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GE lp33 20 series Installation Manual

By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of 85 Go. Page 58 Page 59 - Start-up following the operation on manu Page 60 - Complete shutdown Page 61 - Restore to normal operation after "total Page 62 - Restore to normal operation after "EPO Page 66 Page 67 - Start-up following the operation on main Page 68 - Shutdown of a single unit in a parallel Page 69 - Start-up an additional unit in a paralle Page 70 - Complete shutdown of a parallel system Page 71 - Restore to normal operation after "total Page 72 - Restore to normal operation after "EPO Table of Contents.

Rack-mount uninterruptible power supply va 21 pages.

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Page 2 The present publication and any other documentation supplied with the UPS system is not to be reproduced, either in part or in its entirety, without the prior written consent of GE. The illustrations and plans describing the equipment are intended as general reference only and are not necessarily complete in every detail.

Page 3 We thank you for selecting our products and are pleased to count you amongst our very valued customers at GE.

Manual ups lp 33 to mp3

We trust that the use of the LP 33 Series Uninterruptible Power Supply system, developed and produced to the highest standards of quality, will give you complete satisfaction. In a domestic environment, this product may cause radio interference, in which case, the user may be required to take additional measures. Page 7: Important Safety Rules It is important that air can move freely around and through the unit.

Page 8 Observe carefully the safety instructions to prevent risk of electrical shock. Page 9 9 Where conductors may be exposed to physical damage, protect the conductors in accordance with all applicable codes.

GE Digital Energy LP 33 Series Operating Manual

In case the mains fails, or it exceeds the permitted tolerances, the energy to supply the load is furnished by the battery with a backup time dependent on its capacity, until the mains recovers. Page 14 When enough inverters to supply the load have been restarted, the load will be transferred from the automatic bypass back to the inverter bus-bars. Leads contained in the batteries is a dangerous substance for the environment, therefore it must be correctly recycled by specialised companies!

Page Installation UPS. Page Dimensions And Weights Fig. The weight of each single piece is marked outside the package!

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The installation and cabling of the battery must be done by qualified people. Do not put any object on the top of the cabinet: it might obstruct the air flow. Page Unpacking This has to done with the utmost care! Be aware of the heavy weight of the UPS, in particular if already equipped with Batteries. LP 33 Series unpacking sequence Fig.

Page 26 The UPS can also be screwed directly to the floor on each leg. The wheels are designed only for limited movements on the installation site. For UPS correct operation, the input mains phase rotation must be clock-wise.

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Therefore the load cannot be transferred to mains in case of overload, short circuit, or inverter failure. Page System Handling It remains lit also when the output switch Q1 is open or battery disconnected. Please call your Service Centre. Battery charge level. Estimated battery backup time with actual load. Page 42 ECO Mode operation. Dangerous high UDC-Voltage. Code Status Date Hour Actual situation Page User Parameters Screen It is useful because since the events typically do not occur isolated but in certain sequences, you can eliminate the need for multiple dial-outs for such a sequence of events.

The ECO Mode becomes active only if the load is supplied from inverter. Page Operation Insert the battery fuses F9, F10, F11 and eventual external fuses in case of external battery. Remove the rectifier-input fuses F1, F2, F3 and the battery fuses F9, F10, F11 remove the external battery fuses in case of external battery. Page 58 The UPS cabinet contains parts electrically live.

Operating Manual

Apart from the front door, do not open any other part of the UPS. Page Complete Shutdown 15 minutes. Wait until capacitors are completely discharged before starting the UPS again. Page 64 It is recommended to recharge the battery during a few hours in order to provide the complete battery energy stored to the load in the event of mains failure. Page 66 The UPS cabinet contains parts electrically live.

Installation Guide

List of possible connectivity configurations on LP 33 Series Slot 1 — In case this function is needed, the optional Customer Interface card must be installed see Section Page 10 Options UPS in order to guarantee safe and orderly shutdown of the server, when needed.

Software application for the control and monitoring of the UPS.

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Page 79 Consult your nearest Service Centre for more information. In a parallel system a separate NO Normally Open contact must be connected to each individual unit.

Page 11 Maintenance The service life of the battery is from 3 to 6 years, depending on the operating temperature and on the number of discharge cycles. The function SBM can be activated through a service Parameter.

GE Digital Energy LP 33 Operating Manual

Page Service Required We highly recommend that you contact your Service Centre for preventive maintenance work. Ask to your local Service Centre to submit the form of Preventive Maintenance Contract suitable for your specific needs.

Page 12 Notes It is recommended to note in this section Notes, with date and short description all the operations performed on the UPS, as: maintenance, components replacement, abnormal situations, etc. Page 13 Annex Can be found in the final section and are listings of the technical data of the UPS.

This manual is also suitable for: Digital energy lp 33 series.

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