Manual Dx 36 Hilti Tools

Manual dx 36 hilti tools

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Hilti - How to clean your Hilti DX 36 (English)

By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Also See for DX 36 Operating instructions manual - 22 pages Operating instructions manual - 21 pages Operating instructions manual - pages. Page of Go. Table of Contents.

Manual dx 36 hilti tools

Printed: Page 2 Printed: Page 3 Printed: Page 4 Printed: Page 5 Printed: Page 7: Beschreibung Einheit. Nur bei Beachtung dieser Bedingungen gelten die von Hilti angegebenen Befestigungs- und Anwendungsempfehlungen. Page 8 den Untergrund ein.

Page Technische Daten 4. Page Inbetriebnahme 7. Beispiel DX Kwik. Dies kann 3. Page 16 Werkzeug z. DX-Kwik verwenden vorbohren. Page Entsorgung Page Anwendergesundheit Und Sicherheit Ensure that the operating instructions are Parts and operating controls 1 with the tool when it is given to other per- sons.

Page Description The tool may not be used in an explosive or flammable atmosphere unless it has been approved for use under these conditions.

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To avoid the risk of injury use only genuine Hilti fasteners, cartridges, accessories and spare parts or those of equivalent quality. Page 26 C. The tool features a 5-way safety system for the safety of the user and all bystanders. Page Accessories, Consumables 6. Accessories, consumables NOTE For information about further accessories and fasteners for use with the tool, please contact your local Hilti representative.

Hilti DX 36 Operating Instructions Manual

Safety accessories and cleaning set Designation Description Cleaning set Protective glasses Technical data Right of technical changes reserved.

Tool DX 36 Weight 2. Page 29 Select the correct combination of fastener k Never drive fasteners into existing holes unless guide, piston and fastener. Failure to use the this is recommended by Hilti e.

DX Kwik. Page Before Use These guidelines must be observed at all times. NOTE For detailed information, please ask your local Hilti sales and service office for a copy of the applicable technical guidelines or national technical regulations.

Hilti DX 36 Manuals

Do not exceed the recommended fastener driving Drive the fastener by pulling the trigger. Page Care And Maintenance Wash your hands after cleaning the tool. This may lead to malfunctions. Use only Hilti lubricant spray or a product of equivalent quality.

Piston accessory kits for powder actuated tools

Page Troubleshooting 9. Use only Hilti lubricant spray or a Never use a worn or damaged piston and do not product of comparable quality.

Page 35 Check the piston see 9. The tool is damaged. If the problem persists: contact Hilti Misfire: the fastener is only The piston was in the wrong posi- Remove the cartridge strip and partly driven into the base tion. Page 36 Do not attempt to forcibly remove cartridges from the magazine strip or tool. If the tool cannot be disassembled please contact Hilti. The cartridge strip melts.

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The tool is pressed against the Fire the tool sooner after pressing it working surface for too long be- against the working surface. Page 37 Use a shorter fastener. NOTE Observe the min. Driving power is too low. Increase driving power adjust power regulating wheel.

Page 38 Fault Possible cause Remedy Concrete spalling. Use a shorter nail. Use the DX-Kwik method predrilling.

Damaged nail head. Driving power is too high. Reduce driving power adjust the power regulating wheel. Page Disposal Use a nail with a washer. Disposal Most of the materials from which Hilti tools or appliances are manufactured can be recycled.

Hilti DX 36 Bedienungsanleitung Seite 24

The materials must be correctly separated before they can be recycled. In many countries, Hilti has already made arrangements for taking back old tools and appliances for recycling.

As a result, the tool Page 41 Variations in operating conditions may cause deviations from these emission values. Les recommandations d'Hilti concernant les fixations et applications sont uniquement valables dans ces conditions. Hilti, sauf indica- d Ne jamais diriger l'appareil vers soi ou vers une tion contraire dans le mode d'emploi. Page Mise En Service 7.


Porter utilisateur et per- Hilti par exemple pour le DX-Kwik. Utiliser exclusi- 9. Utiliser exclusi- inverse. Page 55 Ne jamais essayer de retirer de force des cartouches de leur bande-chargeur ou de l'appareil. Consulter le service clients Hilti ou votre conseiller commercial.

Page 61 Printed: Le Leggere attentamente il manuale d'istru- figure relative al testo si trovano nelle pagine pie- zioni prima della messa in funzione.

Manual dx 36 hilti tools

Tenere aperte queste pagine durante la lettura del manuale d'istruzioni. Page Descrizione Le raccomandazioni per l'utilizzo e il fissaggio indicate da Hilti sono valide solo se vengono rispettate le condizioni indicate sopra. Quando il pistone termina la sua corsa all'interno dello strumento, contemporaneamente ha fine anche il processo di inchiodatura. Page Accessori, Materiale Di Consumo 6.

Accessori, materiale di consumo NOTA Per ulteriori equipaggiamenti ed elementi di fissaggio si prega di contattare la filiale Hilti locale. Accessori di sicurezza e kit per la pulizia Denominazione Descrizione Set per la pulizia Dati tecnici Con riserva di modifiche tecniche. Non utilizzare salvo quando raccomandato da Hilti ad es.

Manual dx 36 hilti tools

Page Messa In Funzione 6. Messa in funzione tamente. Se necessario, far riparare lo strumento dal Centro Riparazioni Hilti autorizzato. Accertarsi che non vi sia alcun nastro di propulsori inserito nello strumento.

In caso contrario, estrarre NOTA manualmente il nastro dallo strumento stesso.

Manual dx 36 hilti tools

Page Direttive 7. Page Cura E Manutenzione 3. Fare riparare lo strumento dal Centro Riparazioni Hilti. Page 72 Questo potrebbe pro- - risulta eccessivamente usurato ad esempio rottura vocare anomalie di funzionamento dello strumento. Page Problemi E Soluzioni Introdurre la carica nello strumento.

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Page 74 Usare quindi la massima cautela quando si estraggono i nastri di propulsori dallo strumento. Contattare Hilti Printed: Page 75 Nel caso in cui non sia possibile smontare lo strumento: Contattare Hilti.

Richiedere il "Manuale della tecnica di fissaggio" presso la filiale Hilti regionale.

Manual dx 36 hilti tools

Ridurre la potenza regolazione della potenza Utilizzare propulsori meno potenti Limiti di applicazione superati Utilizzare chiodi con limiti di utilizzo materiale di base molto duro superiori.