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By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of Go. Page - Page - Harness plug wiring for units with a mai Page - Control box interior splice points for u Table of Contents. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Everfresh controlled atmosphere. Carrier transicold truck refrigeration unit 44 pages.

Logo springer carrier vector manual

Carrier container refrigeration unit operating instructions 60 pages. Medium temperature vertical refrigerators pages.

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During The refrigerant contained in the refrigeration system of normal operation, all moving parts are fully enclosed to this unit can cause frostbite, severe burns, or blindness help prevent injury.

Page 19 1. Should a problem develop with these components, Do not use a nitrogen cylinder without a contact your nearest Carrier Transicold pressure regulator. Cylinder pressure is dealer for replacement.

Do not Do not vapor charge RA. Only liquid For more information Refer to Technical The generator is hose is immersed in the oil at all times. Page 23 1. Fuel supply to the consists of an engine-generator drive package, injectors and engine speed is controlled by varying rod compressor, condenser fans, condenser coil, radiator, position in accordance with the signal from the ENSCU. Loaded Operation 2. Page 37 d. The operation of the The CST provides a signal to the microprocessor compressor maintains a reduced pressure within the equivalent to to the temperature of the gas entering the coil.

Carrier VECTOR 6500 Operation & Service Manual

Page 38 It is located in corner of the unit. Page 39 1. Will be on steady rate and the Card Status LED will come on solid and when the operation is complete indicating the PC remain on solid until the card is removed from the Card may be removed.

Page 41 Message Center Functional Parameter, clearing alarms, and locking the data menu. Page Electronic Modules 2. The amber light is illuminated when the microprocessor illuminates the 2.

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Alarms can be read on the microprocessor display. Page 43 2. Page 44 2. Page 45 2. Page 46 2.

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Under very high temperature conditions refer to Section 2. Page 47 2.


Also, the unit may be fitted with two way communication equipment that will allow starting of the unit from a remote location even though the switch is in the OFF position. Page 51 3.

Logo springer carrier vector manual

Page 53 3. Page 54 3.

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This test will last 5 seconds. An alarm will be sensors. Page 57 3. Page 58 3. Page 59 3. Page 60 3.

The wake lected, it will continue to run until the conditions de- up time must be at least 1 hour and no more than 8 days scribed above are met. Page 62 3. Page 63 3. Page 64 3. Page 65 3.

Logo springer carrier vector manual

Page 66 3. Page 67 Table Page 68 Table Page 69 3. Page 70 3.

Logo springer carrier vector manual

OFF - Normal engine speed operation. Page 74 3. Page 75 For example: A load of apples may require continuous settings. Page 76 3.

To view IntelliSets, refer to the following section. Page 77 3. Page 78 3. Page 79 3. Sensor Data This information is recorded at pre-determined intervals The Advance microprocessor contains a built-in as a snapshot of the sensor at the time of the recording, DataLink data recorder with K of memory. The re- or an averaged reading of the sensor readings since the corded data can be downloaded from the DataLink data last recording.

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Page 80 Power switch is not in the OFF position. Instruc- communication equipment that will allow tions for installing this equipment is supplied by each individual provider, and not by Carrier Transicold.

Page 81 3. Page 82 a. The unit can be shutdown using either the remote panel or the unit switch panel mounted Main Power switch. The remote panel cannot operate if the unit switch panel mounted Main Power switch is in the OFF position.

Page 83 4. Set lowest set point required. Press Carrier logo and P2 will be displayed. Set next highest temperature required. Follow same procedure for the next three temperatures. Press Carrier logo and the lock light will illuminate.

Carrier Vector 8500 Refrigerated Trailer Controls

Page 84 1. Place the unit switch panel mounted Main Power switch in the desired position. P1 will be displayed. Set temperature to lowest pre-set set point and OFF will be displayed 2.

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If the unit is in an alarm condition, the microprocessor alarm response may override the operation described herein. Page Temperature Control The engine start sequence consists of periods of time If the unit is equipped with a fuel heater, the with the intake air heater relay IAHR or glow heater microprocessor will monitor ambient temperature. The compressor is always started with both unloaders energized unloaded. After 10 4. Defrost seconds of operation for UL1 or 1 minute Refer to Section 4.

Logo springer carrier vector manual

Page 90 4. Page 91 When Null Mode is required and the system is operating while the engine, condenser fan and evaporator fan will continue to operate. Page 93 4. Defrost is an independent cycle overriding cooling and a.

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Normal Defrost Mode heating functions in order to de-ice the evaporator. Page 94 4. Three optional software override programs are avail- NOTE able to the user. Page 95 4.