Manual Del Celular Lg Km900

Manual del celular lg km900

User Guide

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LG KM900 - Arena Cell Phone 7.2 GB User Manual

Table of Contents. Page 3 Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider. This handset is not recommended for blind disability person due to touch screen keypad.

Manual del celular lg km900

KM User Guide Page 4 Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact KM phone by LG, designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology.

Page 7 Get creative Adjusting the volume when viewing a video Page 8 Adding a city to your world clock.. Page 9 Transferring music using Windows Changing your Bluetooth settings.

For example, do not and accessories approved for use your phone in hospitals as use with this particular phone it may affect sensitive medical Road safety Check the laws and regulations on the use of mobile phones in the area when you drive.

The battery pack Electronics service point or dealer maybe recharged hundreds of for assistance.

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Do not cover the protection film on proximity sensor of LCD. It can cause a malfunction of the sensor. Page 20 Ensure that the downwards. Press the bottom of the battery down until it clips into place. Insert the charger and plug it into a mains electricity socket.

User Manual

Page Memory Card Installing a memory card You can expand the available memory space available on your phone by using a memory card. KM will support up to 32GB memory card. NOTE: A memory card is an optional accessory. Slide the memory card into the slot at the top, until it clicks into place.

Page Formatting The Memory Card Formatting the memory card Transferring your contacts Your memory card may already be To transfer your contacts from your formatted. To swap between the home screens just wipe In order to edit quickly over display from left to right homescreen, or from right to left.

Page Quick Keys Quick keys The quick keys on your home screen provide easy, one-touch access to the functions you use most. Touch it to bring up the Touch to open your contacts. On The controls on the KM touch some screens, such as web pages, screen change dynamically you can also scroll up or down.

Page 29 Zooming In or Out When viewing photos, web pages, emails, or maps, you can zoom in and out. Pinch your fingers together or slide them apart. From the home screen touch to open your Contacts.

Manual del celular lg km900

Key in the number on the keypad. To delete a digit, press the clear Scroll through the contact list key. Page In-call Options - Touch to open a numerical keypad for navigating menus with numbered options, when dialling call centres or other automated telephone services.

Manual del celular lg km900

Page Adjusting Call Volume Adjusting call volume The call will initiate automatically, without having to touch Voice call. To adjust the volume during a call, use the up and down button on the Making a second call right side of the phone. During your initial call, touch Speed dialling and select the number you want to call. From any call log To turn it off during a call to make and Delete all to touch a note of a number touch delete all the recorded items.

Touch any single call and choose Call Touch log entry to view the date, time settings in the Settings tab. Touch and choose Call Choose any or all of the five Minute minder - Slide the switch left to On to hear a tone every minute during a call. Page Contacts There are two ways to search for a customer care numbers provided contact: in phone book. Page Creating A Group Enter a name for the new group.

Touch to save the group.

Manuales & Documentos

Page Viewing Information Viewing information vice versa. You can do this one contact at a time, or all at once. Touch Contacts from the Move - This works in the same Communication tab select way as Copy, but the contact will and touch Information.

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There are two ways of entering the messaging Page Entering Text T9 predictive To send the SMS to a particular group of contacts click on Contacts In T9 mode, you will see tap and select Groups Allows T9 mode uses a built-in dictionary to maximum first contacts in the recognise your words based on the selected group after composing key sequences you touch.

You can keep in touch on the move Reply email address - Enter the using your KM to email.

Manual del celular lg km900

Page Message Folders Message folders whether to request read You will recognise the folder confirmation messages. If you set often your KM checks for new up an email account, you can have email messages.

Manuals & Documents

Page Using Emoticons Changing your text message can edit. These Choose Text templates or settings can be changed based on Multimedia templates. Page Changing Your Multimedia Message Settings Changing your multimedia left to receive confirmation that message settings your messages have been delivered. Your KM message settings Validity period - Choose how long are pre-defined, so you can send your messages are stored at the messages immediately.

These message centre.

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Slide duration - Choose how long slides appear on screen. Delivery time - Choose how long to wait before a message is delivered. Multimedia message center - Enter the details of your message centre.

Manual del celular lg km900

Page Camera Position the phone so you can see the photo subject in the focus box. When the focus box turns green, the camera has focused on your subject. Press the capture button and hold it down.

Your captured photo will appear on the screen. The image name is Touch to go back to previous shown with four icons on the right menu. You can close all the shortcut options to give a clearer viewfinder screen. Just touch the centre of the viewfinder once. To recall the options, touch the screen again. Page Using The Flash Using the flash Adjusting the exposure The default flash setting is auto, but The exposure defines the control there are other options.

A low contrast image Select from the left side of will appear darker, whereas a high the viewfinder to enter the flash contrast image will appear much When you exit the camera to save your photos to the Handset all your settings will return to memory or the External memory. Any non-default Hide icons - Choose the icons settings you require will need of camera settings manually or to be reset, for example colour Page Video Camera Press the capture button once to start recording.

Rec will appear at the bottom of the viewfinder with a timer at the bottom showing the length of the video. A still image representing your captured video will appear on the Touch to edit the image Edit screen. The name of the video will with various tools. You can close all shortcut options to give a clearer viewfinder screen.

Page Adjusting The Exposure Adjusting the exposure Video size - Change the size of the video to save memory space. See The exposure defines the difference Changing the video image size on between light and dark areas in page A low contrast image Colour Effect - Choose a colour will appear darker, whereas a high tone to use on your new view. See Using the inner video camera on page 61 for maximum size to send as an MMS.

Page Your Photos And Videos Your photos and videos Viewing your photos and Using zoom when viewing a videos video or photo Touch on your camera When viewing photos or videos, you preview screen. Your gallery will appear on screen. Choose Touch to return to the a square or circular crop area gallery. Select to save Save the changes as an Update, or as Undo a New file. If you select New file Image enter a file name. Filter Undo Erase the editing you have Adjustm done to the photo.

LG KM900 User Manual

Alter the intensity of the accenting by touching Intensity and then sliding the marker up or down the intensity bar. Editing your videos All colour will be changed.

Save resolution.

LG Arena (KM900) unboxing video

Touch and slide the photo to merge it to the end or the beginning of the video. Touch Preview to choose how to merge the videos together. Choose to save over the existing file or as a new file. Page Multimedia If you choose Bluetooth, your phone will search for a device to send the picture to. Page Using An Image Using an image Incoming call image - Set an image to appear during incoming You can choose images to use as calls.

Touch menu key then select Touch menu key Page Creating A Slide Show From here you can manage, send or Take pictures wherever you are and set sounds as ringtones.

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