Panasonic Aj Spx800e Manual Dexterity

Panasonic aj spx800e manual dexterity

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Panasonic AJ-PX800G Manuals

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Page of Go. Page 76 - Chapter 6 Manipulating Clips with Thumbn Before operating this product, please read the insructions carefully and save this manual for future use.

Table of Contents. Panasonic broadcast camcorder mechanical parts list 21 pages.

Panasonic aj spx800e manual dexterity

Support in vegas and dvd architect software 11 pages. The description is the original written in English. Please note that we cannot answer any questions you may have about the content, etc. Page 3: Precautions For Use Lithium Battery Warning The lithium battery in this equipment must only be replaced by qualified personnel.

When necessary, contact your local Panasonic supplier.

It must never be subjected to excessive heat or dis- charge. Page 4 Batteries are used for the main power source and memory back-up in the product. At the end of their useful life, you should not throw them away. Instead, hand them in as small chemical waste. Voor de primaire voeding en het reservegeheugen van het apparaat wordt gebruikgemaakt van een batterij. Page 6 Handling data The camera offers a choice of interlaced scanning and progressive scanning modes. The AJ-SPXE provides for a wide range of uses, with such features as film-like gamma correction capability for authoring, and storage-type gain-up capability for news picture shooting.

Up to five cards may be inserted in these slots for continuous recording. They also provide new recording capabilities specific to memory cards. Hot-Swap recording The Hot-Swap capability allows cards not in use to be replaced without interrupting recording.

Panasonic AJ-CX4000 UHD 4K ENG/EFP Style Camcorder.

For more information, contact your distributor or designated service provider. LENS jack pin The lens connection cord is connected here. Power for the microphone comes from this jack. A remote microphone may be connected. In VV playback mode, playback signal from a P2 card is output.

Panasonic aj spx800e manual dexterity

CAM: Video from the camera is output constantly. JOG dial button With the menu open, this button is used to navigate through menu pages, select options and specify values. For directions on manipulating the menu, see [ Menu Displays in the Viewfinder Screen].

Page Lcd Monitor Mode indication Stays illuminated in mode.

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Page Viewfinder Viewfinder Viewfinder optional accessory During recording or playback, the viewfinder displays the video image in monochrome. It also displays warnings, messages, zebra patterns, markers safety zone and centre markers , etc. Page Basic Procedures When the power is next turned on, the last card written before powering-down will be the target card. Select a filter according to light conditions.

Panasonic aj spx800e manual dexterity

In this case, recording cannot be stopped until the P2 card is recognised. Recording Review Function Page Shot Mark Function Associating Voice Memos with a Clip The portion of the clip with which a voice memo is associated depends on when the voice memo is recorded.

For higher quality, it is recommended that the adjustments should be made in this order AWB white balance adjustment ABB black balance adjustment adjustment.

Panasonic AJ-SPX800E Operating Instructions Manual

Speed switchover is enabled in 50i mode. Press the HOLD button to display a date in the display window. Note that in a system using both interlaced and progressive scanning, there may be breaks in the video and time code.

You need to specify as UMID information the country where you live using up to three characters , organisation or company up to four characters and user name up to four characters.

Panasonic AJ-SPX900E Mechanical Parts List

For the Page Setting Menu Options the method of displaying the menu screen depends on the particular menu. Press the MENU button for three seconds or longer. LED are marked with [! Page 48 Shot mark been added or deleted. For information on shot marks, see [ Shot Mark Function]. Clip information is being updated. Playback operation disabled. When communication is disabled, the indication blinks. To be supported in the near future. Thumbnail is being manipulated.

Marker A Adjust the angle of the LCD monitor for most convenient viewing. The monitor can turn up to degrees towards the lens and up to 90 degrees towards you. GAIN digital super gain mode, storage-type gain-up based on progressive drive technology. The target reference value in Auto Iris mode must be changed.

Turn the JOG dial button clockwise or anti-clockwise to change the value. This data allows you to quickly reproduce an optimum state. Page 57 Then, press the dial button. Press the JOG dial button. Page 58 SPXE is indicated at the top and bottom of the viewfinder screen. Remedy Insert an SD card. Replace the card.

The card may be defective. Remove the card and disable the protect. Page 59 Insert an SD card. SD card not properly formatted. To exit the menu, press the MENU button.

The set user data may be also read without navigating the menu.

Panasonic aj spx800e manual dexterity

Four types of scene files are available. This data allows you to quickly reproduce an optimum setup state. Then, press the dial button.

This lens white shading correction may be stored as lens file data maximum number of data sets is eight. Lens file data allows you to quickly perform a proper white shading adjustment, even when the lens is replaced. Page 65 When using a BP type battery pack.

Remove the battery holder. Battery holder Attaching the battery case to the camera-recorder. Connect the cable on the camera-recorder to the cable on the battery case BP type. Using a screwdriver, secure the battery case BP type to the camera-recorder. Page 66 Using an NP-1 type battery pack. Mount the NP-1 type battery case on the camera-recorder.

Operating Instructions

Tighten the mounting screws. Tighten the power contact screws. Insert the upper part of the removed cover in the direction of the arrow. Align the holes in the bottom part metal part of the cover with the holes in the case, and secure the cover with the screw. Lens Clamping Lever Mount Cap To mount the lens, align the indentation at the top centre of the lens mount with the centre mark of the lens. This phenomenon, however, is a characteristic of the lens or optical system.

It does not indicate a malfunction.


Page 70 This completes the white shading adjustment. The compensation values are stored in the non-volatile internal memory.

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Therefore, re-adjusting the white shading is not required, even after the camera-recorder power has been turned off. Storing the Lens File Data The white shading compensation values can be stored in the internal memory as lens file data. Press the JOG Dial button and the following message appears.

Open the microphone holder.