Motorola V170 Cell Phone Manual

Motorola v170 cell phone manual

Motorola v170 cell phone manual

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Motorola v170 cell phone manual

Page of Go. Table of Contents.

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Motorola V Manual pages. Motorola V User Manual 92 pages. Motorola gsm wireless phone owner's manual pages. Page 3 Welcome Welcome to the world of Motorola digital wireless communications!

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Headset Jack Insert headset accessory for hands-free use. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. Page 6 Calling Features Page 7 Sending and Receiving Instant Messages Page 8 Personal Organizer Features Page Getting Started o dependent features. All service providers in all geographical areas may not offer these features. Contact your service provider for information about availability.

Optional Accessories Features marked with this label require the use of an optional Motorola Original o accessory.

Do not close the battery door as shown below. Otherwise, you may break it. Install it in your phone by placing it in the SIM card slot located on the back of your phone beneath the replaceable battery. Page Battery Tips Battery Tips Battery life depends on the network, signal strength, temperature, features, and accessories you use. If necessary, enter your 4-digit code and press phone. Page Adjusting The Volume Adjusting the Volume When you are in a call, you can adjust the earpiece speaker volume by pressing When the phone display is in idle, press to adjust the ring volume.

The default alert setting is loud ring. Page Using The Menu In use Indicates when a call is in progress and when you have a secure or insecure connection.

Motorola C170 Start Here Manual

Roam Appears when your phone uses another network system outside your home network. Message Appears when you have a new voice or text message waiting. Press and release to end calls and exit menus. The following demonstrates how to select a feature and enter information: Find the Feature , scroll to Recent Calls , then select it to see the Press information of the last call. Page Entering Text Entering Text The default Tap Method makes it easy for you to enter names, numbers and text messages on your phone.

Motorola v170 cell phone manual

You can enter all characters letters, numbers, and symbols using the standard Tap method. To enter text with the Tap method, press a number key 1 or more times to cycle through characters. Page Folding Back The Phone Folding Back the Phone Whenever you fold back your cell phone, all ongoing operations will be canceled and the screen displays the original entrance screen content. Resetting All Options To restore all options to factory default values, except unlock code, security code, and lifetime timer: Find the Feature To reset all options, you need to enter the Security Code Page Setting Up Your Phone For Optional Handsfree Use all options back to their factory settings except for the unlock code, security code, and lifetime timer.

Find the Feature To clear all information, you need to enter the Security Code Setting Up Your Phone for Optional Handsfree Use Handsfree operation makes it possible for you to make and receive calls without using your hands. Page Redialing A Number Redialing a Number You can redial a previously dialed phone number, whether the call connected or was busy. Page Terminating An Incoming Call Terminating an Incoming Call While the phone is ringing or vibrating: Press or IGNORE Depending on your phone settings and the type of subscription you have, the call may be o forwarded to another number or go directly to voicemail, or the caller may hear a busy signal.

The lists are sorted from the newest to oldest entries. When you cannot answer a call, your phone displays the unanswered call. Page Using Voicemail Using Voicemail You can listen to your voicemail messages by calling your network voicemail phone number.

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Contact your service provider for more details. Page Speed Dialing they are new or not. If you delete all voicemail messages, the voicemail indicator will disappear. Listening to a Voicemail Message To listen to your voicemail message at any time: Find the Feature Your phone calls the voicemail phone number you stored. If you do not have a voicemail number stored, the phone guides you through storing a number.

Motorola V170 User Manual

Page 1-touch Dialing 1-Touch Dialing You can call phonebook entries 1 through 9 with the push of a single key. Press and hold the 1-digit speed dial number for 1 second. Page Using Call Waiting Using Call Waiting If you subscribe to call waiting, an alert tone sounds while you are on a call to indicate that o you have received a 2nd call.

To put the 1st call on hold and answer the 2nd call.

Motorola v170 cell phone manual

Press 2 Swap To activate or deactivate call waiting Note: You can repeat this procedure to enter forwarding information for other call types. Conference Calls To talk to more than 1 person on a call, you can make a conference call. You can restrict all calls, calls to o international numbers, or calls while roaming. Press select the restriction for the barred calls scroll to On or Off select On or Off enter your call barring password from your service Page Messages And Chat Messages and Chat Text messages are brief messages that you can send and receive such as Where are we meeting?

You must set up the text message inbox before you can send and receive these messages. You can manually enter each recipient's phone number, or select one or more numbers from the phonebook or recent calls lists. To view the content of your Outbox: Find the Feature Text messages are sorted from the newest to oldest. Receiving and Reading Messages Note: You must set up the text message inbox before you Page Using Info Services Using Info Services Info Services allow you to receive broadcasting messages such as the latest stock information or news.

Before you use the feature, make sure you have done Info Srvc Setup. Note: This feature depends on your service provider. These are online IM users having active conversations with you. Press VIEW to open your conversation with them.

Turning off your phone erases the conversation. Page Using Chat Using Chat You can exchange text messages in real time with another wireless phone user in a chat session. Page End A Chat Session End a Chat Session A chat session also ends when you turn off the phone, answer an incoming call, or start a new chat session. Your chat partner is not notified when you end a chat session.

You can view these entries and call them directly from your phone.

Motorola V170 Manual

Scroll to a name and press View Storing a Phonebook Entry A phone number is required for a phonebook entry. Dialing a Phonebook Entry You can use the phonebook list, speed dial, or 1-touch dial to call a number stored in your phonebook.

Note: This function copies the original entry to a new location. It does not delete the original entry. Page Checking Capacity Checking Capacity To check how much space is left in your phonebook, your phone displays the number of entries that are used and the number available.

To see how much memory is left in your SIM card. Customizing Menus Your can customize the order of the items in your phone's main menu, depending upon your usage. Your service provider can program your SIM card with phone numbers for services such as taxi companies, restaurants, and hospitals. Page 69 The amount of network connection time you track on your resettable timer may not be equal the amount of time for which you are billed by your service provider.

For billing information, please contact your service provider directly. Page 71 Your phone network can provide the following call cost information: Cost Tracker Description Credit Available Amount of your credit remaining.

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For GSM advice-of-charge, this is only available if you set a credit limit. Note: your phone receives cost information form the advice-of- charge feature or third-party prepay software. You can view information about the current network, change how your phone searches for a network, specify your preferred networks, and activate alerts that indicate when a call is dropped or network registration changes. Page Calculator Note: The alarm clock in your phone must be set while your phone is on.

Although your phone is powered off, the alarm clock will play an audible alert at the time you have set. Page Security Security Locking and Unlocking Your Phone You can lock your phone manually or set your phone to lock automatically whenever you turn it off. When you try to use a locked phone, it prompts you to enter the unlock code. The default unlock code is A locked phone still rings or vibrates for incoming calls or messages, but you must unlock it to answer.

Motorola V170

Your service provider may reset these numbers before you receive your phone. Page News And Entertainment News and Entertainment Mobile Internet The Web micro-browser lets you access Web pages and Web-based applications such as online banking, shopping, and games on your phone. Contact your service provider to set up access, if necessary. Page Games Action 2 Follow the directions on the Web site to purchase the file payment details vary.

The site sends a text message to your phone, containing the attached file or a URL link to the file. Page Using My Tones When the game is over, you can play again or return to the Games menu, depending on the game.

Press Using My Tones You can create custom alert tones for your phone.