Manual Impressora Zebra 110xi4 Ribbons

Manual impressora zebra 110xi4 ribbons

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Page of Go. Page 54 - Remove Liner Page 55 - Figure Cancel Key Test Sample Label Format 3 6 Test Sample La Page - Figure Format 8 12 Test Sample L Format 10 14 Test Sample Remove and Install the Elect Main Logic Board Page - Figure Adjust the Rewind Drive Bel Print Mechanism View with R Remove and Install the Lowe Remove and Install the Cutt Mechanical Assembly Positio Replace the Upper Media Sen Replace the Media Take-Up P Guard Plate and Sensor Page - Figure Remove the Side Plate Page - Figure Remove and Install the DC S Rear View Page - Figure Twinax Interface Board Inst Page - Table Part Identification Cutter Linkage and Circuit Board I Position Cutter Mechanical Page - Section 5 Maintenance and Assembly Drawi Page - List of tables Page - Table Media Supply Hanger Page - Figure Optional Media Supply Spindl Ribbon Take-Up Spindle Assem Communication Options Page - Figure Communication Options Page - Table Ribbon Supply Spindle Assemb Ribbon Supply Spindle Page - Table Table of Contents.

Troubleshooting Section 3 Troubleshooting 91 Figure Page 2: Proprietary Statement Zebra Technologies has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


Here is some general information: Printers and Related Hardware Products: Proof of purchase or shipment date is required to validate the warranty period. Zebra may in its discretion issue a credit for any such defective products in such amount as it deems reasonable. For additional Tsgermany zebra. Page 7: Table Of Contents Description Page 9 Adjust Lower Media Sensor Page 12 Section 4 Maintenance Maintenance Concepts Default Font Examples AC Power Cord International Safety Organizations Symbols Interface Connections Parallel Data Port Lower Media Sensor Maximum Label Length Sensor Profile Sample Label Diagnostics Sample Label Label Top Position Left Position Memory or Font Optional Board Main Logic Board Rear View Replace the Media Take-Up Pulley Replace the Rewind Plate Remove and Install the Printhead Guard Plate and Sensor Part Identification Cutter Option PCB Location and Interconnections Cover Plate Locations Mechanical Side Assembly Linkage and Circuit Board Installation Final Assembly Mechanical Final Assembly Electrical Print Mechanism Assembly View Print Mechanism View Page Figure Performance improves as these factors are optimized.

Zebra recommends always qualifying any application with thorough testing.

Manual impressora zebra 110xi4 ribbons

Use of longer cables or unshielded cables may increase radiated emissions above the Class A limits. Zebra recommends using a USB 2.


As data is received by the processor monitors the number of characters in the buffer. Zebra Technologies is not responsible for any damage incurred during shipment of the equipment and will not repair this damage under warranty. Depending on the options you have selected, your printer may look slightly different.

Manual impressora zebra 110xi4 ribbons

The technician should become familiar with each of these functions. Table Front Panel Keys Function Starts and stops the printing process. These keys change the parameter values.

Zebra Xi4 Ribbon and Media Loading

They are used in different ways depending on the parameter displayed. Tear-Off Mode Refer to Figure Refer to Figure Remove the rewind plate from the front of the printer.

Manual impressora zebra 110xi4 ribbons

Store it on the two mounting screws on the inside of the front panel. Open the printhead. Remove the rewind plate from its storage location in front of the print mechanism inside the media compartment.

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Invert the rewind plate so the lip on the attached hook plate points down. Slide the media guide and media supply guide as far away from the printer frame as possible. Page Remove Liner Operations Overview Remove Liner Because the capacity of the rewind spindle is a standard-size media roll, Zebra recommends performing this procedure whenever you change the media.

Fanfold Media L Rev.

Zebra 110Xi4 User Manual

The smooth liner of the ribbon protects the printhead from wear and premature failure due to excessive abrasion. Close the printhead.

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Load Ribbon Ribbon Removal If the ribbon has not run out, break the ribbon as close to the ribbon take-up spindle as possible.