Manuale Utente Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Manuale utente samsung galaxy s3 mini

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Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT-I8190 – user manual free download

Side by Side View. Cool Apps. SIM Card.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini i8190 repair, disassembly manual, guide

Memory Card. Making a Call. Sending a Message. Home Screen. Samsung Galaxy S3 User Manual pages. FLASH 9. S Voice Provides a built-in voice recognition system that allows you to initiate several common tasks by using natural speech.

You cannot make or receive calls or browse the Internet without a properly installed micro SIM card. Other larger SIM cards will not function or fit within this slot. Page 8 3. Please insert the SIM card included in the package prior to turning on the device. This SIM card will only work with this device.

Once the SIM card has been inserted, do not remove! If your SIM card is ever separated from the device or damaged, your device will not function. However, you can purchase one separately and use it to store your multimedia files.


Locate the microSD card slot on the inside of the phone. Orient the card with the gold strips facing down. Carefully slide the microSD card into the card socket until it clicks into place. Please charge it fully before using it for the first time. Install the Battery 1. Slide the battery into the compartment 1 so that the tabs on the end align with the slots at the bottom of the phone, making sure the connectors align. Page Charge The Battery Charge the battery 1. Connect the USB cable to the charging head.

If using a wall charger, plug the charging head into a standard AC power outlet.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT-I8200N Manuals

It searches for your network and after finding it, you can make or receive calls. Turn the phone off 1. From the Home screen, tap Phone.

Manuale utente samsung galaxy s3 mini

Enter the number you wish to call using the keypad and tap Send to place a call. NOTE: If you make a mistake while dialing, touch to clear the last digit. Page 17 3. If adding a recipient from either Logs, Contacts, or Group, tap the contact to place a checkmark then tap Done. The contact displays in the recipient field. You can customize the screen with widgets and shortcuts to your favorite applications.

Status bar The Status bar appears at the top of your Home screen. Page Notification Screen Notification Screen The Notification area indicates new message events data sync status, new messages, calendar events, call status, etc.

Manuale utente samsung galaxy s3 mini

You can expand this area to reveal the Notifications screen that provides more detailed information about the current on-screen notification icons. To open the Notifications screen 1. Page 20 To access additional notification options In addition to notifications, this screen also provides quick and ready access to separate phone functions.

Manuale utente samsung galaxy s3 mini

These can be quickly activated or deactivated by toggling them on or off. In a single motion, touch and drag the Status bar down to the bottom of the screen. Page Applications Screen Applications screen To access the Applications screens, from any Home screen, tap the Apps icon Swipe left or right through the screens.

As you download new applications, they will appear on the Applications screens in alphabetical order.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Manual

As you transition from screen to screen, a dot located at the bottom displays which panel you are currently on. Page 22 5. While still holding the on-screen icon, position it on the current screen.

Manuale utente samsung galaxy s3 mini

Once complete, release the screen to lock the shortcut into its new position. Move and delete items Touch and hold the item you want to move or delete and drag it to another location or to the Trash Can icon at the bottom of the screen.

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Page 23 Change Home screen wallpaper 1. Navigate to any screen. Touch and hold an empty area of the screen. From the Home screen window tap Home screen. Select a wallpaper type: Gallery, Live wallpapers, or Wallpapers. From the Home screen, press Menu Settings Sound. Tap either Device ringtone or Default notifications.

Galaxy S III mini GT-I8190 Samsung PDF manual

Tap the desired sound. Tap OK. Set other sounds 1. Set other volume 1.

Manuale utente samsung galaxy s3 mini

Tap Volume. Touch and drag the Music, video, games, and other media, or Ringtone, Notifications, and System sliders to the desired levels. Touch and hold until the device dials voicemail. Follow the instructions to set up your voicemail account. Tap Add to Contacts. Tap Create contact.

Galaxy S3 mini

Tap a contact destination. Tap Save. Call contact from the contacts list 1. From the Home screen, tap Apps Gmail. Tap Existing or New.


Follow the on-screen instructions. Set up Internet email 1.

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From the Home screen, tap Apps Email. NOTE: If you have already set up an email account, tap the name of the open account, tap the Menu key, and then tap Add account.

Page 29 5. Page 30 Set up Corporate Exchange email 1. Enter your email address and password information and tap Next. Page 31 If prompted, read the Activate device administrator? Identify your new work email account with a unique name Ex: Work , then tap Done. Prepare Bluetooth headset Make sure that your headset is fully charged and in pairing mode. Taking pictures 1.

From the Home screen, tap Apps Camera to launch the camera.

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Aim the camera lens at the desired object and touch to capture the image. Page Recording A Video Recording a video 1. From the Home screen, tap Apps Camera move the slider to Camcorder. Aim the camcorder lens at the desired object and touch to record video. Touch stop and automatically save recording.

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Viewing a picture or video 1. Page 36 Turn on S Beam This feature when activated via NFC allows you to beam large files directly to another compatible device that is in direct contact.