Manual Bicycle Computer Sunding Manual

Manual bicycle computer sunding manual

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Manual bicycle computer sunding manual

By doing so you now have the assurance and. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase so this.

Manual bicycle computer sunding manual

We hope you will enjoy using your purchase for. If you require technical support or in the unlikely event that your. Faulty product claims made within the 3 year warranty. However, be aware that the. Schenker Inc. Prospect Rd. Bicycle computer bracket and bicycle computer. Initial Activation of the Bicycle computer. This bicycle computer is designed for use as a bicycle computer only. Bicycle computers provide information on the speed and distances.

Any use other than that described in this user manual is not. No responsibility will be. Please read this chapter thoroughly and follow these instructions listed. This ensures reliable operation and a long life for your bicycle computer.

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Keep the packaging and the user manual in good condition so that if the. Never open the housing of the bicycle computer and sensor; it contains.

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Do not place any objects on the bicycle computer. The display screen.

Sunding Bicycle Computer SD-548C Manual

To avoid damage, do not touch the display. If repair is necessary or a technical problem arises, please contact our. The address can be found on the warranty card. The bicycle computer is protected against splash water. Take caution to. Failure to follow these instructions can lead to malfunctions or.

Manual bicycle computer sunding manual

The bicycle computer can be operated continuously in ambient. When the bicycle computer is not in operation, it can be stored at. Your bicycle computer is powered by a 3V CR battery.

The following. Replace the battery with the equivalent battery type only. The batteries. Batteries can be fatal if swallowed. Therefore, keep the batteries and the bicycle computer out of the reach.

If a battery is swallowed, seek medical help immediately.

Bicycle Speedometer Instructions

Before inserting the batteries, clean the device and battery contacts with. Ensure that the polarity is. Empty batteries should be removed. Exercise caution with used. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucosal tissue!

If contact with. Batteries cannot tolerate heat. Failure to follow these instructions can lead to damage.

Manual bicycle computer sunding manual

Information on changing the battery can be found under point 7. Note: Place the bicycle computer so that it is not exposed to heat or cold. In extreme cold, the battery and display screen are weakened.

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Batteries are hazardous waste. For the proper disposal of.

SunDing SD-546A Bicycle Computer - Manual

When you wish to dispose of your bicycle computer, please. Information is. Dispose of the bicycle computer packaging according to current. Information is provided by the communal collection point. There are no parts in the housing of the bicycle computer that. To clean the bicycle computer, use a soft, moist, lint-free cloth only. Ensure that no water.

Sunding Sd 563a Instructions -

Water can lead to permanent. Do not expose the bicycle computer display to harsh. Remove the battery when the bicycle computer is to be stored for a. For proper storage of the bicycle computer, see.


Mount the bicycle computer bracket A with cable ties E on the. Slide the bicycle computer in the bracket from the front until it locks. Next turn the bicycle computer to a lightly slanted viewing. Press the locking mechanism downward to remove the bicycle.

Owner’s Manual for the Raniaco Bike Computer

Mount the Sensor B below the bicycle computer with the cable ties E. Place the magnet C onto one of the spokes of the front.

Manual bicycle computer sunding manual

Note: Ensure that the magnet is aligned with the sensor at its arrow. Show quick links.

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Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Bicycle Accessories bikemate User Manual Wireless bicycle computer 2 pages. Press the RIGHT button to set the digit in the tens approximately once per minute and the display is updated.

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Sunding SD-548C Cycling Computer

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Reading the Display

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