Mobile Review Nokia Lumia 820 Manual

Mobile review nokia lumia 820 manual

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Page of Go. User Guide Nokia Lumia Table of Contents.

Mobile review: Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia User Manual pages. Nokia lumia User Manual pages. Page 2 Check out the videos at www. For info on Microsoft Mobile Service terms and Privacy policy, go to www. All rights reserved. Not following them may be dangerous or illegal.

Mobile review nokia lumia 820 manual

Page 6: Get Started Get started Get to grips with the basics, and have your phone up and running in no time. Keys and parts Explore the keys and parts of your phone. Earpiece Ambient light sensor Front camera Connector for headphones and loudspeakers 3.

Page 7: Insert The Sim Card 2. At the top left corner, put your fingernail in the seam between the screen frame and the back cover. Bend the cover until a side seam opens slightly. Repeat on the other corner, and remove the cover.

Replace the back cover Press the bottom edge of the back cover against the bottom edge of the phone. Page 8 Note: Switch the device off and disconnect the charger and any other device before removing any covers.

Avoid touching electronic components while changing any covers. Always store and use the device with any covers attached. Make sure the phone is switched off.

Page 9 6. Line up the battery contacts, and replace the battery. Press the bottom edge of the back cover against the bottom edge of the phone.

User Guide

Press the back of the cover until it snaps into place. Switch Store new photos on my to phone. For more info on using a microSD card with your phone, go to www.

Mobile review nokia lumia 820 manual

Page 11 4. If the battery is in, lift it out. Push the memory card into the memory card slot until it locks into place. Page Remove The Memory Card 8. Remove the memory card Need to change your memory card? Here's how you remove the card from your phone. Switch your phone off. Remove the back cover. Charge your phone with a USB charger Your battery has been partially charged at the factory, but you may need to recharge it before you can switch the phone on for the first time.

Make sure you use a compatible USB charger to charge your phone. Page 14 You don't need to charge the battery for a specific length of time, and you can use the phone while it's charging. If the battery is completely discharged, it may need to charge for up to 20 minutes before you can use your device.

Page 15 You need a Nokia wireless charging cover , marked with the Qi logo inside the cover, for wireless charging to work. The cover may be included in the sales box, or it may be sold separately. Only use original Nokia wireless charging covers. There are nifty ways to transfer content to your new phone.


Page 17 Nokia Lumia is your Microsoft account. Make sure you have the latest Nokia Suite installed on your PC. You can download it from www. Page Connect The Headset Unlock the keys and screen Press the power key, and drag the lock screen up. Tip: Instead of pressing the power key, you can also double-tap the screen if double-tap is switched on. Page Antenna Locations The headset may be sold separately.

Connect the headset to your phone. Do not connect products that create an output signal, as this may damage the device.

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Do not connect any voltage source to the audio connector. If you connect an external device or headset, other than those approved for use with this device, to the audio connector, pay special attention to volume levels. Page Basics Basics Learn how to get the most out of your new phone. Get to know your phone Your phone has two views, start screen and apps menu.

Mobile review nokia lumia 820 manual

To switch between the views, simply swipe left or right. Start screen: The animated live tiles show your missed calls and received messages, the latest news and weather forecasts, and more. Page 22 This feature is not available in all languages. For info on the supported languages, go to www. Use the touch screen Explore your phone with a tap, swipe, or drag. To use your phone, simply tap or tap and hold the touch screen.

Page 23 Swipe Place your finger on the screen, and slide your finger in the direction you want.

Nokia Lumia 820 User Manual

Example: Swipe left or right between the start screen and the apps menu, or between different views in the hubs. To quickly scroll through a long list or menu, slide your finger quickly in a flicking motion up or down the screen, and lift your finger. Page 24 Zoom in or out Place 2 fingers on an item, such as a map, photo, or web page, and slide your fingers apart or together.

Important: Avoid scratching the touch screen. Tip: The screen rotates automatically when you turn the phone 90 degrees. Page 25 To see all apps on your phone, on the start screen, simply swipe left.

Nokia Lumia 820 Insert The SIM Card

To return to the start screen, swipe right. Tip: To find an app quickly, tap any letter in the apps menu, and in the following menu, tap the first letter or character for the app you want. Page 27 Do not connect products that create an output signal, as this may damage the device. Page 28 Switch high contrast on Switch High contrast to On Magnify the screen Switch Screen magnifier to On , and double-tap the screen with 2 fingers.

When using the magnifier, use 2 fingers to move around the screen.

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To stop magnification, double-tap the screen with 2 fingers. Page 29 Signal strength Your phone isn't connected to a mobile network. There is no SIM card in your phone. Your SIM card is locked.

Nokia Lumia 820 Manual / User Guide

Flight mode is switched on. Your phone is roaming outside your home mobile network. Mobile data connection Single letters, combinations of letters, or combinations of letters and numbers show the type of mobile network to which you're connected.

Page Accounts You have unread notifications. Profiles Vibrate mode is switched on.

Nokia lumia 820 User Manual

Silent mode is switched on. Call forwarding Your calls are forwarded to another number or your voice mailbox.

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Location An app or service is using your location info. Driving mode Driving mode is switched on. Page 31 1.

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Tap Microsoft account. Create your Microsoft account, or sign in with your existing username and password, and follow the instructions shown on your phone. Page 32 OneDrive is cloud storage for all your documents and photos, so you can access, share, or restore them if needed. You can also set it to back up your stuff automatically, so when you take a photo or a video, it's copied to your cloud album.

Mobile review nokia lumia 820 manual

With OneDrive, you can access your photos, documents, and more from your phone, tablet, or computer. Page 34 Personalise the start screen Would you like to change the way the start screen looks?

You can choose your background photo, pin your favourite apps and much more to the start screen, or change the tile size and layout as you like. Page 35 Resize or unpin a tile To resize, tap and hold the tile, and tap the arrow icon.