Life Fitness C7i Manual Meat

Life fitness c7i manual meat

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Also See for C7i Assembly instructions manual - 9 pages Assembly instructions manual - 8 pages Assembly instructions manual - 49 pages. Page of 31 Go.

Page 26 - How to Maximize Workouts on the Lifecycl Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently.

Table of Contents. It will help you set up your Lifecycle exercise bike quickly and give instructions on how to use it correctly.

Life fitness c7i manual meat

All rights reserved. Page 4 If, at any time while exercising, you experience faintness, dizziness, pain, or shortness of breath, you must stop immediately. Page 5: Getting Started Close supervision is necessary when used by or near children, invalids or disabled persons.

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After you place the bike where you will be primarily using it, check the stability of the bike by attempting to rock it back and forth. If the seat is too close, excessive strain will be placed on the knees and quadriceps muscles; if the seat is too far, the resulting reaching action will irritate the feet, ankles, hips and knees.

To adjust the width of the straps, grasp the outside of the strap and pull down and away from the knob. Once the slotted end is removed, choose a width that will feel the most comfortable while you are riding, reinsert the knob through the slot and pull the strap up.

The on-board computer lets you tailor your workouts to your individual fitness capabilities and goals while providing a unique means of measuring your fitness improvement from one workout to the next. The alternating display can be locked on any one value by depressing the Display Lock Key. A flashing heart will also appear at the conclusion of the Fit Test.

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As you exercise, grasp the Lifepulse sensors when prompted models C9i or R9i , or simply wear a heart rate chest strap on telemetry equipped models C7i and R7i and your heart rate will be transmitted to the on-board computer. The strap should be snug, but comfortable enough to allow for normal breathing.

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Ten computerized aerobic workouts, including the exclusive Fat Burn, Cardio, and Fit Test workouts, are preprogrammed on your Lifecycle exercise bike: 4. The end result is a perfect workout every time, eliminating both under- and over-training. A recommended workout Heart Rate is then calculated for you. Duration of the hills and valleys is 3 minutes each, after you reach your current goal.

Your fitness level determines the number of hills and valleys you encounter. Page Sport Training 4. Baseline level is hill 3, which simulates flat biking in an outdoor environment.

Hill 1 simulates going downhill in an outdoor environment. Inclines last 30 to 60 seconds. Page Random And Manual Be sure to check your heart rate near the end of the plateau and interval training periods. If you are not wearing a heart rate chest strap models C7i and R7i , see Hill diagram above. You should always take your heart rate at the The Fit Test score will be displayed, which you can use to find your ranking in the Fit Test scoring tables located in this section.

Page Fit Test Tips 4.

Life Fitness C7i Operation Manual

In addition, should you decide to choose a different workout after starting another, simply push the Clear Key twice to clear the first workout and then select the new workout. Commercial Life Fitness exercise bikes are among the most popular of aerobic trainers, regularly standing up to marathon use — 18 hours a day, 7 days a week — This manual is also suitable for: C9i R7i R9i.

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Life fitness c7i manual meat

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Life fitness c7i manual meat