the printer.

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