Motorola Charm Manual De Uso

Motorola charm manual de uso

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Motorola Charm MB502 Manual PDF

By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of 62 Go. Table of Contents. Motorola cell phone getting started guide 2 pages. Motorola cell phone getting started guide pages. Motorola cell phone for verizon user guide 58 pages. Motorola cell phone for verizon user guide 68 pages. Motorola cell phone for verizon user guide 72 pages.

Motorola cell phone for verizon user guide 70 pages. Motorola cell phone getting started guide 62 pages.

Motorola CHARM 68000202552-B Manuals

Motorola cell phone for verizon user guide pages. Volume Keys Kristine Kelley is is is is is is is is i i i i s is is is ti t t tine t t i ti ti ti Page 6 You can log into this account from a computer to upload contacts, reset your password, get help, or even locate your phone: www.

To turn off your phone, press and hold Power , then touch Power off in the menu that opens. To save your battery, prevent accidental touches, or when you want to wipe smudges off your touchscreen, put the touchscreen to sleep by pressing Power. Page 10 Messages, Happenings, or Calendar widgets. Page Personalize Touch and hold the empty spot until you see the Add to Home screen menu. Touch Motorola widgets or Android widgets.

Touch the type of widget. If necessary, enter the widget settings.

Motorola CHARM 68000202552-B User Manual

From the home screen, just touch or press Home and close the app menu. Want more? No problem: To download more apps, Market.

Motorola charm manual de uso

If an update is available, simply follow the installation instructions. Social networking Social networking Page 15 Touch and hold an empty spot to open the Add to Home screen menu. The widget appears in the empty spot, and will show your status the next time your phone updates from the network. Page Recent Calls the display goes dark to avoid accidental touches.

When you move your phone away from your ear, the display lights up again. Tip: You can press Home or Back active call display. Page 18 next number. Enter the emergency number. Touch Call to call the emergency number. Page 20 Home, Work, or Mobile numbers. Page 21 SIM card, or one friend with two email addresses.

Motorola CHARM Manual / User Guide

To combine these two contacts: Contacts Find it: Touch a contact to open it, then press Menu Link contact and touch the second entry. Create a message. Then, enter the recipient and message. In text messages and emails, press Menu to add files or choose other options. Page Text Entry Text entry think keyboard, now think smaller Touchscreen keypad To open the touchscreen keypad, touch a text box or press and hold Menu. Menu Create a group, then open Page 27 To Add a shortcut Touch and hold an open area your home screen on your home screen to open the Add to Home screen for an app or contact menu, then choose Shortcuts.

Motorola charm manual de uso

Then, you can choose from the Applications or Contacts lists. Photo options In the viewfinder, press Menu a menu: options Picture Set the resolution of your photo. Resolution Video Set the resolution of your videos. Page 30 touch to start a slideshow. To stop the slideshow, touch the display. Page Music all your videos, touch Gallery. Page 32 Set up music What music transfer tools do I need? Your music is stored on your memory card.

Motorola Serie MOTOKRZR

Your phone should show in the status bar. Page Browser Options Web touch tips Zoom www. You need to join Latitude, and then invite your friends to view your location or accept their invitations. Page 39 Note: Using a mobile device or accessory while driving may cause distraction and may be illegal. Always obey the laws and drive safely.


Then, to format your memory card, touch Format SD card. Page 41 A Motorola icon appears in your task bar, in the lower right of your computer screen. You can also set a security lock to prevent others from using your phone. Forgot your pattern or passcode? In the passcode unlock screen, press Menu Forgot passcode?

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On the phone profile page, follow the link to locate your phone. Page Troubleshooting Go to www. Driving Precautions Responsible and safe driving is your primary responsibility when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Using a mobile device or accessory for a call or other application while driving may cause distraction.

If you do not use a body-worn accessory supplied or approved by Motorola, keep the mobile device and its antenna at least 2. For a list of Motorola-supplied or approved accessories, visit our Web site at: www.

Motorola charm manual de uso

Motorola has not approved any changes or modifications to this device by the user. Page Emergency Calls This location-based information may be shared with third parties, including your wireless service provider, applications providers, Motorola, and other third parties providing services. Emergency Calls When you make an emergency call, the cellular network may activate the AGPS technology in your mobile device to tell the emergency responders your approximate location.

If available, these features help you to place your call without taking your attention off the road.

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Page California Perchlorate Label including location-based information, and other non-personal information to Motorola or other third-party servers.

This information is used to help improve products and services offered by Motorola.

Motorola Serie MOTO

If you have further questions regarding how the use of your mobile device may impact your privacy or data security, please contact Motorola at privacy motorola.

Page Software Copyright Notice Motorola products may not be modified, reverse-engineered, distributed, or reproduced in any manner to the extent allowed by law. Furthermore, the purchase of Motorola products shall not be deemed to grant either directly or by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license under the copyrights, patents, or Page States And Canada Registration is not required for warranty coverage.

Please retain your original dated sales receipt for your records. For warranty service of your Motorola Personal Communications Product you will need to provide a copy of your dated sales receipt to confirm warranty status.

Page Who Is Covered This warranty extends only to the first consumer purchaser, and is not transferable. What Will Motorola Do?

Motorola CHARM Review

Motorola, at its option, will at no charge repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any Products, Accessories or Software that does not conform to this warranty. To obtain service, you must include: a a copy of your receipt, bill of sale or other comparable proof of purchase; Page 60 All features, functionality, and other product specifications, as well as the information contained in this guide, are based upon the latest available information and believed to be accurate at the time of printing.

Motorola reserves the right to change or modify any information or specifications without notice or obligation. This manual is also suitable for: Charm mb Charm.

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Motorola charm manual de uso

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