Packard Bell Dot S Netbook Manual Tire

Packard bell dot s netbook manual tire

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User's guide. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Packard Bell dot s series Service Manual pages. Original Issue: 22 February Visit registration. Remark: All images are for reference purposes only. Actual configuration may vary.

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This guide has been designed to introduce you to the features of your computer and assist in your computing experience. Page 5: Registration Another option Another way to register your Packard Bell product is to visit our website at registration. Choose your country and follow the simple instructions.

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Page 6: Software Installation Bell Recovery Management program allow you to create recovery discs and then to restore or reinstall applications and drivers provided by Packard Bell. You will need a pack of writable DVDs. See page 82 for more information about recovery. Page 7 Packard Bell website Remember to visit www. A fall can seriously damage the computer.

Packard bell dot s netbook manual tire

Do not listen to high volumes for extended periods. Do not increase the volume to block out noisy surroundings; This may happen even if the person has no medical history of epilepsy. Computer Basics Microphone Internal microphone for sound recording. Getting to know your computer Indicates the indicator computer's power status.

For entering data into your computer. Touch-sensitive pointing device which Touchpad functions like a computer mouse.

Packard bell dot s netbook manual tire

Indicates the computer's battery status. Switches display output between the display screen, Display toggle external monitor if connected and both.

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Turns the display screen backlight off to save power. Screen blank Press any key to return. Page 19 Hotkeys The computer uses hotkeys key combinations to access Num Lock, function keys and navigation commands. To activate hotkeys, press and hold the Fn key bottom left before pressing the other key in the hotkey combination.

Packard Bell DOT S series User Manual

External display Connects to a display device e. Connect to USB devices e. Connects to audio line-out devices e. Acer smart handheld headsets. Memory Houses the computer's main memory.

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Page 24 Icon Item Description Releases the battery for removal. Insert a Battery release latch suitable tool and slide to release. Battery bay Houses the computer's battery pack.

Battery lock Locks the battery in position. Speakers Deliver stereo audio output.

Connectivity options Ports allow you to connect peripheral devices to your computer. For instructions on how to connect different external devices to the computer, read the following section. Page 26 Windows Auto Play If the card contains some files, the window may appear this depends on the contents of the card and ask you if you wish to use a program to access the contents of the card.

Select an option here if it is appropriate, otherwise select Cancel. Certain computers may include one or more USB 3. These resemble standard USB ports, except they include additional internal connections and are blue. Page 28 Follow these steps to connect an monitor to your computer: 1. Check that the computer is powered off and the monitor power switch is turned off. Attach the video cable to the monitor port on the computer. Secure the cable connection with the screws provided.

A power cable is provided that is appropriate for the country where the computer was purchased.

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The power adapter provides adequate power to run your computer and recharge the battery pack at the same time. This is normal, but may cause injury with prolonged contact.

Packard bell dot s netbook manual tire

This means that the battery's performance will diminish with time and use. Extreme temperatures may adversely affect the battery pack. By following the battery conditioning process you condition your battery to accept the maximum possible charge.

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Failure to follow this procedure will prevent you from obtaining the maximum battery charge, and will also shorten the effective lifespan of the battery. Page Charging The Battery To install a battery pack: 1. Align the battery with the open battery bay; make sure that the end with the contacts will enter first, and that the top surface of the battery is facing up. Slide the battery into the battery bay and gently push until the battery locks in place. Page Battery-low Warning Checking the battery level The Windows power meter indicates the current battery level.

Page 36 Warning: Connect the AC adapter as soon as possible after the battery-low warning appears. Data will be lost if the battery to become fully depleted and the computer shuts down. When the battery-low warning appears, the recommended course of action depends on your situation: Situation Recommended Action The AC adapter and Packard Bell Recovery Management To prepare your computer for system recovery options, you should create a set of recovery discs as soon as possible.

See page 82 for more Other media programs may have been installed by Packard Bell to provide an improved media experience.

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Page 40 if your computer has a TV tuner , listen to digital music, view pictures and personal videos, create CDs and DVDs, or access content from online services. Setup Caution: If your computer includes a remote control or TV tuner If you have inserted a disk that contains files such as a DVD, USB key or memory card , Windows will display a dialogue box and ask you to choose how you want to open the files. Page Playing Dvd Movies Codecs A codec is software that is used to compress or decompress a digital media file, such as a song or video.

Windows Media Player and other programs use codecs to play and create digital media files. For example, when you rip a song from an audio CD to your computer, the player uses the Windows Media Audio codec to compress the song into a compact WMA file.

Page 43 movie region code information. You can set the region code a maximum of five times including the first time , after which the last region code set will remain permanent.

Page Social Networks optional Social networks optional Social Networks application allows you to quickly view your friends' updates, and make your own updates without leaving the desktop.

You can recieve notifications status updates directly your desktop, using the sidebar to monitor Facebook multiple social networks YouTube Flickr Page 45 Social Networks automatically, click Log In, at the top of the window. If you just want to create a new Facebook profile, click Sign Up and follow the instructions.

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Note: All social activities require Internet access. Make sure you are connected to the Internet before using this application.

Packard bell dot s netbook manual tire

Authorize access To receive updates, you must authorize access to your social network accounts; Page 46 YouTube If you already have a YouTube account, enter the account information and click the Log In button to activate access, otherwise select Sign up to YouTube to create an account. Page 47 Click the arrows in the bottom bar to see more pages, if there are more entries than can be shown on a page. Click on the question mark in the top bar to see the help file for Social Networks Click on the arrow in the top bar to hide the full application and display a small alert bar on the top of your screen.

If there are more entries than can be shown on on page, use the arrows in the bottom bar to see more pages. Changing settings Click the settings icon to access settings for the social networks. You can recieve notifications and status updates directly to your desktop, using the sidebar to monitor multiple social Facebook YouTube A comprehensive Internet security program is offered when you first start your computer.

This allows you to connect to the Internet using your telephone line. With a dial-up connection, you cannot use the modem and the telephone simultaneously on a single phone line. This type of connection is recommended only if you have limited use of the Internet as the connection speed is low and connection time is typically charged per hour. Page Network Connections You can use your telephone and watch cable TV at the same time you are connected to the Internet. Page 53 network is easy and allows you to share files, peripheral devices and an Internet connection.