Nextel Huawei U3220 Manual Transmission

Nextel huawei u3220 manual transmission

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Page 3 4. Page 4 9. Do not crash, throw, or puncture your mobile phone.

Huawei U3220 Manuals

Avoid the falling, squeezing, and bending of your mobile phone. Do not use your mobile phone in a moist environment, such as the bathroom.

Page 6: Personal Information And Data Security Do not place your mobile phone or its accessories in containers with a strong electromagnetic field.

Do not place magnetic storage media near your mobile phone.

Hardware & Performance

Radiation from the phone may erase the information stored on them. Do not put your mobile phone in a high-temperature place or use it in a place with flammable gas such as a gas station.

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Downloaded third-party applications should be scanned for viruses. As a result, a third- party may be able to share your location information.

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Page 8: Trademarks And Permissions Third-party service providers provide content and services through network or transmission tools outside of the control of Huawei Technologies Co. To the greatest extent permitted by applicable law, it is explicitly stated that Huawei Technologies Co. Page 9 Huawei Technologies Co.

Nextel huawei u3220 manual transmission

Page Getting Started export, re-export or import the product mentioned in this manual including the software and technical data therein. When the battery power is almost exhausted, your phone will power off automatically.

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Page Using The Touchscreen 2. To move an item, drag the item to any part of the screen. You can drag an icon to move or delete it.

Page Home Screen If you have set up a screen unlock pattern, you will be prompted to draw the pattern on the screen to unlock it.

Flick down to open the notifications panel. Page Service Shortcuts 2. Without lifting your finger, drag the item to the trash can.

Nextel huawei u3220 manual transmission

When the item and the trash can turn red, the item is ready to be removed. Release the item to remove it from the Home screen. Page Application Screen 2. You can touch on the Home screen to open the application screen. On the application screen, touch 2.

Page Calling 3. Carefully remove the microSD card. When you are in a call, you can answer other incoming calls or redirect them to your voicemail. In the list, touch the contact you want to call. Touch to dial the phone number. If you are already working with Contacts or Dialer, touch the Call log tab.

Page Using The Call Log 3. While you are in the first call and the second call comes in, answer the incoming call, and then touch Swap.

Page Opening The Contacts Application 4. On the Home screen, touch Contacts to open the Contacts application. Page Searching For A Contact 4.

Enter the name of the contact you wish to search for. As you type, contacts with matching names appear below the search box.

Nextel huawei u3220 manual transmission

On the contact list screen, you can touch a letter on the right to display contacts starting with the touched letter. Page Deleting A Contact 4. In the contacts list, touch the contact that you want to communicate with. Page Managing Groups 4. Then touch the account to be configured. On the account screen, touch Social Preference Settings to configure the settings. Page Joining And Separating Contacts 2.

Make the desired changes to the group information, and then touch Save. To cancel all changes you made to the group information, touch Cancel.

Huawei U8800 Pro User Manual

Page Sending Contacts 4. Touch the joint contact to be separated. Touch the option for separating a contact. Page Choosing An Input Method 5.


Touch and hold a text field until the Edit text menu is displayed. Touch Select input method.

Manual Transmission Operation

Select the input method. Page 32 5.

Huawei U3220

Page Customizing Keyboard Settings 5. The screen will display the keyboard in landscape orientation, providing you with a wider keyboard layout. When you are ready to send the message, touch Sent and received messages will be displayed in a message thread, grouping together the messages in a conversation.

You can record a message and send it as an audio file, sing 'Happy Birthday' and send it to friend, or send a slideshow of photographs of a special event. Page Email 6.

In the message list, touch the message thread you wish to view. Touch the multimedia message to view the message. In the message list, touch a text or multimedia message thread to open it. Page Viewing An Email Message 1. In the email system list, select a system, or select Others. To customize your email settings, follow the onscreen instructions, and then touch Next. Enter the account name and the name you want other people to see when they receive an email from you. Enter the subject of your message and compose the message.

Nextel huawei u3220 manual transmission

To send an attachment with the message, touch , and then touch Add attachment. When you are finished, touch Send. If you are not ready to send the message, touch Save as draft or touch save the message as a draft.

Page Getting Connected 7 Getting Connected 7. You will see a list of detected Wi-Fi networks in the Wi-Fi networks section. Touch a Wi-Fi network to connect to it. Page Browser 3. Double-click the link DownloadActiveSync. Download and install ActiveSync 4. After the installation, you are able to use USB tethering.

Page Setting A Home Page access.

Nextel huawei u3220 manual transmission

You can switch to another browser window or open a new one on this screen. Page Bluetooth Opening a Bookmark 1. In a browser window, touch , and then touch Bookmarks. On the Bookmarks screen, touch the History tab to view the pages you have visited, or touch the Most visited tab to view the pages you have visited most frequently.

Nextel huawei u3220 manual transmission

The camera opens in landscape mode, ready to take a picture or record a video. Page Using The Gallery Photos taken are displayed for a moment.

You can take another photo or review your photos. After taking a photo, a thumbnail of the photo you have just taken is shown in the upper right corner of the capture screen.

Touch the thumbnail to view it.