Manual Ford Focus 2000 Ghial

Manual ford focus 2000 ghial

This will be an exciting year for the pick-up truck segment. Already starring in roadshows , mid year will see the launch of the all new Ford Ranger, our topic of discussion here.

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Thailand, as one of the few production hubs for the model others are South Africa and Argentina , will naturally get the first batch. Our turn, according to Sime Darby Auto Connexion, will be the middle of this year, but the company has already started promoting the truck.

How does the new Ranger fare against the current crop of trucks? Does it slot in or above? Full report after the jump. At 5, mm long, the T6 is a substantial mm longer than the old Ranger. When it arrives, the Ranger will be the biggest truck in town, eclipsing current big guy Nissan Navara for size. More importantly, the T6 Ranger is a great truck to drive, and the experience behind the wheel is significantly different from the truck it replaces.

The Ranger is a more precise tool than before, without a doubt. The stiffer ride works well on tarmac, but not so much off road, where jolts pierce harder than before.

We consciously tried to pick up noises by turning off the stereo and going pass the highway limit, which says it all.

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By the way, achieving good NVH in a truck is much harder than in a car, since they have to fight a brick like shape, diesel engines and knobbly off road capable tyres. A great achievement, this. The automatic transmission is similarly inconspicuous, which is a good thing for a self-shifting gearbox.

More outstanding is the six-speed manual gearbox we sampled, which has an unusually short throw and nice snick snack action for a truck.

Nice knob, too. No complaints on the cabin as well.

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Storage is a strong point here, since the glove box can swallow up a inch laptop flat. The door pockets can fit 1.

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In terms of sales — as great as the T6 may be, we doubt that it will unseat the Hilux as the top selling truck in Malaysia. Research Ford Cars at. Related Cars for Sale on. The last paragraph you said in this text drive review is spot on.

Yes, the Hilux may still be the king of sales, but, with the slew of competitors coming in, the Hilux will be looking at a rather significant slash in sales, due to the increasing number of consumers who start doing their research on the vehicles they want to buy, not buy based on what their friends, family and neighbours say.

Red plates are issued for three months for new cars in TH. Thereafter, change to white plates. Techincally, yes, temporary plates. Booked the 2.

Just cannot wait for the Wildtrak.

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EIther one is a winner! Properly designed.

Manual ford focus 2000 ghial

Like how they hide the camera with the logo at the tailgate. Unlike the Hilux.

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Hope the reliability is there. Here in Sarawak, if you mention Ranger to the mechs, they will immediately say injector prone to failure. Hopefully has been rectified.

Manual ford focus 2000 ghial

Hilux Vigo is only good in 2nd hand resell value if compare to other truck which has much more to offer. This happen only in Sabah. True on what Danny said, if I were in the market I would take this Ranger any time.

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It has class leading specs indeed. The Hilux is popular coz of its durability.

Manual ford focus 2000 ghial

Not only in Malaysia that the Hilux is ruling but if u look across the globe…its the same…even more so in the middle east. I just book 2 unit.. Definitely giving up the Hilux and Navara for this. And it looks stunning as well!!! Hoo Yeaah!!! I agree. Durability, useful feature purposes rather than looks. Both 2. D-max is a workhorse of choice. So it really depends on your preference… Checked it out yesterday.

Cool looking truck. But a question for Danny to ask Auto Connexion.

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Any chance we are going to get the aussie accessory options or some of it at least? The 2. Danny, I can understand the lack of variants but why just Orange and White only for Wildtrak? Anyway, the Ranger outsold every Ford model when the 1st generation came out here. So they should be as widespread on product offering if they are to re-take this segment from Toyota or at least carve out some market share from them. I thought the wildtrak version only comes in 3.

The units we drove were early units, so perhaps they were trying out some Wildtrak bits on the 2. How we wished that the Amarok is here in Malaysia, so that we could have another continental badged pickup truck to compare with.

Last weekend just booked 2. This truck will have all the active safety. First SUT in malaysia with active safety.. Sales person say what u see on the 3.

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No spec…. Just now when to the roadshow in Queensbay Penang and received copy of the full spec.. Guess what?

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Full features will only be in the 3. This is all what i wanted plus safety come first. I dont need the big CC 3. Expensive road tax..

Manual ford focus 2000 ghial

Drink more diesel.. So i am wondering, Ford build such a good truck with all the safety features.. When bring in to Malaysia, u only two choice.. Want safe?

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U have to pay more of course i am willing to pay more but i dont need 3. Why there is no 2.

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Why not to have one? It will beat other rival with the safety features..

Manual ford focus 2000 ghial

Give us Malaysian just one more choice to choose.. So mostly i will cancel the booking.

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No point for me to have the 3. Ford just loose me as their customer.. Is it possible to send the 2. They also have the 2. Agreed with PCSoh.

Manual ford focus 2000 ghial

In my opinion, they should have the high spec version of 2. If the ranger is a versatile leather jacket, then the Triton is the fancy sports T-shirt. Disappointed to hear Ford Malaysia offers so limited options. I was hopping 2. I think it still the same.

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Dont hope too much. Only the top end model gets all the goodies included.. I expect the same with new Chevy Colorado.. This is the way of Malaysian market go..