Manual Transmission Engine Rattling On Deceleration

Manual transmission engine rattling on deceleration

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Manual transmission engine rattling on deceleration

When I accelerate and then let off the gas, as the rpms come back down or when i push the clutch in to shift especially when the rpms come back down there is a really loud rattle coming from the exhaust. It rattles until the rpms are all the way to idle or until i start to accelerate again. There is no rattle when im accelerating or when at idle.

Manual transmission engine rattling on deceleration

Could it be the cat converters? My car is only a SS and I just hit 40, miles. I wouldnt think it would be the cats. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? Please help me out. Thanks everyone. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

Really bad rattling sound upon deceleration.

Reply With Quote. Any Mods? Here are other things that tent to rattle: Seatbelt fasterner on the passenger seat, and the Pull out Cup holder bottom wire, This is mostly due to the problem above.

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The exhaust is sending the vibrations trought the trans tunnel mounts and into the body. I haven't gotten a chance to fix it yet.

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Rear 22mm Swaybar, Adj. Ride height, and HPTuners. Also check to make sure there isn't a broken weld on the cat heatshield. Had that problem on my truck Can you tell if it's more towards the front or rear of the vehicle?

I had my girlfriend drive my ss while i was driving my Z28 next to her towards the rear quarter panel and the rattle noise is loud from the rear.

Manual transmission engine rattling on deceleration

Everytime the rpms come back down and when she shifts it rattles until the gas is stepped on. Damn, i wish i could figure it out because it really sounds like crap. But at 40, miles?

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Thanks for the input and i will definitely have the heat shields checked out. You can hear the rattling upon deceleration.

It sounds exactly like my ss. Tell me what u guys think and how the hell do i get rid of it. LM Sound clip with rattle. Last edited by zratedss; at PM. I know what your talking about, I had it on my Z28 and now on my friends Trans Am, its annoying, and I'm trying to find it, no luck yet. It's in the back though and I don't think its form the pipes.

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I have it too, it's just the harmonic from the engine rpm created with the LM muffler. The car is stock, it doesn't even have an airfilter on it, and its driven around , miles -AmG-. My over axel pipe rattles against the heat sheilds. I've got the 3" corsa setup and its just to tight back there. I'm thinking about wrapping the pipe with some exhaust tape. Any opinions on that?

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Manual transmission engine rattling on deceleration

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