Opel Astra H 1.7 Cdti Service Manual

Opel astra h 1.7 cdti service manual

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Opel astra h 1.7 cdti service manual

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Opel ASTRA Owner's Manual

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Opel astra h 1.7 cdti service manual

Opel Astra Owner's Manual pages. Page 4: Introduction Introduction Introduction Page 5: Using This Manual "Service and prices.

The as well as on the identification plate. Page 6 Text marked Caution provides information on possible damage to the vehicle.

Disregarding this information may lead to vehicle damage. Symbols Page references are indicated with 3. We wish you many hours of pleasurable driving. Adam Opel AG Page 7 Introduction Page 8: In Brief In brief In brief Vehicle unlocking Electronic key Radio remote control Initial drive information When in possession of the electronic key, simply pulling the door handle will unlock the vehicle and open the Press button q to unlock the vehicle.

Do not lean on seat Lever pumping motion when adjusting. Page Head Restraint Adjustment In brief Head restraint adjustment Seat belt Seat inclination Pull lever, adjust inclination by Press release button, adjust height, Pull out the seat belt and engage in shifting body weight.

Opel astra h 1.7 cdti service manual

Release lever engage. The seat belt must not be and audibly engage seat in position. Page Mirror Adjustment In brief Mirror adjustment Steering wheel adjustment Exterior mirrors Electric adjustment Interior mirror Unlock lever, adjust steering wheel, then engage lever and ensure it is Select the relevant exterior mirror and Swivel the lever on the underside to fully locked.

Do not adjust steering adjust. Page 12 In brief Instrument panel overview Page 13 In brief Light switch Page 14 In brief Press j.

Opel Astra Owners Manual

Hazard warning flashers 3 Page Climate Control In brief Climate control Windscreen and headlight Rear window wiper and washer washer systems systems Heated rear window, heated exterior mirrors Pull lever. Turn the front Apply as firmly as possible on a wheels towards the kerb. To fold the key, first press the button. The radio remote control will be synchronised when you switch on the ignition.

Opel astra h 1.7 cdti service manual

Memorised settings Whenever the key is removed from the ignition switch, the following settings are automatically Page 25 Keys, doors and windows If the ignition has been switched off Radio remote control Emergency operation and the vehicle is stationary, the steering wheel lock activates automatically when the driver's door is opened or closed. Control indicator 0 3 Note Do not put the electronic key in the load compartment or in front of the Page 26 Keys, doors and windows Replacing battery in electronic Replace the battery as soon as the system no longer operates properly or the range is reduced.

The need for battery replacement is indicated by InSP3 in the service display or by a check control message in the Info-Display.

Page Central Locking System Keys, doors and windows Central locking system To replace the battery, press the Unlocking locking mechanism and remove the Unlocks and locks doors, load Radio remote control cap by applying light pressure. Press compartment and fuel filler flap.

Opel Astra Workshop Manual

A pull on an interior door handle Replace the battery battery type unlocks the entire vehicle and opens Page 28 Keys, doors and windows Electronic key Radio remote control Touch the sensor field in the door handle of one of the front doors.

The electronic key must be outside the vehicle, within a range of approximately 1 metre. The other electronic key must not be inside the vehicle. Page 29 Keys, doors and windows Press the m button: the doors are Turn key or emergency key 3 22 in fuel filler flap remain locked. To deactivate the anti-theft locking locked or unlocked.

Opel astra h 1.7 cdti service manual

Page Doors Keys, doors and windows Doors Child locks Locking Load compartment Opening Insert key or emergency key 3 22 into 9 Warning opening above lock on inside of door and operate lock by pressing until it clicks. Then close the door. The Use the child locks whenever procedure must be carried out for children are occupying the rear Page 31 Keys, doors and windows Note Closing The installation of certain heavy accessories onto the tailgate may affect its ability to remain open.

Central locking system 3 25 Saloon 4-door With the doors centrally locked, the boot lid cannot be unlocked with Use the interior handle. Page Vehicle Security Keys, doors and windows Vehicle security Activating with the radio remote Activating with the electronic control Anti-theft locking system 9 Warning Do not use the system if there are people in the vehicle!

