Panasonic Kx Tg 1402 Manual Lawn

Panasonic kx tg 1402 manual lawn

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Panasonic kx tg 1402 manual lawn

Page of 80 Go. Charge the battery for about 15 hours before initial use. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently.

Panasonic kx tg 1402 manual lawn

Table of Contents. Panasonic digital cordless phones brochure 28 pages.

Panasonic KX-TG4021 Telephone User Manual

Panasonic cordless phone operating instructions 60 pages. Panasonic digital cordless phone operating instructions 56 pages. Cordless telephone with digital answering machine 72 pages.

Panasonic kx tg 1402 manual lawn

Page 2 Thank you for purchasing your new Panasonic cordless telephone. Read and understand all instructions. You can expand the system by adding up to one additional handset. A maximum of 3 handsets can be registered to the base unit. The included handsets are pre- registered at the factory and assigned the extension numbers 1 and 2.

Panasonic KXTG1402E Manuals

Page 5 Transferring a Call Charge the battery for about 15 hours before initial use p. For maximum distance and noise-free operation, the recommended base unit location is: Away from electrical appliances such as a TV, personal computer or WAIT Button p. It is normal for the adaptor to feel warm during use. Battery Charge Place the handsets on the base unit and the charger, then charge for about 15 hours before initial use.

Page Battery Strength The handset will not work. Keep charging until fully charged. Battery information After your Panasonic battery is fully charged p. Page Belt Clip To attach the belt clip Optional Headset Plugging a headset into the handset allows a hands-free phone conversation.

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To order, call the accessories telephone number on page 2. Connecting the optional headset to the handset Open the headset jack cover, and connect the optional headset to the headset jack as shown below.

Most of them are selected from the function menu on the display p. Navigator key has four active areas that are indicated by arrows. The clock needs adjusting. Make sure the unit is not being used and the handset is lifted off the base unit.

Do not use military time. Page Auto Talk Feature Programmable Settings Auto Talk Feature The Auto Talk feature allows you to answer a call by lifting the handset off the base unit or the charger without pressing use this feature, turn the feature ON by programming.

Your phone comes from the factory set to OFF.

Your phone comes from the factory set to HIGH. Your phone comes from the factory set to level 3. If a greeting message is not recorded, one of two pre-recorded greetings will be played when a call is received p. The total recording time of all messages greeting, incoming is about 15 minutes.

Sorry I cannot take your call. Please leave a message after the beep. Thank you.

Table of Contents

Page Making Calls Making Calls System Capabilities At most 3 extensions 3 handsets or 2 handsets and base unit can operate at a time.

But during a conference call p. If the 3rd handset tries to join, its LCD displays it will not join the conversation. When the other party answers, talk into the microphone. One digit is erased. Dial the correct phone number.

Press To have a hands-free phone conversation, press , and when the other party answers, talk into the microphone. After 4 additional minutes on hold the call will be disconnected. The handset can record information of up to 30 different callers, including the time and date received and the number of times called, in the Caller List. Handset on the base unit Received calls Viewing the Caller List To check who has called, follow the steps below.

Panasonic kx tg 1402 manual lawn

Page Directory Directory You can store up to 30 names and phone numbers in the directory using the handset. You can make a call by selecting a name on the handset display. Page Editing Directory Editing Make sure the unit is not being used and the handset is lifted off the base unit. Edit the name using the dialing buttons, up to 15 characters.

Panasonic KX-TG1611 REVIEW (KX-TG 1611PDH KX-TG 1611GR KX-TG 1611FX KX-TG 1611HG KX-TG 1611PD)

Page Erasing Erasing Make sure the unit is not being used and the handset is lifted off the base unit. Page Intercom Intercom A 2-way intercom is possible between the handset and the base unit or between two handsets. You can call all handsets from the base unit at once. To page another handset, enter the extension number using the dialing button If required, wait for the paged party to answer, and you can announce the transfer.

Page Conference Calls Conference Calls While you are talking with an outside caller, you can make a conference call with your handset and another handset. A conference call with Handset 1 and 2. You can enter numbers to access an answering service, electronic banking service, etc. When you hang up, the mode will return to pulse. This prevents misdialing when you redial or dial a stored number. When an external call is being received, the handset will ring in the selected tone. If messages are recorded in noisy rooms, the time may be shortened by up to 3 minutes.

Panasonic KX TG2382PW Operating Instructions Manual

Page Listening To Messages Listening to Messages You can see the total number of recorded messages on the base unit display. To listen to messages with the handset, see page Handset off the base unit New message [1] Received calls Concerning new message indications on the base unit, see page A synthesized voice menu will guide you on how to operate the unit p. Page Remote Code Remote Code The remote code prevents unauthorized people from accessing your unit and listening to your messages.

Choose any 2-digit number 00— Press 1 to play back all messages. Press 2 for other functions. Press Press 1 to play back new messages. Press Press 1 to record your message.

Page Direct Remote Operation Direct Remote Operation Once you have entered the remote code, you can also control your unit by direct commands instead of using the voice menu. To end the remote operation, hang up anytime. Push the hook and turn it around.

Panasonic Telephone Manuals

Turn the hook until a click is heard. Press the tabs in the direction of the arrows , then remove the wall mounting adaptor. Page 59 Connect the telephone line cord. Mount the unit, then slide down.

Panasonic KX-TG6445 Manuals

To charge the handset battery: Fix the charge contacts and insert the hook to the handset hole. Page Adding Another Phone until it is secured. Adding Another Phone This unit will not function during a power failure. Standard Telephone Only one handset can be canceled at a time near the base unit to which the handset is currently registered.

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Page Re-registering The Handset Re-registering the Handset If you want to re-register the handset to the base unit or a different base unit of the same model, you need to register it to that base unit. The handset will be given a new extension number of that base unit. Only one handset can be registered at a time. If the unit detects a problem, one of the following messages will be displayed on the handset.

Panasonic kx tg 1402 manual lawn

Error beeps or a busy tone will sound. Page 65 Display message Directory full Please lift up and try again. Invalid Invalid. Please register to the base. All handsets registered.