Manual Usuario Saeco Group 500

Manual usuario saeco group 500

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Page of 52 Go. Page 36 Page 37 - Monthly cleaning of the coff ee bean hop Register your product and get support at. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Philips saeco automatic espresso machine hd syntia stainless steel 52 pages.

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Read all instructions. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs. To protect against fire, electric shock and injury to persons do not immerse cord, plugs, or appliance in water or other liquid. Any servicing, other than cleaning and user maintenance, should be performed by an authorized service center.

Saeco Atlante 500 Manuals

Do not immerse machine in water. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not disassemble the machine. There are no parts inside the machine serviceable by the user.

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To fully benefi t from the support that Saeco off ers, please register your product at www. This user manual applies to HD The machine is suitable for preparing espresso coff ees using whole coff ee beans. Nevertheless read the safety instructions carefully and only use the machine as described in these instructions to avoid accidental injury or damage. Keep this user manual for future reference.

Philips Saeco INTELIA HD8751 User Manual

It is not intended for use in en- vironments such as staff kitchens of shops, offi ces, farms or other work environments. Grinder adjustment knob 2.

Manual usuario saeco group 500

Pre-ground coff ee compartment 3. Coff ee bean hopper 4. Coff ee bean hopper lid 5.

Manual usuario saeco group 500

Control panel 6. Dispensing spout 7. Cup holder grill 8. Full drip tray indicator 9. Drip tray We recommend keeping the packaging material for possible future transport. Machine installation Remove the drip tray with grill from the packaging. Remove the machine from the packaging. Rinse the water tank under fresh water. Fill the water tank with fresh water up to the MAX level and reinsert it into the machine.

Make sure it is fully inserted. Caution: Never fi ll the water tank with warm, hot, sparkling water or any other liquid, as this may cause damage to the water tank and the machine.

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The display shows the stand-by icon. The display indi- cates that the circuit must be primed. The machine starts the auto- matic priming of the circuit by dispensing some water through the Pannarello. The bar under the icon shows the operation progress.

Manual usuario saeco group 500

When the pro- cess is complete, the machine stops dispensing automatically. Then the display shows the machine warm-up icon. This takes a few minutes. Place a container under the dispensing spout.

Saeco Group 500

Check that the machine shows this display. Dispense water until the no water icon appears. At the end, fi ll the water tank again up to the MAX level. Now the ma- chine is ready for brewing coff ee.

You will see the display as shown at the left. To measure the water hardness follow the steps below: Immerse the water hardness test strip supplied with the machine in water for 1 second.

Press it until it cannot move further down. Fill the water tank with fresh water and reinsert it into the machine. The machine is now programmed to manage a new fi lter. Page Adjustments The machine allows for certain adjustments so that you can brew the best tasting coff ee possible.

Saeco Adapting System Coff ee is a natural product and its characteristics may change according to its origin, blend and roast. The machine is equipped with a self-adjusting system that allows the use of all types of coff ee beans available on the market not for caramelized beans. You will taste the diff erence after brewing cups of espresso. The reference marks inside the coff ee bean hopper indicate the grind setting.

Manual usuario saeco group 500

There are 5 diff erent grind settings to choose from: 1 - Coarse grind: lighter taste, for dark roasted coff ee blends 2 - Fine grind: bolder taste, for light roasted coff ee blends When you adjust the ceramic coff ee grinder to a fi ner setting, your coff ee Move the dispensing spout up or down with your fi ngers to adjust its height as shown in the image.

Espresso and coff ee brewing using coff ee beans Place 1 or 2 cups under the dispensing spout. With the pre-ground coff ee function you can only brew one coff ee at a time. Dispensing may be preceded by small jets of hot water. Never touch it with bare hands. Use the appropriate protective handle only. Note: After dispensing steam, it is possible to brew an espresso or dispense hot water straight after.

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Pour the desired amount of hot water. Open the service door, remove the drawer and empty the coff ee residues.

Manual usuario saeco group 500

Empty and clean the drip tray. Perform this operation also when the full drip tray indicator is raised. Each time after frothing milk you need to: Remove the external part of the Pannarello and wash it with fresh water.

Saeco User Manuals

Weekly cleaning of the machine Clean the seat of the drip tray. Wash the upper part of the Pannarello with fresh water. Thoroughly wash the brew group with fresh, lukewarm water and carefully clean the upper fi lter. Let the brew group air-dry thoroughly.

Manual usuario saeco group 500

Check if the hook is at the top end position. If it is not, please try again. You can purchase Saeco grease separately the grease to lubricate the brew group. Please refer to the maintenance products page in this user manual for further details. Wait until the machine automatically ends the dispensing process. Insert the coff ee residues drawer and the coff ee ground drawer. Close the service door.

Page Descaling Not doing this will ultimately make your machine stop working pro- perly, and in this case repair is NOT covered by your warranty. Use the Saeco decalcifi er only.

Its formula has been designed to ensure better machine performance. Remove the water tank and pour the entire content of the Saeco decal- cifi er. Then fi ll the water tank with fresh water up to the MAX level. The machine will start dispensing the descaling solution at intervals. The bar on the display shows the cycle progress.

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Place it back into the machine. Empty the container and place it back under the dispensing spout. When the amount of water needed for the rinse cycle has been completely dispensed, this icon on the side is displayed. The icons are colour-coded according to the traffi c light principle. Ready Signals Green Colour The machine is ready to brew products. The machine is ready to brew pre-ground coff ee.