Openstage 20 Administration Manual Sample

Openstage 20 administration manual sample

Siemens OpenStage 20 E User Manual

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Siemens OpenStage 20 Administration Manual

Table of Contents. Siemens OpenStage 15 Administration Manual pages. Hipath , hipath , hipath , hipath hipath , hipath openoffice me 8 pages.

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Page 3: Table Of Contents 1. Page 4 bkTOC. Page 5 bkTOC. Page 6 bkTOC. Page 7 bkTOC. Page 8 bkTOC. For safety reasons the phone should only be operating using the supplied plug in power unit. Use only original Siemens accessories! Page Maintenance Notes OpenStage phone step by step, wherever expedient. For the users, a sep- arate manual is provided.

Page Openstage 40 uebersicht.

Openstage 20 administration manual sample

The Graphics Display provides intuitive support for telephone operation. Press the Function Keys to access frequently used telephony functions. The Audio Keys let you optimize the audio settings on your telephone. Inbound calls are visually signaled on the Call Display. Page Openstage 20 Overview Administration Interfaces 1.

The Display provides intuitive support for telephone operation.

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Page Dls Service deployment Service uebersicht. It has a Java-supported, web-based user interface, which runs on an internet browser. For further information, please refer to the Deployment Service Administration Guide. Page 16 uebersicht. Page Startup inbetriebnahme. An operation at hubs can cause serious malfunctions in the hub and in the whole network. Page Assembly inbetriebnahme. Next, insert the plug on the short end of the handset cable into the jack on the handset.

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Page 22 inbetriebnahme. Page Quick Start inbetriebnahme. For different scenarios, cross-references to the corresponding section of the administration chapter are given. Page Set The Terminal Number inbetriebnahme. In the dialog box, enter the admin password: The administration main page opens.

Openstage 20 administration manual sample

The left column contains the menu tree. If you click on an item which is printed in normal style, the corresponding dialog opens in the center of the page. Page 25 inbetriebnahme. Enter the terminal number, i. Page Basic Network Configuration inbetriebnahme. Page Extended Network Configuration inbetriebnahme.

This error was corrected in Windows Server SP2.

Siemens OpenStage 40 Administration Manual

Page 29 inbetriebnahme. Enter "OptiIpPhone" as Display name and give a description of this class.

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The binary value is displayed simultaneously. Click OK to apply the changes. Page 30 inbetriebnahme. In the dialog, select the previously defined OptiIpPhone class and click on Add Click OK to return to the previous window. The newly created option is displayed now. Enter "Siemens" in the Value field. Page 32 inbetriebnahme.

Openstage 20 administration manual sample

If you want to proceed to the configuration of the DLS address, continue with step Page 33 inbetriebnahme. Page 34 inbetriebnahme. Select Configure Options Select the Advanced tab. Page 35 inbetriebnahme.

The DHCP console now shows the information that will be transmitted to the corresponding workpoints. Information from the Standard vendor is transmitted to all clients, whereas in- formation from the OptiIpPhone vendor is transmitted only to the clients workpoints in this vendor class. Page 37 inbetriebnahme. Page 38 inbetriebnahme.

Page 39 inbetriebnahme. Page 40 inbetriebnahme. Page Registering At The Hipath inbetriebnahme.

The following procedure describes the configuration using the web interface see Section 2. Page 42 inbetriebnahme. Page Administration Press the key repeatedly until the "Settings" tab is active. The key toggles between the Settings menu, the Applications menu, and the applications currently running.

Page 44 administration. For using the TouchGuide, see the following figure: Press the key briefly: - scroll up Press the key: - confirm entries Page 45 Administration Access via Local Phone OpenStage 20 Use the 3-way Navigator to navigate and execute administrative actions in the administra- tion menu. Press the key briefly: - scroll up Hold down: - scroll to top of list Press the Page 46 Toggle between lowercase characters, uppercase characters, and digits.

Page Lan Settings administration. Page 48 administration. Value range: "On", "Off". Default: "Off". Page Vlan administration. Page Ip Network Parameters administration. Page 54 administration. In the case of low drop level, packets are buffered over an extended period in the case of high drop level, packets are promptly rejected if they cannot be for- warded.

Page Use Dhcp administration. Page 56 administration. Page Ip Address - Manual Configuration administration. If the value was assigned by DHCP, it can only be read. Page Specific Ip Routing administration.

Openstage 20 administration manual sample

Page Dns administration. For some features and functions of the OpenStage phone, it is necessary to configure the DNS domain the phone belongs to, as well as the nameservers needed for DNS resolving. Page Dns Servers administration. Amongst the most important features are: se- curity e.


Page Snmp administration. Page 64 administration. Value range: "Yes", "No". Default: "No".