Lg Vx 6000 Cell Phone Manual

Lg vx 6000 cell phone manual

Lg vx 6000 cell phone manual

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How To Restore An LG VX5200 Cell Phone To Factory Settings

Page 2 Caution: Use only LG-approved batteries and desktop chargers to avoid the damage to the phone. Using other batteries or chargers voids your warranty and may cause an explosion. Page 6 V X 6 0 0 0 Web Messages Read this information before operating the phone. Page 9: Vehicle-mounted External Antenna V X 6 0 0 0 the back of the phone, including the antenna whether extended or retracted. Third-party belt-clips, holsters, and similar accessories containing metallic components should not be used.

Page Battery Disposal V X 6 0 0 0 Battery Disposal Please dispose of your battery properly or take it to your local wireless carrier for recycling.

LG VX6000 Training Manual

Do not dispose of your battery in fire or with hazardous or flammable materials. Charger and Adapter Safety Using the wrong battery charger could damage your phone and void your warranty. Earpiece 2.

Flip Design Flip open the case to answer an incoming call and close to end the call.

Lg vx 6000 cell phone manual

Message Key Use to retrieve or send voice and text messages. Navigation Key Use for quick access to phone functions: Text and voice mail notification messages. Using this key, you can return to the main menu display screen. The phone comes with a rechargeable battery.

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Keep the battery charged while not in use in order to maximize talk and standby time when using the phone. Page Battery Charge Level. Use only the desktop charger provided with the phone. Using any charger other than the one included with the VX may damage your phone or battery.

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Plug the charger into a wall outlet. The phone must be charged from a VAC power source. Page Battery Information And Care 2. The battery does not need to be fully discharged before recharging. Use only LG approved chargers specific to your phone model since they are designed to maximize battery life. Do not disassemble or short-circuit the battery. Page Screen Icons V X 6 0 0 0 Screen Icons I c o n s D e s c r i p t i o n s Displays the strength of the signal received by the phone and current signal strength is indicated by the number of bars displayed on the screen.

Press to Scroll. Camera 4. Erase Calls 1.

Lg vx 6000 cell phone manual

Dialed Calls 1. Take Pix 2.

LG VX6000 Owner's Manual

Received Calls 2. Gallery 3.

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Missed Calls 3. Send Pix Msg 4. All Calls 4. Clocks Mobile We b 6. Theme Colors 1. Start Browser 7. Fonts 2. Web Messages 8. Language 3. Web Settings 3. System 1. Prompt 1.

Lg vx 6000 cell phone manual

Select System 2. Alert Beep 2. Set NAM 3. Page Accessories V X 6 0 0 0 Accessories There are a variety of accessories available for your mobile phone. You can select these options according to your personal communication requirements.

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Consult your local dealer for availability. Travel Charger This charger allows you to charge the battery while away from home or your office. It takes 5 hours to charge a completely discharged battery. Page Safety Information V X 6 0 0 0 Safety Information Please read and observe the following information for the safe and proper use of your phone and to prevent any unanticipated damage.

Lg vx 6000 cell phone manual

Page General Warnings And Cautions V X 6 0 0 0 If you put your phone in a pocket or bag without covering the receptacle of the phone power plug pin , metallic articles such as a coin, paperclip or pen may short-circuit the phone. Always cover the receptacle when not in use. Page 25 Do not expose the cellular phone to high temperatures or high humidity. Do not immerse your cellular phone in water. If this happens, turn it off immediately and remove the battery.

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Install a charged battery pack or connect the phone to an external power source such as a cigarette lighter adapter or car kit. Make sure the phone is turned on. If not, press 2. Enter the phone number, with area code if needed.

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Page Correcting Dialing Mistakes V X 6 0 0 0 Correcting Dialing Mistakes If you make a mistake while dialing a number, press once to erase the last digit entered or hold down for at least two seconds to delete all digits. Receiving Calls 1. Page Silence All Mode quick V X 6 0 0 0 When the Manner Mode is set, is displayed on the screen, the key tones are silent, and the phone is set to vibrate.

Lg vx 6000 cell phone manual

Page Call Waiting V X 6 0 0 0 Call Waiting If your cellular service offers call waiting, while a call is in progress you may hear two beeps indicating another incoming call. When call waiting is enabled, you may put the active call on hold while you answer the other incoming call.

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The upper key is used to increase the volume and the lower key is used to decrease the v o l u m e. Page Speed Dialing V X 6 0 0 0 Speed Dialing Speed dialing is a convenient feature that allows you to make phone calls quickly and easily Number 1 is always for Voicemail.

Enter a speed dial number from 2 to Input mode T9 Text Input provides five modes for entering text, numbers, special characters, and punctuation. Press the Navigation Key to cycle through and select a smiley. Press: 3. Press: to complete the word and add a space. The word is automatically added to the T9 database when you return to T9 mode. Press: to change to Abc Caps Lock mode. Press: 4. Display: Lg Phone Book Features You can store up to entries in your phone book with easy access to your most frequently dialed phone numbers.

Input the phone number that you want to save up to 32 digits. Press Left Soft Key Save, the submenu appears. Select Label on the sub-menu and press 4. Press Right Soft Key Contacts. Press Right Soft Key Options.

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Select Find Name. Enter the character s that you want to search for such as the first letters of the name. Instead of entering these numbers by hand, you can store the numbers in your phone book separated by pauses using special characters P, T There are two different types of pauses that you Press and choose select label by using 8.

Enter a name for the phone number up to 22 characters.

LG VX-6000

If you do not want to enter a name, press to go to the next step. Page Dynamic Search V X 6 0 0 0 Dynamic Search Dynamic search compares entered letters against the entries in the phone book and then displays a matching list in descending order. You can then select a number from the list to call.

Press Left Soft Key Menu. Nine menu items will appear on the display screen.