Level One Ges 1652 Manual

Level one ges 1652 manual

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Table of Contents. L2 managed gigabit poe switch, Page 3 5. According to the steps, the configurations of step by step, also can choose configuration. Page 7: Snmp Configuration 2.

LevelOne GES-2451 User Manual

Page 8: Configuring Port Properties Click on the navigation bar "Port Management" "Basic Settings" to view the current configuration of the switch ports: Figure Port list information In the port list attribute which shows the current switch port configuration information: 1. Port: The number of the port; 2.

Understanding Level One

Port Description: Displays the contents of the switch port description; Page 10 In the list of ports which shows the property values of the current storm control switch: 1. Port: The number of the port 2. Unicast: unknown unicast packets control 3.

Level one ges 1652 manual

Broadcast: Broadcast packet control 4. Multicast: multicast packets control prompt 5. When set the control value is not a multiple of 64, the system automatically matches similar multiples of Page 12 Figure Open port flow control function Open port traffic control, follow these steps: Step1:Select Open port traffic control;step2:Select Open in "Flow control type" on;step3:Click "Save".

View Configuration list to display configuration is successful: Figure Port flow control status Modify the port flow control function: Click on port traffic control list corresponding to the rear port of the "" Page Port Class 3.

Page Port Aggregation 3. Aggregation number: display link aggregation group number value; Page Add Port Mirroring Group Figure Port mirroring configuration information In the Port Mirroring is a property list which shows the configuration of the current mirror switch: Mirroring group: mirroring group ID, can be configured up to seven mirroring group; Source Port: The port forwarding on the source data is mirrored to the destination port; Destination port: mirror data sent to the destination port.

Configuration instructions: 1. On the switch can be configured 7 mirroring group. Aggregated port mirroring can not be configured are shown in gray in the panel.

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Has been selected port mirroring port, displayed in the faceplate is gray. Page Configure Port Access Rate Click "Port Management" "Port Speed Limit" switch to view the current port speed configured information: Figure View Rate Configuration information In the port speed list which shows the current speed limit switch attribute configuration information: Port: The number of the port; Input limit: uplink port speed; Page Editing Vlan 4.

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The port name: display port number used; 2. The VLAN allows the display message can be through vlan; 4.

Levelone GES-1651 Manuals

The default port is 1 VLAN native vlan, Page Increased Trunk 4. Page 29 Figure ARP spoofing status table 5. Figure Disable ARP spoofing function Page Port Security 5.

Page Path Detection 5. IP address is: any source IP address.

Level one ges 1652 manual

Click "Save" to complete the new rules: Figure Configuration standard IP access control list 2. Page Igmp Snooping 5. Page Igmp Version 5.

LevelOne GES-1651 User Manual

In the DHCP text box ,choose static allocation 2. Page Log Export Figure system log Log management system WEB page to view the contents of the command line is consistent with the results of the command show logging;Click "Clear" button to clear the current log information switch. Page Cpu Information Figure System memory information See the WEB page of memory information content consistent with the results show the memory command command line;Click on the "Clear" button to Clear the current switches in the memory information;Click on the "Refresh" button to Refresh the current switches in the memory information.

Page Configuration Management WEB pages to the content of the system task view consistent with the results show the CPU commands command line;click on the "Clear" button to remove the current switches in the system;Click on the "Refresh" button to Refresh the current switches in the system task.

User Manual

Page Snmp Figure Restore factory Settings Factory default operation steps are as follows: Step1:Click the "Restore the Factory Settings" button,step2:In the pop-up confirmation box, click the "OK" button,step3:After the completion of the reset switch, wait for equipment to restart, switch back to factory default configuration.

Page Activate The Trap 6. Page The Web Console 6. Figure Web console Input in the input box legal name, such as: the show version click on the Send button, Send the Command, if the input error Command, click on the button to Clear the Command to remove the current haven't Send orders, Clear the contents of the orders after click the Clear button.

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LevelOne GES-1652 Web Smart Switch - switch - 16 ports - managed - rack-mountable Specs

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Level one ges 1652 manual

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