Leica C Type 112 Manually

Leica c type 112 manually

Leica C (Typ 112) 12.0MP Digital Camera - Dark red

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Leica c type 112 manually

Page of Go. Page 44 - Viewing still pictures Page 45 - Enlarged viewing Page 46 - Simultaneous viewing of several pictures Page 47 - Viewing pictures by their recording date Page 48 - Viewing motion pictures Page 49 - Extracting still pictures from motion pi Page - [Custom] Page - Registering preferred functions to the [ Page - Changing the settings assigned to the co Page Page - Different playback methods Page - Selecting pictures to play back Page - Selecting according to picture type Page - Selecting a picture according to categor Page - Selecting according to the recording dat Page - Playing back pictures in order automatic Page - Saving pictures in the camera to the sma Page - Easily transferring pictures in the came Page Page - Sending pictures in the camera to social Page - Sending location information to the came Page - Operating the camera to send pictures to Page - Connecting quickly with the same setting Page - Using with your computer Page - Copying the recorded image data to a com Table of Contents.

Page 3 Table of contents Using the [Setup] menu Page 4 Table of contents [Creative Control] mode Page Page 6 Copy by inserting the memory card into Usage cautions and notes This may also cause the camera to malfunction or prevent recording.

Page 9: Scope Of Delivery Page Charging The Battery Using such batteries may lead to fire or explosion. Please be advised that Leica Camera AG is not liable for any accident or failure occurring as a result of use of a counterfeit battery.

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Page Inserting The Battery such as clips when carrying or storing it. Failure to wait may cause the camera to malfunction and may damage the card or recorded data.

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Make sure that the camera is turned off. Page 16 This is not a malfunction. Page Saving Your Pictures Preparations Saving your pictures to an inserted memory card or the built-in memory Pictures will be saved to a card if one is inserted, or to the built-in memory if not.

Estimated remaining number of pictures or recording time switch with [Remaining Disp.

Leica C (Typ 112) Full Specifications

Page Using The Control Ring Basics Using the control ring Using the control ring is an easy and convenient way to adjust several settings, depending on the camera mode selected. In [Snapshot Mode] Items that can be set by the control ring vary depending on recording modes. Following are the pre-assigned settings.

Set to [Snapshot Mode] Take a picture Focus display When the focus setting is correct: illuminated When the focus setting is Recognizes people Recognizes children Recognizes landscapes Recognizes sunsets Recognizes night scenes and people in them Only when is selected Recognizes night scenes Recognizes night scenes to be taken without a tripod.

Why is Leica C Type 112 better than Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1?

Page [ihdr] Basics Snapshot mode [iHDR] When there is, for example, strong contrast between the background and the subject, [iHDR] records multiple still pictures with differing exposures and combines them to create a single still picture rich in gradation. This mode is preset to [ON]. Page Af Tracking Basics Snapshot mode AF Tracking This function enables the camera to continue to focus and adjust the exposure even in the case of moving subjects.

Page [snapshot Plus Mode] Basics Snapshot mode [Snapshot Plus Mode] When [Snapshot Plus Mode] is selected, you can easily adjust the brightness and coloring, in addition to the depth of field, without compromising the user-friendly operation of [Snapshot Mode].

Leica C (Typ 112) user guide manual

Adjusts depth of field. Adjusts coloring. The settings selected in the [Program AE] or other modes will reflect on the menu items in the [Setup] menu that are not displayed. You can change various settings in the [Rec] menu. If a subject you want to record is not in the center, follow the steps below.

First adjust focus according to subject Aim the AF frame at Focus display You cannot take motion pictures in [Soft Focus] and [Star Filter]. You can record motion pictures with audio stereo. When the scene does not correspond to any on the right.

Leica C (Typ 112) user manual

Page Recording Still Pictures While Taking A Motion Picture Basics Taking motion pictures Recording still pictures while taking a motion picture Still pictures can be recorded even while a motion picture is being taken.

Page Viewing Still Pictures Basics Viewing still pictures When a memory card is in the camera, pictures are played back from the card, without a card from the built-in memory. The picture quality displayed becomes successively lower. The cursor will appear on the first picture taken on the selected date.

Select a picture with the motion picture icon, and then press Playback starts. Page Extracting Still Pictures From Motion Pictures Basics Viewing motion pictures Extracting still pictures from motion pictures You can save a scene from a motion picture as a still picture. Page Deleting Pictures Basics Deleting pictures Pictures will be deleted from the memory card if one is inserted, or from the built-in memory if not. Deleted pictures cannot be recovered.

Leica C Instructions Manual

However, pictures will not be deleted in the following cases. Page Menu Control Basics Menu control Refer to the procedure below for an example on how to operate the menus.

Leica c type 112 manually

Please check these before use. A peak in the center represents a correct exposure. Page [remaining Disp. Page [rotate Disp. Rotates and displays only pictures displayed on a TV screen in portrait orientation.

Leica c type 112 manually

Page [format] Always format the cards with this camera. Sets the language displayed on the screen.

Leica C (Typ 112) Manual / User Guide Download PDF

Page Switching Displays Taking pictures Switching displays You can select the type of displays, e. The following guidelines can be used. Composition Guideline Description Page Zoom Functions Taking pictures Using the zoom lens Zoom functions The zoom ratio changes when the resolution is changed.

Page 73 Taking pictures Using the zoom lens To increase the zoom ratio further, the following zoom modes can be used in combination. Set [i. Resolution] to [i. ZOOM] in the [Rec] menu. The displayed figures are the respective equivalent focal lengths for 35mm cameras.

Leica C Type 112 vs Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1

For maximum enlargement of a subject, the camera has to be very close to it. Page Focus Range Taking pictures Close-up pictures Focus range When a subject is too close to the camera, the picture may not be properly focused. The focusing methods differ depending on the [Rec] mode and the [AF Mode] setting.

Page Face Detection Taking pictures Using Auto focus Face detection Recognizes faces up to 15 persons and adjusts exposure and focus accordingly. AF frame Yellow: When the shutter button is pressed halfway, the frame turns green when the camera is focused. White: Displayed when more than one face is detected.

Leica c type 112 manually

Other faces that are the same distance away as faces within the yellow AF frame are also focused. Page Focusing Based On Metering In 23 Areas Taking pictures Using Auto focus Focusing based on metering in 23 areas With this mode, focusing is based on the closest registered object in the 23 metered areas. Focusing on a small part of the frame Focusing is based on the subject registered in the center of the picture.

Leica C (Typ 112) Key Features:

For example, if you wish to position it anywhere in the frame, and also in the case of large brightness differences. Setting the self-timer to 2 seconds can also be used to prevent camera shake caused by pressing the shutter button.

When you want to create a trailing effect, set to a slower shutter speed.

Leica c type 112 manually

Indicates overexposure. Indicates underexposure. Recording direction and progress status approximation 4 sec. If the focusing or brightness of pictures recorded as part of a panorama picture after the first picture are significantly different from those of the first one, the panorama picture as a whole when all pictures are stitched together may not have consistent focus and brightness.

When you use the flash, the light from it is weaker than usual.

Leica C (Typ 112) Digital Camera with EVF Review

To view 3D pictures, a television that supports 3D is required This camera will play back in 2D. Set Mem. Page Taking pictures Exposure series function No.

Leica Camera Tutorial - C HD 1080p

In some cases, the camera cannot recognize or incorrectly recognizes even registered people depending on their expression or the environment. You can facilitate Face Recognition by the way you register faces: for example, register multiple face pictures of the same person up to 3 pictures in one registration.