The doors cannot be unlocked from the inside.

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Page 33 Keys, doors and windows It monitors: Activation without monitoring of 3. Activate the anti-theft alarm vehicle inclination system.

Opel Astra Service and Repair Manuals

The LED illuminates. Page Exterior Mirrors Keys, doors and windows Exterior mirrors During the first 10 seconds of anti- The alarm siren can be silenced by theft alarm system activation: pressing a button of the radio remote control or by switching on the ignition. Page Electric Adjustment Keys, doors and windows Electric adjustment Folding Electric folding Press the n button and both exterior First select the relevant exterior mirror For pedestrian safety, the exterior mirrors will fold.

Dazzle from following vehicles at night is automatically reduced.

Service Repair Manual

Heating functions with the engine To reduce dazzle, adjust the lever on running and is switched off the underside of the mirror housing.

Page 38 Keys, doors and windows Astra TwinTop: when a door is Central switch for electric Child safety system for rear opened the window opens slightly windows, Astra TwinTop windows and closes automatically when the door is closed. Safety function If the window glass encounters resistance above the middle of the window during automatic closing, it is immediately stopped and opened Close doors 2.

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Switch on ignition 3. Close the window completely and operate the button for a further 5 seconds 4.

Opel astra h 1.7 cdti service manual

Page Heated Rear Window Keys, doors and windows Heated rear window Sun visors The sun visors can be folded down or swivelled to the side to prevent dazzling. If the sun visors have integral mirrors, the mirror covers should be closed when driving.

Panoramic windscreen To close roof lining: Move forward to a suitable position. Page Roof Keys, doors and windows Roof Caution Sunroof When using a roof rack, check the free movement of the sunroof in 9 Warning order to avoid damage. It is only permitted to raise the sunroof. Take care when operating the sunroof. Risk of injury, particularly Note to children. Press button l until the sunroof is closed.

Saloon 4-door Operating sunroof from outside The sunblind is manually operated. Press button q again and before the roof is closed. Professional assistance is vehicle bodywork. Page Load Compartment Keys, doors and windows The convertible roof must not be The roof can only be opened if the 9 Warning operated if the anti-roll bars have load in the load compartment does been deployed.

A continuous warning not exceed the height of the load The roof cannot be closed or will sound if the switch is actuated. Page 47 Keys, doors and windows Failure of electric drive For the version with spare wheel, the wind deflector is folded away in the Push locking lever forward.

Wind deflector Fitting Join together the unfolded ends of the wind deflector: Press in the pin at the slider, guide the hinge over the pin and release the slider so that the pin engages in the hinge. Page 48 Keys, doors and windows Pull the toggle of the right and left Removing locking pin and turn to lock. Straighten out the wind deflector, turn the toggle back and engage the locking pin in the recess in the side trim. Insert the guide clips of the wind deflector in the seat belt recesses Remove in reverse order, wind Airbag system Page Active Head Restraints Seats, restraints Rear centre head restraint Adjusting the rear head restraints, Removing Astra TwinTop Pull the head restraint upwards or Press the catches and pull up the Pull the head restraint up or press press the catch to release and push head restraint.

Page 53 Seats, restraints Seat height Seat inclination Lumbar support Lever pumping motion Pull lever, adjust inclination by Turn handwheel. Do not lean on shifting body weight. Release lever backrest when adjusting. Page Seat Folding Seats, restraints Seat folding Adjustable thigh support In vehicles with a panoramic window: to tilt seats forward, push head restraints down and lift up sun visors.

Armrest Press the button and slide the thigh Lift release lever and fold backrest support. Page Seat Belts Seats, restraints Seat belts Seat belts are designed to be used by 9 Warning only one person at a time.

Child restraint system 3 Incorrect handling e. Page Three-point Seat Belt Seats, restraints Three-point seat belt Height adjustment Fastening seat belt Loose or bulky clothing prevents the belt from fitting snugly. Do not place 1. Pull belt out slightly. Press button.

Complete maintenance service on Opel-Vauxhall-Saturn Astra H 1.7 CDTI – eBay oil and filters kit

Using the seat belt while pregnant Adjust the height so that the belt lies across the shoulder.