Magicshine Mj 816 Manual High School

Magicshine mj 816 manual high school

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Magicshine mj 816 manual high school

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Magicshine mj 816 manual high school

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You can make this box go away Joining is quick and easy. And a bit MJe. I found no disassembly guide for this lamp, so here is one. My MJ lamp stopped reacting at some light levels. I could make it react using an external magnet, and using the external magnet actually made it Work for a while. Theory: the magnet is for some reason weakened. Change the magnet. So here is a disassembly guide: To remove the battery: 1 Get a 15mm nut.

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Drill a bit into the threading using a 10mm drill. To get to the switching ring, you don't need to dismount the battery. To remove the front: You can't simply unscrew the lamp at the battery indicator. You need to remove the reflector first: Remove the glass holder ring: You need to make a Tool to unscrew this.

I did like this, and it worked fine: After removing the glass, you see the glass o-ring. You are now at the reflector. You can now un-screw the front part of the lamp, threading is in front of the battery indicator. Notice the two green O-rings.

Disassembling Magicshine MJ-876/878 dive light. And a bit MJ-810e.

But it needs to be clean! Now, the magnet is visible. It is a round disc, 5mm diameter and around 1mm thick.

Magicshine mj 816 manual high school

It is very visible why it is weak. It is corroded away. This could also explain why some people complain about sand under the ring. The "sand" could be disintegrated magnet. Disassembling the Electronics: I didn't disassemble the Electronics this time, to avoid messing with the heat sink paste under the LED.

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But it is straight-forward, unscrewing the two-hole ring around the LED. The magnet is easy to pick out and replace. I'll be back when I've got a replacement. I also have a Magicshine MJe.

The ring is stuck on that one. I disassembled it - that is very simple, "just" unscrew it behind the magnet ring. Writing "just", as I suspect the threading is slightly glued, it needed quite a bit of power The Square 4x7x1mm magnet was everywhere.

In general the lamps look fully like western stuff inside, especially the big MJx's. But the corrosion protection of the magnets seem to be the weak spot. Rinse the ring well!

Last edited: Apr 13, EskilJ , Apr 12, I would never imagine that they could left hole through body direct to electronic Another unit, purchased at the same time, is still running strong. This happened as the torch was often used out of water in hi beam.

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Although I have unscrewed the front bezel and battery portion, it is unclear how to remove the lamp assembly for replacement. Magicshine has been zero help as in "no reply". Where the battery makes contact, I see a couple small holes for a deep set "special tool"? This may be the "two hole ring" mentioned above, and is near where the magnet switch is located. Any torch mechanics out there? Eventually I will need to find a source for the replacement LED.

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Tobiasknudsen , May 21, Last edited: May 22, Tobiasknudsen , May 24, Tobiasknudsen , Jun 13, If you use that led ''hard'' and you are not so sure if cooling is OK projector, headlights you can sense that temperature rise and impact on led driver to dimm output current and protect in that way led. Last edited: Jun 14, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Magicshine mj 816 manual high school

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