My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage User Manual

My book live personal cloud storage user manual

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If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of Go. WD My Cloud. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Western digital my book external hard drive user's manual 9 pages.

Page 4 Accessing Your Cloud Remotely Page 6: Important User Information Adjust only those controls that are covered by the operating instructions since improper adjustment may result in damage and require extensive work by a qualified technician to the product to normal condition. Your WD product information is found on the label on the bottom of the device.

Serial Number Page 9: About The Learning Center Protect your personal cloud from unauthorized access with password protection available for every user. Page Package Contents Canada www.

Page System Requirements Internet Broadband Internet connection is required for initial setup and software downloads, as well as for remote access and mobile apps. Page Pre-installation Instructions Handling Precautions WD products are precision instruments and must be handled with care during unpacking and installation.

Rough handling, shock, or vibration can damage the device. Page 13 Connects the device to an AC adapter and the power outlet. Kensington For device security, the device is equipped with a security slot that security slot supports a standard Kensington security cable.

WD MY Book: Connect with User Password Credentials

Page Leds 2. Connect one end of the adapter into the power supply socket on the back of the device. Plug the power adapter into a power outlet. The unit powers up automatically.

Important: Wait for the WD My Cloud device to finish powering up approximately three minutes before configuring the device.

You will know it is ready when the LED stops flashing and turns solid blue. Use the following steps to download and run the installer, discover the device, and get started using it.

Page 17 OS. Click Download Setup Software. Click Get Started.

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The installer discovers your device: 8. Click Next. The Checking Your Device progress bar displays. Once you log in, your WD My Cloud device is mounted to your computer like a local drive, and your remote folders are available on any Mac or PC. Page 20 3. To add more accounts, click Add more users to add them here, or use the Add a User screen.

Page 21 5. Select your desired options, clearing the check box for any option you want to disable, and click Finish. It lets you access and manage content on your WD My Cloud devices easily. Take your computer to a different location and you stay connected to your personal cloud. The screen shots included here are from a Windows PC. Page 24 Note: To avoid displaying this screen again, select the Do not show this I understand message again check box.

Click to display devices on your network.

My book live personal cloud storage user manual

Page 27 2. Right-click the Public folder and select Map Network Drive from the menu. If you disconnect the device from your network, backup temporarily stops.

Once you reconnect, the WD SmartWare software automatically scans your computer for new or changed files and resumes backup protection.

My book live personal cloud storage user manual

Page 30 6. Follow the online instructions to complete the installation. If you lose files or your system crashes, you can easily restore the files to your PC. Page 33 Settings to navigate to the Settings General page.

Select the WD My Cloud device where you want the backups stored: 5. Click Use for Backup.

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A page prompts for your user name and password. For example, you might have lost a file, or you want to see files from a week ago. You can retrieve individual items, multiple items, shares, or if your system crashes, your entire hard drive. Page 36 Keep Original—Does not restore the item from the backup drive. Page 38 2. Click the Software Downloads button to display the Downloads page: Download 3.

In the WD Quick View box, click 4. Access your downloaded file, and extract the contents of the zip file to your Mac.

My book live personal cloud storage user manual

Click the WD Quick View icon on the menu bar to display a menu. Move the pointer over the name of your WD My Cloud device to display a submenu: 3. Select the desired option. Checking Device Status Mapping the Drive Windows 1. The Map Network Drive page displays: 2. Select the desired letter from the Drive drop-down list.

Note: Another preferred method is to use the dashboard. If the unit does not shut down using either recommended method, To view drive alerts: 1. Multiple alerts are arranged chronologically. Uninstall WD Quick View.

My book live personal cloud storage user manual

For example, you can set up user accounts, restrict access to the files on your WD My Cloud device, set up folders for storing files, and customize the device to suit your needs. Page 50 2.

My book live personal cloud storage user manual

To see whether an updated version of the firmware is available, click the arrow in the lower right of the Firmware panel. It enables you to generate an activation code that you need when setting up a mobile device for cloud access. The Add User dialog box displays: 2.

Western Digital My Cloud Manuals

The scan takes place when the content changes, for example, when files are added. These privileges enable you to set up and configure the device to your specific needs, as well as give other people access to your personal cloud. Page 57 Initially, all the shares are Public and inaccessible, meaning they cannot be changed on the Add a User page.

Page Creating A User 2.

Click the Edit link to the right of the Password button to display the Edit Password dialog box: 3. Enter the new password in both the Password and Confirm Password fields. Click Save. Page Editing User Settings You can delete all users except the administrator.

On the Set Up Users page, select the user. Click the Remove User icon , and in response to the confirmation message, click OK. A share can be public so that all users can access the contents, or private to limit access to selected users.

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The Shares icon on the navigation panel displays a list of shares on the WD My Cloud device and enables the administrator to manage shares and user access. Page Creating A New Share 1.

Western Digital My Cloud User Manual

Click the Shares icon on the navigation bar to display the About Shares page. Page Making A Share Private 2.

My book live personal cloud storage user manual

Several options are available for opening a WD My Cloud share. Page 64 Double-click the Public or private shares on your device. If presented with an authorization page, select Guest, and then click Connect. In response to the confirmation message, click OK. The user receives the email and must follow its instructions.