Panasonic Dmc Lc80 Manual Transmission

Panasonic dmc lc80 manual transmission

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By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of Go. Page 29 - Photography basics - exposure, focus, an Page 71 - Searching by Recording Information Cat Table of Contents.

For USA assistance, please call: Pana or, contact us via the web at:. Panasonic digital camera operating instructions pages. Panasonic operating instruction digital camera dmc-ls75, dmc-ls70, dmc-ls60 pages.

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Thank you for choosing Panasonic! Recording of pre-recorded tapes or discs or other published or broadcast You have purchased one of the most material for purposes other than your sophisticated and reliable products on the market today. These limits Page 7 Connecting to other equipment Starry sky mode This is the overview of the procedure to record pictures with this camera.

For each operation, be sure to refer to the corresponding pages. Insert the batteries.

Panasonic dmc lc80 manual transmission

Page About The Batteries The camera does not turn on. The battery indication turns blue. Panasonic are recommended. Number of recordable Batteries Used pictures Approx Panasonic Alkaline 40 pictures batteries 20 min supplied or optional Fully charged pictures When you turn the camera on, to complete the settings without the the following screen appears.

Taking pictures easily. Page About The Menu Preparation About the menu This camera contains various menus to enable you to setup your own preferences for recording and playing.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC80 Manuals

Displayed menu items vary depending on each mode. Page Basic Settings setup Menu Preparation Basic settings Setup menu Press q and select settings using Setting up the preference of battery type, clock, economy mode, etc. Page Battery Type Preparation Press [ ] to display menu, enter the setup menu [ ] and select the item. Select the type of batteries you BEEP have inserted.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC80 Full Specifications

Page Economy Preparation Press [ ] to display menu, enter the setup menu [ ] and select the item. Restrict battery consumption Show images you have taken. Page Reset Preparation Press [ ] to display menu, enter the setup menu [ ] and select the item. This mode points.

Actual sensor size

Page Photography Basics - Exposure, Focus, And Color Basic Photography basics — exposure, focus, and color A little knowledge about exposure, focus and color will come in handy when you are having trouble with a shot. Are images dark?

Manual Transmission Operation

In normal picture mode [ ], Auto Exposure AE normally Exposure sets the correct exposure for you, but images may be dark if there is backlight. Press the [E.

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Actual zoom factors depend on the the highest resolution for each aspect pixel recording setting. The File system which was established by picture data on the card appears when a the Japan Electronics and Information Press and hold [Q.

Same occurs in automatically changing the exposure. Portrait mode The background is blurred and the person stands out with a healthier complexion. Sports mode Night scenery mode Allows you to shoot fast moving subjects The nightscape can be recorded vividly.

Panasonic Lumix LC80 Manuals

Baby mode 1 Party mode Baby mode 2 Use to take pictures at wedding receptions, Adjusts the exposure and tone to bring indoor parties, etc. Select [ 2M], [ 2. By setting the departure and return dates, SETUP you can record which date of the vacation you take a picture.

Panasonic dmc lc80 manual transmission

If you set your home area and the travel destination area when traveling abroad etc. The menu items that can be set differ depending on the recording mode. Recommended when viewing on TV screen, etc. Check remaining them etc. P74 Press the shutter button. Page [aspect Conv.

Panasonic dmc lc80 manual transmission

Depending on the printer, the icon may not be displayed. P23 the supplied one. Page 98 If you drop the batteries accidentally, inappropriate handling.

Panasonic will check to see if the body of the batteries not be liable for any damage suffered and the terminals are damaged. The major messages are described below as examples.


Format the be used. Page Troubleshooting Others Troubleshooting If you put the menu back to the settings at the time of purchase, the conditions may be improved. Page Others Conditions Causes The subject is not The focus range varies depending on the recording mode.

Set the proper recording mode for the distance to the subject.

Panasonic dmc lc80 manual transmission

Is the subject out of the focus range? P28 , 42 Have you taken a picture with jitter?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS80 Operating Instructions Manual

The subject is not focused until the shutter button is pressed halfway. P22 The brightness of the In some cases, the unit may detect that you have turned the camera sideways, when in fact you are facing it up or down. Set the TV to video input mode. The TV screen is disturbed or displayed in monochrome.

Operating Instructions

Page Others Conditions Causes When the shutter button In dark places, the AF assist lamp P66 lights red to make it is pressed halfway, easier to focus on a subject. These vary depending on the recording conditions and the type of card. Page Others Aspect ratio : 2.

Panasonic dmc lc80 manual transmission

You cannot use either of them individually. Elk Grove Village, IL Page Index Others Index Access indication Page Others Macro shooting This manual is also suitable for: Dmc-ls80p Dmc-ls80s - lumix digital camera Dmc-ls80k - lumix digital camera.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS80 Manuals

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Panasonic dmc lc80 manual transmission

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