Nx3000 Vs Nx 1000 Samsung Manual

Nx3000 vs nx 1000 samsung manual

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Page of Go. Page 21 - Correlation between focal length, angle, Page Page - Sending photos or videos to a smart phon Page Page - Sending photos or videos to multiple sma Page Page - Using a smart phone as a remote shutter Page - About memory card Page - Memory card capacity Page - Cautions when using memory cards Page - About the battery Page Page - Battery life Page - Cautions about using the battery Page - Notes about charging with a computer con ENG This user manual includes detailed usage instructions.

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Nx3000 vs nx 1000 samsung manual

Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. User manual user manual ver.

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Page 5 Do not use the camera if the screen is damaged. If the glass or acrylic parts are broken, visit a Samsung service center to This may cause a fire or electric shock.

Nx3000 vs nx 1000 samsung manual

Page 6 You must plug the small end of the USB cable into your to solve any interference problems you experience. To prevent unwanted camera. If the cable is reversed, it may damage your files. The manufacturer is not responsible for any loss of data. For example, [Shutter] represents the shutter button.

Samsung NX3000 User Manual

Shutter Priority Page number of related information Manual The order of options or menus you must select to perform Smart Page 9 Contents In Playback mode Page 10 Contents Drive shooting method Page 12 Using programs on a PC Page 13 Contents Chapter 7 About the battery Page Concepts In Photography Concepts in Photography Holding the camera Shooting postures Hold the camera with your right hand and place your right index finger on A correct posture for stabilizing the camera is necessary for taking a good the shutter button.

Place your left hand under the lens for support. Page Standing Photography Concepts in Photography Standing photography Crouching photography Compose your shot, stand up straight with your feet shoulder-length Compose your shot, crouch with one knee touching the ground, and keep apart, and keep your elbows pointed down.

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Page Aperture Concepts in Photography Aperture The size of the aperture is represented by a value known as an "F-number. The lens.

Nx3000 vs nx 1000 samsung manual

These blades move together and control the amount of light passing through the center of the aperture. The You can blur or sharpen the background of a photo by controlling the number of blades also affects the shape of light when shooting night scenes. Page Shutter Speed Concepts in Photography Shutter speed Therefore, the faster the shutter speed, the less light will be let in. Likewise, the slower the shutter speed, the more light will be let in.

Samsung NX1000 vs Samsung NX3000

Shutter speed refers to the amount of time it takes to open and close the The photos below illustrate that a slow shutter speed allows more time shutter. When using a low The exposure of an image is determined by the sensitivity of the camera.

Nx3000 vs nx 1000 samsung manual

ISO sensitivity, open the aperture more or reduce the shutter speed to This sensitivity is based on international film standards, known as ISO allow more light to enter the camera. Page Correlation Between Focal Length, Angle, And Perspective Concepts in Photography Correlation between focal length, angle, Long focal length and perspective Focal length, which is measured in millimeters, is the distance between telephoto lens the middle of the lens to its focal point.

Nx3000 vs nx 1000 samsung manual

It affects the angle and perspective of captured images. Portraits or still-life photos mostly acclaimed by people are the ones on DOF depends on aperture value which the background is out of focus so the subject looks pronounced.

Depending on the focused areas, a photo can be blurred or sharpened. A telescope lens with a longer focal length than a wide-angle lens with a short focal length The shorter the distance between the subject and the camera is, the lower is better to capture a photo of a low DOF.

Page Dof Preview Concepts in Photography DOF preview Composition You can press the Custom button to get an idea of what your shot will look It is fun to capture a photo of the beauty of world with a camera.

No like before shooting. The camera adjusts the aperture to the predefined matter how the world is beautiful, however, a poor composition cannot settings and shows the results on the screen. Page Photos With Two Subjects Concepts in Photography Using the rule of thirds will create photos with stable and compelling Photos with two subjects compositions. Below are a few examples. If your subject is in one corner of the photo, it creates an unbalanced composition.

You can stabilize the photo by capturing a second subject in the opposite corner to balance the weight of the photo. Page Flash Concepts in Photography When taking landscape photos, centering the horizon will create an Flash unbalanced effect. Give more weight to the photo by moving the horizon up or down.

Light is one of the most important components in photography. It is not easy, however, to have an enough amount of light anytime and anywhere. Page Getting Started The illustrations may differ from your actual items. Samsung is not responsible for any problems caused by using unauthorized accessories.

For information about accessories, refer to page D: Change the information on the Eyelet for camera strap display. You can take a self-portrait while looking at yourself on the display by flipping the display up.

Page Inserting The Battery And Memory Card My Camera Inserting the battery and memory card Learn how to insert or remove the battery and an optional memory card Removing the battery and memory card into the camera.

First Look, Review, Unboxing and Test: Samsung NX1000

Slide the lock up to release the battery. Battery lock Rechargeable battery Push the card gently until it Insert a memory card with the To turn on or off the camera, press [ ]. Press [m], and then change shooting options or settings.

Selecting the photo size in P mode Rotate the mode dial to P. Press [i-Function] on an i-Function lens to manually select and adjust Shutter Speed Adjust the shutter speed. Shooting options About the level gauge Icon Description The level gauge helps you align the camera with Video size the horizontal and vertical lines on the display.

If the level gauge is not level, calibrate the level AF mode p. Page Lens Markings A range of supported aperture values. For example, Page Accessories For more information about optional accessories, refer to the manual for each accessory. Samsung is not responsible for damage caused by using another manufacturer's accessories.

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Description Lamp Use only Samsung-approved flashes. Using incompatible flashes may damage your camera. Additional modes Smart Auto mode p. Program mode p. In Smart Auto mode, the camera recognizes surrounding conditions Align your subject in the frame.

The camera automatically adjusts shutter speed and aperture value so that Set the desired options.

Galaxy NX3000 Camera

Half-press [Shutter] to focus, and then press [Shutter] to This mode is useful when you want to capture shots of constant exposure capture the photo. However, if value while the camera maintains the same exposure.

Press [I] to an optimal exposure value cannot be achieved because the ISO sensitivity select the shutter speed and aperture value and rotate the navigation reached the maximum ISO value that is set by Auto ISO Range, shutter In Aperture Priority mode, the camera automatically calculates shutter Press [I] to select the aperture value. Rotate the navigation button to adjust the aperture value. You can adjust the depth of field DOF by changing the aperture value. In Shutter Priority mode, the camera automatically adjusts the aperture Press [I] to select the shutter speed.

This mode is useful for capturing photos of fast-moving subjects or for creating tracer effects in a Rotate the navigation button to adjust the shutter speed. With this manually.

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During the interval between the first [Shutter] press and the second [Shutter] press, the shutter is left open so you can create moving light effects. In Shooting mode, press [I] to select the shutter speed Completely rotate the navigation button counter-clockwise To use a bulb, In Smart mode, you can capture photos with options that are preset for a Parties and specific scene. Capture a crisp indoor photos. Indoors Action Freeze Capture subjects moving at high speed.

In Best Face mode, you can capture multiple photos and replace faces to create the best possible image.

Since this format uses a high compression rate, more data can be saved in less memory space. You can enjoy more customized photos and videos by using the shooting functions. Examples The larger the ISO value, the more sensitive the camera is to light.