Manual Md 200 Lovibond Angle

Manual md 200 lovibond angle

Precise Water Analysis in High-Quality Design

Herunterladen Teilen Diese Seite drucken. Vorschau anzeigen Vorschau ausblenden. General notes. Vials, caps and stirring rods should be cleaned thoroughly after each analysis to prevent.

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Even minor reagent residues can cause errors in the test result. The outside of the vial must be clean and dry before starting the analysis. Clean the outside.

Lovibond MD 200 Bedienungsanleitung: Factory Calibration Reset

Zero calibration and test must be carried out with the same vial as there may be slight. The vials must be positioned in the sample chamber for zeroing and test with the. Always perform zeroing and test with the vial cap tightly closed.

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Only use the cap with. Bubbles on the inside wall of the vial lead to incorrect measurements. To prevent this,.

Avoid spillage of water into the sample chamber because this can lead to incorrect test.

Functional description

Contamination of the transparent cell chamber can result in wrong readings. Check at.

Manual md 200 lovibond angle

Large temperature differences between the instrument and the environment can lead. To avoid errors caused by stray light do not use the instrument in bright sunlight. Always add the reagent tablets to the water sample straight from the foil without touch-. The reagents must be added in the correct sequence.

Precise results using high-quality interference filters

Prior to measurement ensure that the sample is suitable for analysis no major interferences. Different Refill Packs available on request. Reagents are designed for use in chemical analysis only and should be kept well out of.

Lovibond Photometer MD200

Ensure proper disposal of reagent solutions. Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request. Kapitel Deutsch Fehlerbehebung Bedienerhinweise Lovibond MD PC Lovibond MD Lovibond MD Lovibond Tintometer MD Lovibond MiniDirect.

Manual md 200 lovibond angle

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Manual md 200 lovibond angle