Miele G 2872 Scvi User Manual

Miele g 2872 scvi user manual

Miele g 2872 scvi user manual

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Miele G 2872 SCVi Manuals

By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Also See for G Operating instructions manual - 80 pages Operating instructions manual - 84 pages Operating instructions manual - 80 pages. Page of 80 Go. Operating Instructions Dishwasher.

Operating Instructions

Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Miele G Operating Instructions Manual 80 pages.

Miele Dishwashers: What You Need To Know

Page 2: Table Of Contents Loading the dishwasher Page 4: Important Safety Instructions WARNING — When using your dishwasher, follow basic precautions, including the following: Read all instructions before installation or use of the dishwasher to prevent injury and machine damage. Use the dishwasher only for its intended purpose.

This appliance is intended for residential use only. Page 5 Do not install or use a damaged dishwasher. A damaged appliance is dangerous. Ensure that any plastic wrappings, bags, etc. Page 6 It will destroy the rinse aid compartment and water softener.

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If the power cord is damaged it must only be replaced by a Miele Service technician with a genuine Miele power cord. This model offers a Drying Plus feature, i. Page 7 Supervise children near the dishwasher to ensure fingers or other parts of the body are not caught when the AutoClose feature is in operation. Disposal of an appliance Page 8: Guide To The Dishwasher Guide to the dishwasher Upper spray arm not visible Cutlery tray Upper basket Middle spray arm Air inlet for drying depending on model Lower spray arm Triple filter system Data plate Optical interface Rinse aid reservoir Dual compartment detergent dispenser Page 9: Control Panel Guide to the dishwasher K button Information To display more info about the displayed menu g On button with indicator To turn the dishwasher on o Off button To turn the dishwasher off Technical Service interface Allows a service technician to check and update the machine when applicable.

Page Display Function Guide to the dishwasher Display function The following can be selected in the display — the wash program — the options — the start time — the settings J menu — information During a running program the display shows — the program name — The water will not be If the door is opened during operation, the dishwasher will stop running.

Once the door is closed the program will restart. A Welcome screen shows when the washer is turned on for the first time. Language setting The display changes automatically to the language setting. Please set the time of day Set the minutes and confirm. External water softener If the dishwasher is connected to an external water softener unit which is regenerated with salt, the water hardness must be set in the dishwasher.

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Screw the lid on firmly. This will remove any traces of salt from inside the wash cabinet. Page Rinse Aid Rinse aid Rinse aid helps to prevent spotting on dishes and glassware. The rinse aid is filled in the reservoir and the set amount will be automatically dosed.

Filling the rinse aid reservoir with detergent will damage the reservoir. Only pour rinse aid formulated for residential dishwashers into the reservoir. Page Rinse Aid Refill Message Before using for the first time Rinse aid refill message When the Insufficient rinse aid message first comes on, there will be enough rinse aid left for 2 - 3 washes.

Miele g 2872 scvi user manual

If the "Tab" Page Loading The Dishwasher Wax, grease and paint will cause permanent discoloration and damage to the dishwasher. Plastic items may discolor permanently if they come in contact with food dyes.

Miele g 2872 scvi user manual

Glassware: — There are no standard guidelines for washing glassware, when in doubt wash by hand. Page Split Cutlery Tray The inserts of the cutlery tray can be removed.

Single inserts can be removed to make room for tall items in the upper basket. Loading the dishwasher Spoons with thick handles may have to be placed as knives and forks with their heads in the holders.

Miele G 2872 Operating Instructions Manual

Page Upper Basket Loading the dishwasher Upper basket Always use the dishwasher with the upper and lower basket inserted. Tall items except during the program. Page 23 The height of the cup rack can be adjusted in two levels.

Miele g 2872 scvi user manual

Loading the dishwasher Coffee bar depending on model Glasses can be leaned against the coffee bar to allow a firm stand. Page 24 Loading the dishwasher Universal support bar The support bar will hold tall glasses and stem-ware securely.

Loading the dishwasher Depending on the setting of the upper basket, a variety of plate dimensions can be accommodated. For example: If the upper basket is in Small plates and saucers can also be arranged in the lower basket.

Foldable spikes The foldable spikes can be used for small plates and saucers. Loading the dishwasher Removable PlateGuard Plus with StemGuard depending on model This insert is ideal for cups, glasses, plates, bowls, pots and pans. Page Basket Accessories Additional inserts for the upper and lower baskets may be purchased from your Miele dealer or Miele. Depending on the model some accessories come standard with the machine. Detergent tabs are not recommended for use with the program "Express".

The tabs may not dissolve completely. Dishwasher cleaning products are available from MIele. The flap will spring open. The flap is always open at the end of a program. The main menu shows in the display. If the memory function is selected, the last selected program is displayed.

Page Use The detergent type can now be set. You can choose between powder, gel or Tabs. See "Settings J - Tab". Selecting options Options can be added to the selected program.

The display shows the available options for the selected program. The display shows Close the door. To select another program or to add options, select Back and cancel the program with Cancel. The optical interface lights to indicate that a program is running.

This means under the sink for a dishwasher, at the laundry bib for your washer, etc. Interrupting a program A program is interrupted as soon as the door is opened.

Page Changing A Program Changing a program If the detergent flap is already open, do not change the program. The program is canceled.

Page Additional Options Do not use liquid detergent when selecting "Delay Start", the detergent could leak out of the compartment. The display changes to the program menu. The program starts automatically at the selected time. The indicator d goes out. Starting a program before the delay start has elapsed: A program can be started before the delay start time has elapsed.

Page 42 Settings Language J The display contents can be shown in different languages. The displayed language can be changed by the submenu Language J.

Miele g 2872 scvi user manual

The flag behind the word Language J serves as a guide when an unfamiliar language is selected. Page 43 Detergent To achieve best results the used detergent can be set on your dishwasher. The selections available are "Powder", "Gel" and "Tab".

Miele G 2872 SCVi dishwasher - built-in - 60 cm Specs

The program cycle sequence will be adjusted for the selected detergent. Depending on the program the program running time could increase. Page Drying Plus "Settings J" menu. To reset the water hardness see "External water softener".

Miele g 2872 scvi user manual

External water softener Set the dishwasher to the hardness of your local water supply see "Before using for the first time". If the dishwasher is connected to an Page Filter Check Rinse aid For best results the rinse aid dosage can be adjusted.

The dosage can be set between 0 and 6 ml. The dosage set by default to 3 ml of rinse aid per program.

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Page Reorganize Program List Settings Reorganize program list The order of the programs in the program list can be reorganized. The two most frequently used programs can be saved to the first two positions. Page Save Options Save options Additional options can be selected for some programs, e.