Panasonic Ag Msu10 Manual Transmission

Panasonic ag msu10 manual transmission

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A Multi-View function displays all source images on a single monitor, while keeping the system configuration simple and clean. Users benefit from easy delivery, set-up and removal at event sites, as well as low-cost operation.

Panasonic AG-MX70E Manuals

A wipe pattern lets you switch between and aspect ratios. Full digital component 12bit internal processing ensures broadcast-grade images.

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This provides up to 7 channels of video input. Still, strobe and multi-strobe effects allow selection of field or frame displays.

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Displays of each of the input signal names and audio level meters can also be overlaid. The built-in Waveform Monitor WFM function displays the waveforms of video Y signals, allowing multichannel systems to be operated with a single monitor.

Panasonic ag msu10 manual transmission

The 5 column, 3 row matrix menu automatically displays setting items according to the operating status, so the relevant settings can be quickly checked or changed. Settings that have a large number of selections can also be quickly and intuitively displayed and set by using the rotary switch.

Projector Control Function The power switch and shutter for Panasonic professional projectors can be turned on and off by RSC remote control. This allows convenient projector use during live events.

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Over settings can be stored in memory, and instantly retrieved with pattern numbers. Up to 20 patterns can be stored in memory, with a maximum of 20 frames per pattern. Ideal for live relays. Can be powered on with a secondary switch on the control panel.

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It comes with two pairs of inputs and one pair of outputs for 3D video signals. It is possible to configure a 3D live switching system by combining it with several 3D cameras and 3D projection systems. Both Simul and Side-by-Side 3D output methods are supported.

Panasonic ag msu10 manual transmission

Effects such as ME cannot be used. Sampling Frequency: HD: Y: Georgia S.

Panasonic ag msu10 manual transmission

Sandwich Isls. Power Source:. Power Consumption:.

Panasonic's AG-MSU10 Media Storage Unit

Operating Temperature:. Operating Humidity:. Storage Temperature:.

AVC-Intra Codec

Storage Humidity:. HD Studio. Digital Cameras. AV Switcher and Mixer. Varicam LT. Panasonic other product.